Movember: Day 1

1 11 2010

So the day has finally arrived… I need to be clean shaven by the end of the day and i’m not too sure how I feel about that.  It’s been MONTHS since I saw my bare chin, so i’m sure i’m going to be spilling stuff all over it in the upcoming days to come. This go ’round, I’m more interested in spotlighting companies that can help out with the Movember effort, so I called on my good friend, Ramon Claudio who is the owner of his newest business venture, Top Of The Line Barbershop.  Ramon is an expert barber, and agreed to lend his services to help w/ the campaign. Now why he wouldn’t participate remains to be seen, but supporters might as well be participants. Whether it’s with their time, their money, or their services, every little bit helps. Top Of The Line just opened today (how about that, two new beginnings on the same day!), and it is located at 4191 Pearl Rd in Cleveland (for those of you who don’t know, W. 25th turns into pearl. My first time too), so for you downtowners, he’s not far. Pics to come….

Here’s what we started off with.  I made sure to not go to get cut by Ramon, so we would have a nice before and after picture.  Here’s the messy before pic:


Movember: Before/Front

Movember: Before/Side


Here’s a shot midway through:


Movember: During/Front

Then a few snips here and a few snips there and…… VOILA!  Moms would be so proud


Movember: After/Front

Movember: After/Side

How sick is that fade? I’m serious… you have to go see Ramon. He’s a big social media guy, so check him out at @Hotbarber. He’s about to drop a foursquare deal as well… Stay tuned!

Ramon and I are trying to come up with a good mustache for me to rock this year… He said he’s gonna look into it, so I guess i’m off the hook, lol… he’s the barber, i’m just the subject, hahaha!

I’m gonna be posting a new picture around noon everyday and giving you vital stats on our team. Please consider donating to our Movember cause. We’re Cleveland’s Mo Bros and we’re trying to end prostate cancer… Won’t you help us? If you would like to donate:

You can donate here (it’s tax deductible), and also join our team. Our newest celebrity recruit is DJ Evil One. He’s from Portland, Oregon (where beards come as thick as the trees), so I thought this might be a hard thing for him to do, but he was all about it. So not only is he our most famous member, but he’s also our farthest… repping Los Angeles.

Day: 1

Team Size: 15

Money Raised: $180

National Rank: 658



Kanye West Previews New Album

29 07 2010

Kanye West

Kanye West has been pretty mellow lately… No crazy headlines to report, so either he’s laid off the drinkin, back on his meds, found religion, or something else, lol.  Not at all bad, because he’s been in the lab, creating tracks to continue his takeover of pop/hip-hop music. Oh, and on the twittersphere… He’s been on for less than a day and he’s already an addict, lol. He spent some time in Palo Alto, CA the last couple days for who knows what, but during this trip he met with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook supposedly, and on the way out, decided to hop on a table and do an impromptu performance.  Good thing he’s a little guy…. If I tried that table stunt, it would look like some WWE shit, lol…. Broken tables everywhere!  Tell you what though… That suit is mean!  No more backpacks for this kid..

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Kanye face to face some years ago during his, “Touch The Sky” tour. There was this private afterparty at House of Blues in the Cambridge room. It was a great event and Kanye wasn’t on the same uber stratosphere celebrity that he is today… Famous, but not KANYE famous. He was very nice and looked me in the eye. That’s huge for me. When people look you in the eye, it’s sincere… I never trust a person who doesn’t. You shouldn’t either. Enjoy!

It Was All A Hoax

6 07 2010


The year is 2010… It is the 25th anniversary of the epic movie, Back To The Future… It cost $19 million to make. It grossed like $381 million dollars. Adjusted for inflation, it’s the 59th highest grossing movie EVER! It was originally cast w/ Eric Stoltz as Marty (wtf?!) Remember in the second movie when Doc Brown and Marty McFly were heading to the future? What date did he set it to? Fuck if I know, I said the same thing you just did.  Imagine my surprise today when I see this picture, talking about how Doc Brown traveled forward to this particular day from 1985:

BTTF July 5

That’s pretty awesome huh? Well then I start getting geeked about the movie and hit up google to see if anyone is doing anything surrounding not only the 25th anniversary of the movie, but the fact that this is the actual day they traveled to. I see something about a hoax, and even though my heart was heavy lol, I continued to read on about it.  When I was done, I truly saw the power of the internet and the social media applications that make it their bitch. Turns out Total Film started this hoax, but not really on purpose. You can read the full explanation here, but I’ll spare you and break down the key points:

– It was an office convo about BTTF, then someone thought that date was July 5th, so yesterday, Total Film tweeted that July 5th was indeed the day the time travelers went to.

– Total Films’ 30k followers started RTing the message and TF decided to photoshop the image of the dashboard to look like this, with a caption underneath that said, “We got it wrong. Apparently 5th July 2010 isn’t mentioned in Back To The Future. So we went back and changed it…” and then the internet simply exploded

-Total Film meant it as an apology for posting the wrong date, but “The image ended up being used as proof that 5th July 2010 is mentioned in the movie, not proof that we were wrong,” says TF. The story gets picked up by multiple online news outlets, it’s the most searched Google topic in 24 hours, and was a worldwide Twitter trending topic.

-Somebody posted the same picture, photoshopped AGAIN that said it was July 6th, which is when I saw it:

BTTF July 6

So I guess today is Future Day…. but the REAL future day is in 2015 😦 I fucking LOVE that movie

For your enjoyment, here’s a couple of BTTF II themed videos I ran across that should put a smile on your face… Pretty much the best parts of the movie: the Nike’s and the hoverboard… Enjoy!

LeBron James Has Officially Joined Twitter….

6 07 2010

LeBron James

Geeks, meet sports geeks…. LeBron James has finally shown up on the Twittersphere… The account has been open since march of ’09, but he just signed on and tweeted about an hour ago…. “Hello World, the Real King James is in the Building “Finally”. My Brother @oneandonlycp3 gas’d me up to jump on board so I’m here. Haaaa.” I’m just gonna go ahead and call that the tweet heard ’round the world. You can imagine what his second tweet might look like…. “I just signed a deal with (insert fave NBA team here). Let’s go to work.”  Twitter is def buzzing about this, as he has received about 100k followers just TODAY!  I’d think it’s safe to assume he may be the most popular Twitter user on the planet in a few weeks, maybe less. Stay tuned to for the updates, and if you’re in the mood, you can also follow this guy. Reporting to you live, from my couch, this is The Goldfather saying “Lord help us all.”

Lebron’s Elbow Now Has A Twitter Page

28 04 2010

Hahahaha… So some enterprising fan decided to start a Twitter page for Lebron James‘ ailing right elbow. Ailing to the point where he had to shoot a free throw left handed against the Bulls last night. People are under the impression that James is indestructible- which could quite possibly be the case- but I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Another question to ask is: Is James just milking an injury for face time, or is there really a serious problem? I’d venture to say it’s a mix. Even in downplaying something, you have the opportunity to fuel the fire… we’ve all seen it before.

Either way, for your enjoyment…. may I present to you the Lebronselbow page on Twitter. In less than 24 hours, it already has over 1200 followers! Whoever started it, just know that ur makin me laugh w/ every tweet… It’s very much in the Chuck Norris tone.

Joe Biden Knows A “Big Fucking Deal” When He Sees One

24 03 2010


Damn Joe Biden… You never cease to amaze me that you are actually almost as dope as the guy who you answer to.  If I put both of you together, you can almost be as cool as Bill Clinton… Though Clinton is such a wordsmith, he would have NEVER let this one slip out.  But you still get mad props in my book….. Dropping the F-bomb on national television when your boss is about to introduce arguably the most powerful legislation since the Patriot Act (and that one TOTALLY sucked ass, so here’s to hoping the White House gets this one right!).

I’m really surprised people haven’t been jumping on this like I thought that they would… But in case you missed it, Barack Obama and Biden were on CNN the other night talking about the newly passed healthcare reform legislation.  Biden introduces the President, and when he leans in to hug him, whispers “This is a big fucking deal,” as if the President has no idea of how he should approach his delivery, lol…. No Joe, that’s you bud, hahaha!  After the first time you hear it, the 2nd time sounds as clear as a bell. Take a listen/look for yourself.

Now…. there’s obviously no going back on what he said, and as of this posting, there has been no response from the White House… However, Fox News talked about it in a tweet, as well as White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, who said “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right,” via a tweet.  So obviously no one in the White House really gives a shit…. Which is also kinda baller.

Cleveland Cavaliers New “Jock Jam” Anthem?

19 01 2010

I’m sure all of you have heard LMFAO‘s song, “Shots” featuring Lil Jon by now.  If you haven’t, here’s the vid to bring you up to speed:

So…. I was looking at my Twitter updates and ran across Moodswing 360’s tweet announcing that LMFAO had made remixes for each and every NBA team (Check every team here).

So I shot the Cleveland song off to DJ Steph Floss, because I’m sure Moodswing 360 isn’t isn’t in his top 10 tweets to check, lol.  So maybe you’ll hear it blaring across the PA system…. In the meantime, you should download this, pass it along to your friends, and maybe we can force his hand, lol.  If you don’t live in Cleveland, find your team’s song and let’s spread the word!!!!

Download LMFAO “Shots” (Cleveland Cavaliers Edition) HERE