Happy B-day America!

5 07 2010

I hope everyone’s 4th of July celebrations went off without a hitch. I know I had a blast this whole weekend. I spent my Friday night djing at RJ Boland’s, then hit the late night food spot w/ DJ Kosherkuts, DJ E-V, and Jesse I think (all this shit tends to run together).  Saturday was a treat, I was on early, then ran over to Fortress to catch DJ Tilla do his thing, fresh in town from NYC.  Short turnaround, but I was up early on Sunday to head over to Relapse Sundays at Velvet Dog.  E-V had another brain fart, so I wound up spinning from 2-6pm. I was running outta shit to play, esp considering I still haven’t categorized all my music since I just got this macbook…. So I had no idea where everything was (bummer!).  It goes down though, every Sunday afternoon from 2-8pm. Come check us out!

Sunday night was gonna be a treat though because DJ Kosherkuts had the foresight to bring in DJ Real Juicy to spin our 4th of July celebration. Real Juicy is the creator of the extremely popular music blog, White Folks Get Crunk. Dude came on and killed it for about 450ppl through the night. Everyone was dancing, getting wayyyyy to drunk, and making out like somebody flipped the freak switch to  the “on” position. I got my hype man on as well. I wish someone would have filmed the switchover between Kosherkuts and Juicy (my flip cam has escaped me for the last time, that’s for sure). Check the flyer…

and just for you, here are some pics from last night…. Enjoy!


Barack The Peacemaker And AM The Beatmaker

12 10 2009

djam hope


2 men VERY well respected for their body of work…. I felt like I had the DJ AM juices goin earlier, so I figured I’d make a nice tie in with the two…. Check it out…

DJ AM pushed the envelope to new heights back in 2008 at the HARDfest Halloween Mansion. He made electronic music relevant to the mainstream with an incredible homage to French born, Daft Punk. There were a lot of eyebrows raised when DP was announced to co-headline the show. A man came out dressed as DP w/ the robot helmet and everything, played a great DP infused set and everyone thought that it was DP…. Then all of a sudden, Aerodynamic hits the crowd’s ears. But this wasn’t just the original, it was a remix by Adam Freeland, made for then Senator Obama’s run for the White House. When the speak and spell O-B-A-M-A came on, it just kept repeating A-M, A-M, A-M.

Then DJ AM took the mask off and showed off his custom made ‘DJ AM Punk’ leather jacket and the bar was set yet again.

DJ am punk

So President Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize recently and that is some kind of accomplishment. Only the 2nd sitting president to win the award (kudos). This win put the world on notice that America is going to change the game (again). We’re putting the rails down to get back on track. From one game changer to another, to another…. stay tuned, because ch-ch-change is still comin. RIP DJ AM…. make sure to catch his new series tonight at 10 on MTV. Shouts to all the LA homies who knew him well….. @fashen, @steve1der, @deejayspider, @skeetonmytwitts, @djspryte, @djtinat, @paserock, @deckstar, @grahamfunke, @theemikeb, @thecobrasnake

Btw, here’s the Aerodynamic Remix in case you’ve never heard it (cool video too!)

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell… The Movie

15 09 2009
I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.... The Movie

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.... The Movie

Just came across this. If you have never heard of Tucker Max, drop what you’re doing and go look him up. He is the author of the onetime bestselling book, “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.” He is just downright hilarious, mean, or whatever you want to call him. He doesn’t give a fuck. After all this time and all of this buzz, he’s getting his just deserts with a movie coming out by the same name. It comes out Friday, September 25th. Go see it, then check the Shwayze concert, then hit the afterparty @ Suite Sixx/Liquid. Holla!

Whassup B? Change

2 12 2008

Check this video. It’s the “whassup” guys from the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial 8 years ago.  Look at them now.  Thanks President Bush!  Over 5 million hits on Youtube.  Go America!  Change we can believe in!



Also, here’s a song I got turned onto by my boy…  You don’t know about Deadmau5?  Get on it… ‘Ghosts in Stuff’ for your listening enjoyment.  Would maybe like to see a vocal mix tho

Too Big To Fail?

8 09 2008

Amidst the hurricane news, the Browns news, the Tom Brady news, the Wall Street news, and the shitty news news, is the mortgage news.  In case you haven’t heard, the U.S. government seized control of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (who the fuck came up with the names of these companies?) in a corporate bailout of epic proportions according to the Wall Street Journal (and many other reputable news sources, but that’s where I heard it). 

So I was reading a little online and came across this article from the International Herald Tribune.  The writer asks “How many corporate bailouts are too many?”  Which is a good question, because in a market economy, some businesses are supposed to succeed and some are supposed to fail.  There’s a lot of ethical concern about why some companies are judged to be too valuable to the economy to tank.  The writer ponders which industry will be next to be fed by the oft generous hand of Uncle Sam.  Will it be the airline industry?  The American automakers?  Who knows….  Not only that, but will it be the market making them fail, or will corporate execs expend great amounts of time, money, and energy pursuing pipe dreams and ruining lives, only because they know that the government will bail them out?

Look at companies like Enron, WorldCom, etc…. nobody bailed them out and they are pretty important.  The economy didn’t collapse.  So who’s to say that if these yokels died (a corporation is kinda like a living person), the economy wouldn’t react the same way?  Think about it.  Make up your own mind.  Not that it really matters, I don’t think we have the power to change this practice (would be sweet if we did tho).

The Movie Man, Cocaine, and LBJ Starring as Himself?

3 09 2008

I’d like to start this off with a R.I.P. for Don LaFontaine.  Don’t know him?  Ya, you do.  You know…. the movie announcer who has done the voice over for pretty much every movie ever made.  “In a world…. ” Ya, THAT guy.  He has brought me lots of enjoyment as i listened, riveted, to all of his voice overs.  Here’s to a supremely talented man who will sorely be missed. 

On to celebrities and cocaine.  Recently in GQ magazine, British actress Helen Mirren is quoted as saying that she “loved cocaine” and dabbled with weed, but stopped after she learned that Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon, was a Nazi war criminal on the lam in South Africa in the 80’s.  What a dumbass!  I’m not commenting on her acting talent, but i’m sayin you have to be pretty freakin stupid to think that somebody isn’t getting rich off the drug trade. And it’s probably not the United Way or the Red Cross.  I understand how super waspy, privileged white chicks are fairly oblivious to the world around them (not all, but that’s kind of a true stereotype), but in recent memory this takes the cake.  But hey, at least she did the right thing after she found out right?

Did you know that Lebron James is about to be the subject of a documentary?  “He will be at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend for the debut of “More Than A Game,” a documentary chronicling his rise to stardom and how he and four childhood friends overcame long odds to win a national championship in high school.”  It starts with him playing AAU games while attending, and playing ball for SVSM, then ends at his graduation from high school.  Check out the article here

p.s. it’s comin people…..

It's comin people... Friday Oct. 3rd

Ebony & Ivory: Friday, October 3rd

1st Post

27 08 2008

hiya guys… So I finally got back to writing about the uber random occurences that befall me.  It’s been a long time since I’ve written stuff down, so I have to shake the cobwebs out.  This blog will include excerpts from my life, news about parties, pictures of hot girls, and stuff that i’m interested in.  So you can pretty much bet that this will be a very eclectic piece of work.  So stay tuned, do keep in touch and let me know what you think!  And we’re off……..