WOW! How How Has It Been This LONG?!

19 11 2017

Hey everybody… It’s been FOREVER since i’ve last posted here. A lot has happened in the last 7 years and it’s really funny that i’m re-discovering this blog now. The last time I was posting about it was basically when I first moved to LA from Cleveland. I was talking about being a pescetarian for a month as a personal challenge, to wean myself off of red meat (it TOTALLY worked!). New city, new challenges and I think i’ve been up to the task. I was tour managing a band (The Knux), I worked at Saddle Ranch as a server, I worked as a bartender at The Roof On Wilshire, Pitfire Pizza and managed a few spots like the Ace DTLA, Millennium Biltmore Hotel to name a few. It wasn’t all work related I can assure you as I made my way around town quite a bit. Went to tons of branded events, saw countless DJ shows, drank prob literally tons of alcohol, had 3 girlfriends, traveled to a few countries and criss-crossed the US more times than I can count. It’s been one hell of a ride, but my time in LA is going to be put on pause.

I’m about to hop on a flight to Canberra, Australia for the next 5 weeks. Details to come, wish me luck on the next chapter 🙂



Spring Break or How To Make It On The West Coast Day 2 (West Coast Trip Recap)

7 04 2010

Sorry folks, I know I said this was coming out yesterday, but one thing led to another…. I picked up a new hard drive, paid off one of my creditors (thank goodness!), and even made a rare appearance at the grocery store, picking up my favorite hot salsa in the world, Xochitl.

But back to why you’re here. Day 2 started off extremely early in the morning as Kevin and i were making our 2 trip to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. THIS time, it goes off without a hitch, and we’re LA bound!  We get into LAX and I already feel more mellow, warmer, and smile uncontrollably. We head to the shuttle that’s going to take us to Thrifty car rental. It took us less time to take the shuttle to Thrifty in Los Angeles than it would in Cleveland… I’m appalled. Now rental car people are very shifty for the record, and this was further reinforced when the total became some outrageous number that wasn’t even CLOSE to the number that I was quoted when i booked it. Then I take a closer look at the bill and there are several “opt in” charges that the girl just threw in there… Asshole. The rental car corral was super packed, and we prob sat in line waiting to get out of there for about 20 minutes. I was ready to get this trip started NOW! The XM radio we had though would prove to be a serious ally later on in the trip.

We start driving around looking for something to eat and there are so many non-chain places to eat, stacked up on each other, that it’s really hard to decide. First it’s chain or non-chain, then it’s mexican vs asian vs burgers vs pasta vs the world, but Kevin had been making mention of In-N-Out burger for a bit, so I figured i’d use my trusty Google Maps app on my blackberry to navigate us to safety. Considering I don’t have a license and all, my job was pretty much to navigate and change the radio station if need be. Oh, and switch our phones on the car charger, lol. Here’s the video as we drive through Inglewood, CA and give Kevin his first experience of California (he even went “Animal Style” on his first time…. veteran move!).

Tell me you don't remember this

Well fed and ready to get a move on, I suggest that we roll to Marina Del Rey to hang w/ my man Cory… Cory is a co-founder of a clothing line called, Endemic. They are makin waves on the west coast, so be on the lookout for their stuff. The place dude lives in is simply incredible… We get to check out the Cavs game (great since we’re all from Cleveland), and I take a look around HQ to give you a sneak peek at what’s goin on in their minds (just a small sneak peek). The place was obviously built in the late 60’s, early 70’s w/ the shag carpet and mirrors galore, but that kinda gave it some character. Feel like you can get your Hugh Hefner on.

Marina view

Inland view

Our impromptu visit over, Kevin said his buddy Jacob and his girl were riding bikes down to the famed Venice Beach, so we were all about seein the freaks, nerds and wierdos that it had to offer. We head off, but being spring break and a very nice day (on the weekend), parking was a bitch and a half. But we finally reached our destination.

Venice was pretty interesting right off the bat (Check out me looking for Mitch Buchanan here).  Here’s a little survey of the Venice Beach recreation center?!? It was all outdoors which was pretty cool…. There’s handball courts, a pretty sizable free weight facility (muscle beach), as well as ample gymnastics equipment, and of course the courts where ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ was filmed. Take it all in.

There was this community wall that had so much dope graffiti on it… I didn’t get it all, but here’s a sweet piece.

Some other notables was the Venice Beach skate park, as well as this group of people that were dancing…. on ROLLER SKATES! Now, I have been known to strap on a pair of skates from time to time as a kid, but I couldn’t even imagine doing some of the things these guys were up to. They should have been in that ‘Roll Bounce’ movie, lol.

Unreal right? The backflip and all! We hear this beat coming from the area between the boardwalk and the beach and we come across…. the infamous Venice Beach drum circle! Now, I’m assuming that you have to be on drugs to get dressed up crazy, and beat on a drum for hours at a time, not saying a word… but that’s just my opinion. After watching these videos, you make up your own opinions…. Venice Beach drum circle pt. 1 and pt 2. Thoughts?

You see that right... They are telling you that you have to go INSIDE to see the freaks... I can only imagine

The sun set on a beautiful day in Venice, and what better way to top it off than pitchers of beer with your friends? The day was ending, but the night was just about to heat up.

My dude, DJ Spider told me to come through to Club Lingerie for the new Dip Dive Sunday party which is pretty much a replacement of Banana Split Sundae’s, after DJ AM passed and LAX closed down.  The lineup would feature Spider, Steve Aoki, and Apl. D. Ap from the Black Eyed Peas… Spider told me it was’s birthday, so boy did I feel like an idiot when I ran into Will and said “happy birthday man!” He was nice, but i’m sure he’s like wtf son!?!  Also on the horizon was meeting up with my friend, Kat. She’s a ball of energy, lemme tell you and she’s also from Cleveland, settling in West Hollywood.

We bid adieu to Kevin’s friends and head to WeHo to meet up w/ Kat, shower the day off and get ready to party at Lingerie. Now we all know how expensive it is to drink in LA, but lucky for us, Kat had a liquor store right across the street. A bottle of Smirnoff and a bag of Flamin Hot Limon Cheetos, and I was pretty much the happiest kid on the planet. Here’s Kat and her place, for your viewing enjoyment.

We have a few adult beverages and head off to Club Lingerie… It’s right around the corner, so Kevin and I drive, but Kat and her friend (can’t remember his name, we’ll call him Jose) decide to ride their bikes (Kat is extremely environmentally friendly). We show up, get right in and the place is kinda like a big warehouse w/ some vip sections, projector, and bar… It’s pretty nondescript, like a lot of spots in LA… Just bare concrete floors in a big space. I kinda like that though. Low maintenance is key at times. When we get there, DJ Spider is manning the tables, playin a great set of some dance remixes, electro, hip hop, mash ups, etc and he even threw in a speech from Rocky V, gotta love that… If you guys don’t know, this guy is one of the sickest dudes in the country… This is a super early set for him, so you don’t get to see him in his full glory, but here’s the first part:

and here’s part 2, where DJ Spider jumps out and Steve Aoki jumps in:

Aoki starts off pretty mellow, but then gets a little more hype for the electronica that Apl.D.Ap was gonna unleash on the crowd… The time here is about 12am.

Then Aoki gets even more uptempo:

I have video of Apl, but youtube wasn’t really cooperating with me, so I’ll have to try again at some other time, but party ended great… I even got to see this little guy, lol.


So we had had our fill of partying, now it’s almost 3am and it’s time to get our grub on, so we head to Swinger’s on Beverly… If i’m not mistaken, this is where they filmed the movie ‘Swingers,’ I have never seen it (don’t hate me), but now I kinda wanna check it out. Btw, if you can’t tell in this upcoming video, i’m totally shitfaced.

I get this fabulous jerk chicken omlette w/ homefries:


and I notice that not only did Kevin not eat, but he’s in the booth asleep! Pic is below, but the video I took of it is here.

So there I am with Kat and Jose, laughing at Kevin for being asleep (mind you, we just got to LA that day and had been up since 7am EST off of one and half hours of sleep, and it’s like 4:30am PST), and then BOOM! I get full and fall into a food coma. Then it’s Kat’s turn to point the camera at BOTH of us!

Kat wakes us up, we pay for the bill, and head back to spend the night at Kat’s place where she informs us that she just got a plane ticket to Austin and will be attending South By Southwest (SXSW), and will be leaving immediately (she’s a spontaneous kinda girl)! So she gave us her garage door opener, house keys, and wished us well on our stay in LA…. She was off for the plains of Texas… So day two found Kevin and I asleep in the same queen sized bed, dreaming of how our trip could get any better than it had started… We had no idea……

Spring Break or How To Make It On The West Coast Day 1 (West Coast Trip Recap)

5 04 2010

So I decided that I was going to take a trip to the west coast.  I have a bunch of friends out there and I’m looking to move to Los Angeles ASAP. In the midst of my travel planning, I sent a shout out sayin that if anybody wanted to go, they were more than welcome to roll. It would be a great time and they would meet people and do things that they didn’t think possible!  Lol, j/k on that last part…. but pretty close!.  Kevin says that he’s up for the challenge. I’ve known Kevin since our days of working together at Verizon Wireless… He’s still there, but I had to dip out because as a salesperson, VZW was turning the screws in a direction that I felt I couldn’t turn. Oh well, the rest is history.

So checking the itinerary, I figure instead of just staying in LA, why don’t we go mobile and check out that the best coast really has to offer.  So I call my buddy Rick and ask if he minds if we come out there to see him in San Diego. He obliged. I call my dudes that play for the Cleveland Indians and ask if they could put us up for a night if we came to Goodyear, AZ to see them play…. they obliged (sorta, but that story is coming later).  In the midst of planning, I also find out that my dude Scott is gonna be in Vegas, as well as Aaron Goldhammer from ESPN 850, AND my dude John is out there w/ a cpl of his boys from Beantown.  I figure btw all those cats, there’s gotta be a rollaway with me and Kevin’s name on it.  So if you haven’t figured it out by now, in an effort to see the best coast on a dime, and use that money towards more frivolous things, I’m trying to work out our 7 day trip so that we don’t have to stay in a hotel.

Finally, after plotting a course, like any good navigator would do, I come up w/ the master itinerary.  We are leaving on a flight on Sat headed for Los Angeles.  We’ll stay in LA until Wed morning. Drive to San Diego for St Patty’s day and spend the night. Head to Goodyear early Thursday to see the Tribe play the Cincinnati Reds and spend the night. Head to Vegas on Friday morning, spend the night. Drive back to LA on Saturday in time to catch the red eye home. Sounds like a lot to do right? Well as we would find out, it was almost too much to handle…..

Friday night before the trip rolls around…. and I decide to take it easy that night. There would be plenty of times in the upcoming week for all nighters, so I figured I’d take er easy, and be rested up for the damage I was about to be doing to my body/mind. I tell Kevin to be at my place by 7:45am so we can catch our flight that leaves at 9. Saturday morning comes… I’m up at 7am cause I can never sleep well the night before I’m going on vacation (sometimes I’m like a little kid, I know). Then the waiting game starts… I send Kevin a txt around 7:30, then wait….. then I call a few times, txt him again, then wait…. Now if u have a blackberry and use bbm, you’ll know that when you send a message, there’s a little, “D” inside the check mark when the message is delivered. It changes to an, “R” once the message has actually been looked at…. I was starin at all D’s :/  Once 8am hit, I started to have bad feelings, and these feelings were confirmed once Kevin showed up at my place at 8:15, lugging two suitcases and a huge messenger bag. This trip got off to a really bad start.
All loaded up in the car, Caroline is nice enough to drive us to the airport, and I think the girl should sign up for NASCAR training. She’s flying down the highway, and by the time we get to the airport, it’s like 8:35 and we’re leaving at 9:05. Kevin checks his bag, we head to the counter and they confirm the bad feelings that had started at 7:45… We weren’t gonna make this flight. In a very calm manner, I inform the counter rep that my mom works for United, so i’ve missed a flight or two in my travels and understand that there’s nothing we can do. Recognizing my ability to NOT fly off the handle, she informs us that she has rebooked us on the flight leaving the next day at 9:05. Not only that, but she did it for free ($150 a piece saved). We thanked her and proceeded to head back home and regroup. So things got worse for a second, but that kind gesture started a wave of goodwill towards Kevin and I for the rest of the trip.

But this totally worked out, i got to hang out for Caroline’s bday celebration, and Kevin agreed that he was gonna stay at my house that night to make sure that we didn’t have any more problems w/ getting up, lol.  The night started off pretty benign… The pregame was at a friend’s place in Perry Payne, everyone was drinking, having fun, makin new friends…. Wait, I’ll show ya.

I’m really having a hard time remembering the rest of the night, but I do remember that it ended with everyone crashing at my place and I didn’t hit the bed until almost 6am, having to get up in less than 2 hrs. Kevin said it seemed like only two seconds had passed because I went in my room, he passed out on the couch and came right back out to tell him to get up, haha!  So ends day 1 of our “vacation.” Stay tuned for day 2 coming up shortly…

Key West Trip Recap Pt. 2

13 01 2010

So we left off with me sitting on the airport, realizing that I was going to be stranded in Ft. Lauderdale.   So right before the plane took off and I lost service, I broadcasted on Facebook that I’d be arriving in FTL around 12pm and was seeing if anyone was around.  A minute or so later, my friend Kelly saved the day and said she’s in West Palm Beach, which is like 45 min away and she’d come pick me up!  What a save on her part.  Otherwise, I’d be spending 11 hrs at the airport!

So upon arrival I eat at Chili’s Too being served by the dumbest bartender I’ve ever met in my life.  Serving abt 10 ppl and took him abt 8min just to let me pay when I was done, plate loaded w/trash, empty glass and all…. retard.  So Kelly makes it over and we catch up a bit and figure we’ll go for some food.  We haul to Delray Beach and it’s actually a pretty nice area.  Little chilly (which winds up being the tone of the trip), but a sweet little beach community.

Turns out one of Kelly’s friends from college owns a little diner there.  Baltimore Ravens fan…. disgusting!  We had some conch fritters at a local spot, then figured we’d go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie in Boca Raton.  On the way, I spotted a friend of mine from Cleveland that had moved to W. Palm a few years ago and I hadn’t seen in forever!  Obviously she was shocked, but I’ve found that no matter where I go in the country, I always wind up running into someone I know…. Uncanny!

Movie was great and Brock said he was on his way up and would be there soon, so Kelly and I decided to have a couple of cocktails at this bar Dockers in Dania Beach.  Straight hole in the wall on A1A.  There was even a hooker in there setting up a deal.  I went to the bathroom and dude had his hand down her pants, lol…. testing out the merchandise i’m sure.  We have like a million drinks including my first Yuengling (some ppl will think what took me so long), which to my surprise was very enjoyable.  So Brock shows up about an hour and a half after he said he was 15 minutes away.  I will come to see that the man has no concept of estimated time of arrival.  He thinks everything is 10min away.  This is the guy who tried to tell me that Ft. Lauderdale was 60 miles from the Keys and it’s a 4 hour drive!!!  So we say our goodbyes to Kelly and hit the road, bound for Sugarloaf Key.  It’s a super long ride back, and by the time we hit the house at 4am- after being up since 6:30 on 2 hrs sleep- I was def. in need of some R&R.  Day 1 is complete…

I awaken to the sounds of palm trees blowing in the Florida sunshine.  This was my first view when I stepped out on the patio…

I decided to take inventory of the house, considering I got there in the pitch black of a star filled sky.  Everything in the house was on the second floor.  Obviously, loving in such close proximity to the ocean, you are prone for flooding, so all houses must be at least 8 ft off the ground, so usually it’s just a garage and some patio furniture down, with living spaces up.  Some houses even had 2 up levels!  3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a huge living room area, kitchen and dining area, an enclosed patio off the back of the place, and a balcony that went 360 around the house.  Then there was the toys.  2 bombardier jet ski’s, diving equipment, fishing gear, kayaks, wake boards, wetsuits out the wazoo, water skis, on and on and on.  After a sweet breakfast of ahi tuna steaks and spanish mackerel, we decide to head to key west and see what all the fuss is about.

Breakfast of champions!

Key West was about 15-20 minutes away from where we were staying, so I got some nice views of the ocean from the bridge, get into Key West and it’s crazy crowded at 3pm on what Floridians call a cold day.  It’s about 60 degrees and this is what you see…

Gloves, hat, coat, scarf for 60 degrees.... smh

Brock and I figure we’ll check  out all the touristy type stuff like Margaritaville, Hemmingway house, Captain Tony’s and of course Sloppy Joe’s.  All of these places btw are dumps… I guess they were going for the rustic, original look (which is cool if ur 85), but it just wasn’t my style I guess.  The staff at Sloppy Joe’s did the namesake proud.  One guy bartender was like 49 with a rattail, then when he was done w/ his bartending shift, he threw on a security shirt lmfao!  All of the female bartenders were over 50 and if they weren’t, were atrocious…. I thought this was a vacation destination.  Well, welcome to hell folks!  The saving grace of the place was the guy onstage playing an acoustic cover set.   And of course the Havana nachos covered with sloppy joe meat, and other sorts of goodness.

"Brock" and I enjoying a beer and some good laughs at Sloppy Joe's

So I start to look around and all I see is old people, couples, and kids on vacation with their parents, and there’s even a cruise ship docked.  Where are all the non attached hotties I heard about gettin wild and crazy!?!  A local next to us (stationed at the base on Key West) told us that Cowboy Bills the next night would be where it’s at.  He said they have this sexy bullriding contest and we should go there if we want some action.  We thanked him for the advice, and got the hell out of there!

We headed back to our spot, got cleaned up and went out to meet our boat captain and his wife for dinner.  Now just a little about our boat captain Pat… He’s 65 years old, retired from being an air traffic controller in ’81, did some traveling, and just recently went to the Philippines, and brought back a 22 year old girl with him to be his wife.  Yowza!!! I guess when you wanna get out, you’ll do anything!  Oh, and the guy totally looks like Don Knotts (this will be another recurring theme throughout the recap).  So we wind up going go this uber local dining spot/watering hole, The Hogfish Grill.  It’s off the main road, off another sub-main road, through a trailer park, and right on the docks.  They pride themselves on being an off the beaten path kind of spot.  They even mention it on the menu:

Our bartender was this sexy, older woman from London.  I would have loved to have had my way with her, but it was not to be, lol… j/k….. well, if the opportunity presented itself.  We had some ceviche, short ribs, mahi mahi fish and chips, and I had the chicken fingers.  Yeah yeah, I know I should have been having the seafood, but I just wasn’t feeling it after seafood all day, then the prices were kinda outta line and I just couldn’t justify throwing money away.  After dinner, Don Knotts and his teenage bride bid us adieu and Ben and I decided to call it a night.  Aaron was coming out the next day from Miami and we were gonna do it up right!  Day 2 is complete!  I’ve been writing a lot, so I think I’m gonna call it quits for now.  Stay tuned…..

Key West Trip Recap

11 01 2010

*disclaimer* The following names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent *disclaimer*

So a buddy of mine hits me up and tells me that he has rented a house in the Florida Keys (Sugarloaf) and he’s got it open for a couple of weeks in January, do I wanna go?  Of course i’m pumped about the idea as lately I have had the travel bug and feel compelled to get out of the house as much as possible.  So I begin to make travel arrangements.  Obviously if you’re going to go on vacation, you should probably bring some girls with you.  You never know how the local scene is going to pan out, so you have to bring just a pinch of sand to the beach.  Here’s the setup… 1,800 sq/ft house with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a car, 2 jet skis, a boat, diving gear, fishing gear, kayaks, wakeboards, etc etc etc.  Sounds pretty dope right?
I ask a few people who I know like to travel to roll down there with me.  I say i’m going Jan 4-8th and it’s a few weeks out so there’s plenty of time to find a travel partner right? Wrong.  There’s never enough time to find a travel partner, because no matter what they will never wind up going with you.   My buddy Aaron comes through though and he says he’ll actually be in Miami so he wouldn’t mind the 3 1/2 hr drive down to party with us.  So him, my buddy who’s house it is (Brock), and I are under the impression that we’ll be having some good company.  Boy were we in for a wild week!!

It’s now the day before I leave and I’m feeling pretty good about the trip.  My friend Nicole is going to go with me and we have it all figured out.  We’ll fly into Ft. Lauderdale, rent a car, drive to the keys and party all week.  I txt Nicole early Sunday and get no response.  No biggie, I thought, she might be sleeping or running errands, I’ll just try her later.  Later comes and still no response.  Maybe she was busy with trip preparations and crashed early.  Monday morning comes and i’m up at 6:45 to go over my final checklist and catch my flight at 9:45.  I call Nicole, no response.  Now, I’m starting to get a little worried because I need her to show up to pick up the rental car because I don’t have a drivers license (super long story that I’ll tell you if you REALLY wanna know).  If she can’t do it, I’ll be stranded 4 hours away from my destination.

So I get to the airport and have a couple of minutes to process my situation.  Almost a week prior (2 days after Christmas mind you), I was fired from my job at Liquid, so I almost didn’t even wanna go to the Keys because I was thinking about my cash flow in the immediate term, but I figured hell Nicole is going and I can’t ditch her, ya know?  Sitting on the plane, waiting to take off, I try Nicole again.  This time I get a hit and she txts me and says that she was in a car accident the day before and will not be joining me (cue extreme close up of sad face and play that womp womp womp womp wommmmmppppp sound).  I find out that my ride to the keys will not be making the trip about 2 minutes before I take off on a 2 hr flight w/ no way to get south.

Immediately I call Brock down in FL and he has some more great news for me.  “Hey man, I’m just getting on a boat now and I won’t be back till 5pm.  I can come get you, but it won’t be able to leave until then”  So for me that means I would be staying at the airport until at least 11pm because by the time he gets off the boat, takes care of the fish, cleans up and drives the 4 hrs to come get me, that’s about when I’d be seeing him.  Considering I was arriving in Ft. Lauderdale at 12pm, this was totally unacceptable.  So I did what any quick thinking, Macgyver-like guy would do.  I got on Facebook and broadcasted to the world that I’d be stranded in Ft. Lauderdale and was looking for some company…… To be continued

Up Up and AWAY!!!

Captain EO Is Back!!! February 2010

21 12 2009

At first, Disney said it would never happen, but over the weekend this was released on their blog:

“Twenty-three years ago, at the height of his phenomenal entertainment career, Michael Jackson joined forces with Disney to create “Captain EO,” a groundbreaking 17-minute 3D film experience.

We are excited to confirm that the classic musical spectacular that thrilled Disneyland park guests from 1986 – 1997, will return for an exclusive, limited engagement at Disneyland park beginning in February 2010!

The attraction’s return to Tomorrowland will provide new audiences the opportunity to experience the original 3D production for the very first time, as well as a nostalgic look back for longtime fans wanting to see “The King of Pop” in a rare performance created for the big-screen, just one more time.

“Honey I Shrunk The Audience” will be closing sometime in the next few weeks to make way for the Captain’s return.”

I don’t know abt you, but I can definitely remember going to Disneyworld in Orlando, DYING to go see this.  The smoke and the lights and the 3d, and Michael of course, was the best thing that could EVER happen to you as a child I guess.  I grew up, but my love for Captain EO never did.  I read this and almost cried I was so happy.  That may be kinda weird, but we all have things from our childhood that made us just love being alive.  This, was one of those things for me.  I just might wait in line overnight folks… Ya, it’s that serious!

Lollapalooza Recap: Day 3

20 08 2009

Day 3 (Saturday) started out pretty early. I was first one out the door. Everyone was kinda wanted to do their own thing for a minute and I was no exception. I was going to catch lunch with my buddy Ben in Lincoln Park at this place called Duffy’s. It’s a Michigan bar, which would explain the super lame maize and blue color scheme!

Duffy's in Lincoln Park

Duffy's in Lincoln Park

After lunch with Ben and his friend Nick- which included checkin out crazy homeless dudes across the street, making friends with our waitress who wouldn’t get on camera because she was SAG (but we still made a date to be there for brunch on Sunday), and an awesome burger + beers- Nick and I cabbed it to Lolla to catch some more shows. I didn’t really have a whole lot in the morning I wanted to see, so I didn’t feel bad abt drinkin most of the afternoon away with those guys, lol. I wanted to check out Mike Snow, but blew that one. Same with Atmosphere. Funny story about why I wanted to see Atmosphere. 1st because my old roommate Jesse talked abt the guy nonstop for 2 years, so I wanted to see what the fuss was abt. 2nd because I had met this girl in Columbus a cpl weeks prior who got super excited when I said I’d be in the Chi for Lolla (so would she). So we exchange numbers and literally the next day she deleted me. I txt her friend as to why she did and she said, “she didn’t think she would hear from you, so she deleted you.” um… ok. So I txted her like wtf?! I told you we’d link up in Chicago. No response….super weird. But she also gushed abt Atmosphere so I was hoping I’d catch her eye and go feign to take her backstage to spite her. No dice 😦

My friend Molly txted me to meet her at the Chairlift performance. Right when I came in they were doing Snoop Dogg’s, ‘Sensual Seduction.’ I personally love that song, so I was into it, but the sound was horrible! That sound guy was havin a super off day.

There were some mad hippies dancing in front of us the whole time too, so that was pretty cool to see. Like LA hippies, not fake ass Midwest ones.

Back to the dj stage it was for me and I caught the last little bit of Perry Farrell performing with Porno for Pyros. They were his special guest. Along with Perry’s wife. She’s not bad lookin at all. She also had some super hot friends of hers onstage. She wore this super short mini and kept kicking her legs in the air! Caught panties like 15 times in 10 minutes!

Their kids were sitting on stage as well. All 3 of them had their protective headphones on and flip camera’s out, catching mommy and daddy’s performance.

Perry Farrell's kids (w/grandma)

Perry Farrell's kids (w/grandma)

It never ceases to amaze me how people can idolize someone and place them on this revered pedestal, but to their kids, they are just mom and dad. Funny how that works. Perry finished off his set with a new track that he worked on with Kaskade called, ‘Machine Girl.’ I don’t think it’s out yet. Danny Masterson was in the back, so I rapped with him and his boy for a little bit. Supposedly he’s comin to Cleveland in a cpl weeks (dj Mom Jeans in the house!). Jesse is in love with him btw. Wanted to push our departure to Chicago back a day because he thought he was gonna meet him, lol. He wound up meeting him on Friday night anyways. He prob drew wood, lol. Talked to Kaskade after the show, he said he hasn’t been here in a while, but he really likes Cleveland. Way to go my man!

There wasn’t really a whole lot of action after that. I watched a little bit of Hercules and Love Affair, but the set was a little too slow for me. I was in the mood for some bangers. LA Riots was on afterwards anyways. I walked around a little bit and caught the tail end of Santigold. That show was freakin packed! I don’t know how I found my friends in that crazy ass crowd. She even brought the GZA onstage with her, much props. I dipped out of there when the show was over and headed to LA Riots. Set was good but man, that dude is a piece of work. I walked over to him and introduced myself (we met earlier in Cleveland). He proceeded to talk abt how ppl at Ultra fucked up the monitors and he wasn’t treated right by the owner/manager, there was a descrepancy with the money, the list goes on and on. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy. He vowed Ultra would never get another AM Only dj and he was gonna come back to Cleveland somewhere and do a free show (I hope he follows through on that party). I would be seeing this guy around everywhere I went. And everywhere we were, he had smokin hot girls with him. I gotta move to LA and be a dj, hot damn!

Backstage waiting for Diplo to come on I noticed a rather peculiar thing…. The dude was wearin a damn 3 piece suit! Blue pinstriped suit and vest, with a white shirt and some brown boat shoes, no socks. Pimpin! It was so fucking hot too, I can’t believe he didn’t pass out wearin that. I almost did and I was rockin a t-shirt and shorts. He played during TV on the Radio AND Ben Harper, but oh well… And he trainwrecked a cpl times, oh well… and he played a lot of other people’s tracks, oh well…. I was waiting for major lazer stuff, grimy diplo stuff, and any other kind of DIPLO stuff, oh well…. Maybe next time.

So lookie loo… I got a text from Katie (girl from columbus, not the deleting girl), and I was super pumped. I had barely seen her since we had been there and I was not happy about that. I figure meeting someone is cool, finding out that you’ll both be going to the same event is even cooler. Meeting up out of town away from your friends and outside influences should be a perfect time to really develop a repor, which is great, but none of that really happened :(. It was like she left her phone at the hotel (she must not really be a txting kind of girl. Old school, I like that, lol). So I meet up with Katie backstage at Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There’s this little artists village, complete with food and free booze. Katie goes to get us drinks while I wait in line to get in the opera box to watch YYY’s. The crowd was freakin sick!!! There’s obviously no way we were gettin in there, the line was super packed, and there was only 50 ppl allowed in at a time, so whatever. As I’m waiting…. bam! Joy Bryant comes out of nowhere. Somebody w/ her was trying to talk the crew into letting her up there, but no dice. I introduced myself and asked when her next project was. We had a very short back and forth. Then I think I fainted (I really didn’t faint, but I wish I would have, lol).

When I came to, Ben Harper was standing in front of me! Now, all the time I get “Anybody ever tell you that you look like Ben Harper?” I hate when ppl come up to me and say stuff like that. 9 times out of 10, the person is the exact opposite of you, but they wore the same shirt or something, people are stupid like that. But I swear, I’ll never think bad of anyone who says that to me again cause I freakin do! I said hello and he must have realized it too because he gave me a funny look like, “damn, this dude looks like me!” We had a brief convo and he said he loved playing at the Cleveland House of Blues (shouts to Carrie, Elise, and Rickey!). I’m meeting people that are showing Cleveland love all OVER the place!

Katie comes back, we watch a brief bit of the show, then we must part. I have to get to my friends before we are lost in the crowd and we never make it home! I head over to catch the end of Bassnectar with my peeps. Watched that for a while, then thought we should head out a little early to beat the crowd. We spend an hour the night before looking for a taxi, lol. We passed by the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain on our way out (not right time of day, but I wanted to show you the dope-ness)

I guess somebody jumped in there at some point in the weekend. It’s really big when you see a person in it. Check it out here. I’m sure that guy spent the night in jail… bummer. We rolled out of the festival and made our way to the train station. I was going to take the subway in Chicago for the first time! I was pretty stoked. btw, the fare there is $2.50, so don’t complain Cleveland! We were on our way there, but Jimmy John’s was callin our name. So quick pit stop there, super packed train ride later (I felt like I was in Tokyo, getting crammed in by a wrangler), waste of time stop at the grocery store for headache medicine we already had, shower, and I was ready to hit the streets. Big night ahead of me…. I was gonna go to some hot parties, kick it with Lindsay Lohan (explained below), see Katie, and all of my dreams were gonna come true, right? Wrong.

Earlier that day I met this girl Evan. She’s a freelance photog from Miami. She said Samantha Ronson was spinning at hotspot Angels & Kings, Lohan was comin thru, and she was at that table. So I peaced out to my dudes and rolled over to A&K. Shit was packed!!!!! I hit Evan up and ask her to come get me. I approach the bouncer and tell him that my friend is on the list and has a table. If she came out to get me, would that be ok? He says, “yeah, get in line.” I’m thinking how is she gonna see me if i’m standing all the way in the back of this long ass line? So obviously I don’t. She comes out, I see her, she points to me, and then the bouncer shoves her back inside. I say “hey sir, that was the friend I was talking about. She has a table and knows the dj” His reply? “I don’t care, we are at capacity, get in line.” ANOTHER photog I met comes out to holler, asks the bouncer if I can roll in with him (he’s with Evan), and he flat out says no. Photog is like sorry dude, i’m in. Have a good one, lol! Guess I can’t blame him. Welcome to Chicago sucka! Guess my hot streak couldn’t last forever…

Not for the faint of  heart!

Not for the faint of heart!

I pick myself up, get that dirt off my shoulders and hop in a taxi. “Hard Rock Hotel please,” I say to the cabbie. We’re ripping through downtown at breakneck speed cause Santigold, Passion Pit, and GZA are performing live. Plus there’s an open bar. Plus I know ppl there. So i’m thinking to myself…. JP gave me this pass, so I know I’m allowed to get in, but i heard there’s a line, so maybe my artist credentials will work right? Dumbass…. maybe it was because I didn’t want to abuse my priviliges and soil my name, or maybe because I was scared I’d get checked, but I didn’t get in right away. I asked the bouncer at the door and showed him my artist creds, he’s like “ok… now get in line.” I see some guy who obviously is working the party, but I can’t get close enough to get his attention. I don’t want that bouncer bouncin my ass to the street. The guy comes back and lets a cpl people in. Then he yells, ‘we’re at capacity, these ppl have been waiting for an hour and they aren’t coming in. no one is coming in.” Fuck that I say, I’m not getting denied twice. So some lady walks out and she has a staff badge on. I’m like can i get in, i’m with the band. She sees my creds and tells me she’s going to inform someone that talent is outside and needs to get in. Good thing I didn’t hold my breath! So the guy comes out again and I get his attention and say hey, i’m not tryin to be pushy, but I’m here with the band and they are already here and I just wanna get in. The golden doors open and i’m on the scene! Worked like a charm!

So I make it in there and can’t find any of my new peeps. I’m walkin around and catch the last bit of Passion Pit perform.

I came too late for Santi and GZA. I start pounding doubles (hey they’re free!), and continue the search. There’s another side to the party and I try to walk in there, but they say it’s VIP only and that’s the exit. If I want to get in, I have to go to this other door. I walk up and flash my artist creds…. Good to go. I’ve gained access to the next level, lol. Once I get in there, I see all the ppl i’ve been hanging with… Vyle, Victor, JP, Nelson, and lo and behold…. Daniel from fuckin LA Riots. He’s rockin a trio of ladies, and he’s talkin to another one. Nelson hands me a corndog and i head straight to the bar. While I’m waiting, I strike up a convo with one of Daniel’s ladies. He’s close, but he’s tied up talking to someone else. She seemed super nice, then Daniel swoops in, grabs the girl by the arm, and dips. Uh oh, I think she’s in trouble with daddy I say to the guy next to me, lol. I ran into the Cool Kids, their dj MVPJ, and rich their manager. Funny cause I hit up PJ wayyyy earlier to say i was comin to the Chi and he said they would be in Japan. And I had talked to Rich on the phone, so it was funny running into all of them at this party. Cashed some more drinks and started contemplating what the hell Katie was doing. She hadn’t hit me up and I was drunk and getting perturbed. I was so set on kickin it with her. Party’s over.

I go outside to try and link up with Katie, and I run into my 2nd favorite Austin duo, Elizabeth and Molly. We’re watching this drunk dude lookin crazy. Check this out….

Now it’s time for handshakes…. then Rick Astley shows up, lol

Then they try to pull his pants down…. bad move

I’m tryin to talk to Katie’s girls and see what’s goin on, but i’m having a hard time understanding what’s being said and i finally just ask where they are staying, I’ll come in a taxi. There was talk of going to some spot open until 6am. After like 15 minutes of trying to call her back and figure shit out, I dip out and go back to old town to meet up with my peeps, grab a slice (and by slice I mean Chicago’s deep dish, not shitty cardboard Panini’s pizza), and head back home. Here’s the spot.

And here’s some nice ladies I met, lol

Cashed out…. time for bed. Big day tomorrow. It’s the last day of lollapalooza….. out!