Fuckkkk Let’s Party Quickmix

24 10 2010

I was in a good mood yesterday, so I made a quick mix 4 your listening enjoyment. Warning! ur gonna wanna dance…. a LOT.

Download the mix here:



Stop… Chill… Relax Vol 2

20 10 2010

Hot off the presses!!! Here is the second installment in the series… Mad chill shit to smooth out your workday, or just give you some motivation to twist one up and travel to planet Chillax… I have received great response from the first one, and already had this tape on my mind when the first one was released… Feel free to comment and pass along to your friends… Thanks a bunch for checking me out!!!


1. Air – So Light Is Her Footfall (Breakbot Remix)
2. Royksopp – This Space
3. Yacht – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
4. Tigercity – Are You Sensation
5. Feist – Sea Lion Woman (Chromeo Remix)
6. Dusty – Solid Gold
7. Ladyhawke – Magic (Classixx Version)
8. Damn Arms – Destination Pt. II
9. Moloko – Sing It Back
10. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – In Motion
11. Curses! – The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub)
12. Tesla Boy – Thinking Of You (Baxter Remix)
13. Cut Copy – Far Away (Damn Arms Remix)
14. GRUM – Through The Night (Bit Funk Remix)
15. Monarchy – Call
16. Goldfrapp – Rocket (Grum Remix)

DJ Pauly D To Play @ Tequila Ranch Saturday, October 9th

26 09 2010

So if you haven’t been keeping up w/ the Jones’ and paying attention to the happenings in Cleveland, here’s your nugget for the day. DJ Pauly D– of MTV Jersey Shore fame- will be in Cleveland on Saturday, October 9th to spin at Tequila Ranch on W. 6th st. There will be opening sets from DJ Kosherkuts and myself, The Goldfather.  Love it or hate it, you know it’s going to be crazy packed and so I’m just gonna go ahead and say that you should just purchase your tickets online now. You’ll be on the list and get your physical ticket at the show. Hurry, because it’s probably going to sell out!  See you there, beating up the beat!

Breaking News: Kanye West Doesn’t Like Douchebags & Assholes

12 09 2010

Can’t really blame him…. Though if he was smart, he’d have distanced himself from Pusha T’s shirt/jacket combo. Kanye West would NEVER be caught wearing that. He pretty much destroys every stage he sets foot on when he’s not too busy putting that foot in his mouth. In the end, he’ll reach close to Michael/Prince status…. Mark my words. But while you’re busy arguing that, check his performance of “Runaway.” Pretty sure when his album drops, he’s gonna sell abt 900340d0fdg000 million copies. Yep, there’s letters in there. That’s when you know you are talking about huge numbers… There’s not even enough numbers to make it work, so u have to use letters, lol!!!!

Stop… Chill… Relax: Vol 1

8 09 2010

Here’s a mix I’ve been thinking about making for a while. After being inspired by the White Light mix series, I wanted to do my own take how that music moves me, and this is the final result. Shouts to all the djs who have contributed to not only the white light series which was my inspiration, but to all my dj peeps that inspire me to give my musical interpretations, as they have been given to me by all of you.

Download the mix HERE


1. Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixx Version)

2. Friendly Fires x Flight Facilities x Aeroplane – I Crave Paris (Aeroplane Blend)

3. Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (Aeroplane Italo 84 remix)

4. Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On (Aeroplane Remix)

5. Lexicon Don – December Sunset (Keenhouse Remix)

6. Cut Copy – Future (Chromeo Remix)

7. GRUM – Can’t Shake This Feeling (Dcup Remix)

8. Bag Raiders – Nil By Mouth (Knightlife Rmx)

9. Butterfly Bones – Crystal Caves (Rockets Remix)

10. Klaxons – As Above So Below (Justice Remix)

11. The Virgins – Rich Girls (Hemingway RMX Final)

12. Penguin Prison – The Worse It Gets (Starsmith Remix)

13. Helsinki 78-82 – So Lifelike featuring Villa Nah

14. Dem Getaway Boyz – Imma G (Memory Tapes remix)

15. Ocelot – Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Remix)

16. Kid Cudi – Day n Night (Widdler’s Dubstep Remix)



Gentlemen of Leisure Make a Mixtape (live!)

4 09 2010

Hey everybody… How are you spending your weekend, lazy fucks? I know I’m working. Working for the weekend, for the money, and for you obviously. My fellow Gentleman, DJ Yishai and I decided to start recording live mixtapes for the world. Not cause we’re the best djs in the world, but we like to listen to music, and def know how to play music for girls to want to take their clothes off to (but we got maddddd upside). So I made a mixtape (to be released later) of laid back chill shit, reminiscent of the White Light mixtape series…. Then we’re all drunk and what not, and decide to pump up the volume. So we got crazy and this is the result.  If you don’t like it…. eh, don’t really know what to tell you. Go back to your Englebert Humperdink records I guess cause this is too hard for you, haha…. Catch u later.

Fuck You!

20 08 2010

Funny, after the post the other day about “Rich Parents,” I get an e-mail about this song. Btw that, kanye west’s remix to ‘Power,’ then the parody video, ‘Power Hour’…. it’s been a great couple days on the video tip. How true is this though? Hot broads will always go after a guy with money, regardless of whether she’s broke or even has her own money. Not to mention the dude could be a tranny, or a serial killer, old, short, fat, bald, missing an eye, beats her up.  The actual man is irrelevant. It’s very rare that I’ve seen a hot girl even get with a hot guy who don’t have some ends.  It’s usually hot girl, absurdly not hot guy. Anyways, seems Cee-Lo Green agrees and he’s even made a song about it. I’m going to work this into EVERY dj set. I don’t give a fuck if it’s a sweet 16 party, or a church picnic. holler