WOW! How How Has It Been This LONG?!

19 11 2017

Hey everybody… It’s been FOREVER since i’ve last posted here. A lot has happened in the last 7 years and it’s really funny that i’m re-discovering this blog now. The last time I was posting about it was basically when I first moved to LA from Cleveland. I was talking about being a pescetarian for a month as a personal challenge, to wean myself off of red meat (it TOTALLY worked!). New city, new challenges and I think i’ve been up to the task. I was tour managing a band (The Knux), I worked at Saddle Ranch as a server, I worked as a bartender at The Roof On Wilshire, Pitfire Pizza and managed a few spots like the Ace DTLA, Millennium Biltmore Hotel to name a few. It wasn’t all work related I can assure you as I made my way around town quite a bit. Went to tons of branded events, saw countless DJ shows, drank prob literally tons of alcohol, had 3 girlfriends, traveled to a few countries and criss-crossed the US more times than I can count. It’s been one hell of a ride, but my time in LA is going to be put on pause.

I’m about to hop on a flight to Canberra, Australia for the next 5 weeks. Details to come, wish me luck on the next chapter 🙂



So You Wanna Be A Vegetarian (with fish… Pescetarian, i know)!! – Day 2

11 02 2011

Feeling pretty good on Day 2. I’m thinking to myself that this is going to be a breeze. I can eat everything that I usually want, just sub the meat. Not sure if that’s the healthiest thing in the world, but I didn’t say I was going to try and do that… I was just gonna try and cut out the meat, lol. So the food day started off with me and my homie Joey heading over to Gate of India on Sunset Blvd. I have passed by the place a bunch of times, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. After going, if you live in the West Hollywood area, I’d highly suggest going there. Joey is the pickiest eater EVER, so he was just gonna hang while I smashed.

The thing I notice about Indian food is that it’s a lot like Mexican and Chinese food in the sense that if you add/subtract an ingredient or two, you have a meal with a whole new name. Not mad at that, cause it makes the menu look hella large, but it makes for really tough choices when trying to decide what to eat. I figure to go for the salad first as I’m going to make an effort to have some leafy greens with at LEAST one meal a day. Salad was huge… Def couldn’t eat the whole thing if I wanted to make some room for my Fish Vindaloo which was listed in the menu as: Broiled mahi-mahi cooked with bite sized potatoes and a touch of fresh lemon juice in a hot curry sauce. I’m soooo down for that. I ask for it extra spicy (of course), and proceeded to wait for what I was sure to be a flavor explosion.

The food came and I was amazed at the amount of stuff I had to eat! Bang for my buck was off the charts!  Take a look at this feast fit for a king!

Mmm.... Fish Vindaloo

I smashed what I could (ate most of it), and left super full, but yet not stuffed and bloated like I feel when I eat a huge burger, or steak. So if this is what it is like, I could definitely get used to this feeling. Since I grabbed such a late lunch, dinner was kind of late as well. I had to go catch a poker game and pick up my passport that I had left at my friend’s bar about a month and a half ago. I was looking for something quick (as I was late for the game), so I decided to head to Chipotle. I have been to Chipotle many, MANY times before of course, but I had always wondered why in the hell people would order vegetarian burritos from there because they had so much meat! I found out why last night. The green peppers are not even cooked all the way, so having that quasi-crunchy texture kind of makes me forget that it’s not chicken. I killed that whole thing and again, felt full, but not bloated. Skipped on the guacamole though. I know I know, it’s sooooo good for me and I live in California so I should be eating it with every meal, but I just can’t get over the texture/color situation. Kind of like that whole green ketchup thing. I will say though that I’m getting better. Give me a year and I’ll probably be carrying avocados around in my pockets!

So You Wanna Be A Vegetarian (with fish… Pescetarian, i know)!! – Day 1

9 02 2011

Hey y’all… My bad that I haven’t posted a new blog since like 1999, but whatev…. This is some cool shit that I think everybody can maybe, possibly learn something from, or just laugh at me cause i’m trying some weird shit. Now if you know me, you know that I like to smash a burger, some chicken, meat, meat, etc. So I figured, why not switch up the game and holler at the herbivore’s? My mom tells me this legendary story about how she was a vegetarian in 1976, and became a meat eater again the day she found out she was pregnant with me…. That’s some serious shit. If she had continued to do so, the lack of testosterone from no red meat in her diet would have surely produced a less manly man than you see before you today, hahahaha!

I already did the no drinking thing for a couple of months, I figured lemme try and REALLY give myself a challenge and not eat the things I eat at pretty much every single meal of every day. So here goes…. I’m going to be a vegetarian for 30 days! I had thought about for a couple of weeks, and I told my roommate before I left for the Super Bowl in Dallas (wait till u read THAT post), that when I came back I’d be a veggie. Not a vegan though, cause soy chicken, soyrizo, soy burgers, etc…. fuck that shit. That’s like saying F-that instead of the aforementioned FUCK that. Or lesbians that use strap ons. Or people that drink exclusively diet drinks. Why are you pretending to have the real thing with a substitute? You are living a lie folks.

So let’s talk about day 1 of Marcus’ Journey Through MeatLESS Land. I fly back home to LAX @ 6:30am on no sleep, ride a bus for what seemed like an eternity (hungover), drinking just water. Get home, sleep for a couple of hours, TRY to tell my roommate about my trip, but it seems like I can’t even talk, lol. I finally wind up grabbing a salad at home, then I have to go to work for my first day at Saddle Ranch (come visit if ur in the Sunset Strip area). At work I had some fish tacos (salmon/tuna), and that was about it. Trying to figure this ish out… Let’s see how it works. I do know one thing though… I’m gonna be watching the Epic Meal Time videos w/ much more fervor.

A Friend In Need, Fucked Up Indeed

16 10 2010

Man…. I just got home from a night that I’d prob rather forget, and to cap it off, I thought I was going to go to one of my fave places to eat late night, Casbah Cafe (Right to the left of Barflyy) and go home with a smile on my face, but as I left my friends and made my way to my apt building door, i spot a homeless guy trying to look for scraps of food/cigarettes. He picked up a half a pizza crust, and tossed it back to the ground.  As he was throwing it down, I was literally right next to him and found myself cupping my whole sandwich (which I was gonna save from the food spot to eat on my own couch), while I turned towards my door and punched in my code to get into my building (where I wouldn’t have to worry about people hitting me up for money, food, time, or anything else I felt like I couldn’t share).

As I stood there waiting for the elevator, a feeling came over me.  I’d like to say that feeling was guilt. I feel like it was more than that. Like I was thumbing my nose at my fellow brother in need. Dude had on a beat up pair of shoes, some sweatpants, a plastic bag on his head under his had, and a dirty overcoat. He never even spoke to me while he was looking at that pizza crust. He didn’t ask me for shit, seeing me as I went into the building my domicile was housed in.  This is what got compounded into the overwhelming feeling that told me that I had forgone the Christ-like attitude we are supposed to have for our fellow man at a baseline level. Had I come so far that I couldn’t relate to a person who had to live hand to mouth?  Do we all think that we have come that far? Have we become so comfortable as middle class (to wealthy), that we feel like we should just give money to organizations instead of helping the people in obvious need right in front of our faces? I’d like to think that we all still maintain that nagging feeling to help the people we see who need it.

Have you seen those meters that tell us to give the change we would otherwise give panhandlers, that were put up by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance? Or the signs that say that we shouldn’t give to people on the street?  I think it’s a good idea in theory, but I think that things like that desensitize us to the people that really do need help that don’t even ask for anything. Studies show that most homeless people don’t even ask for money. So instead of seeing someone with their hand out, and turning off to anyone else who has their hand out, or looks like they are homeless and could POTENTIALLY ask us for something, maybe we just need to train ourselves to just see past the panhandlers, and try and seek out the people who DON’T ask, yet we know that they are in need. Like we all are. It’s just that they just need more than we do.

Back to my story….. I’m standing there in my building lobby wondering what’s taking me so long to go and find the guy and give him the sandwich and i’m reminded by a story my mother once told me. In this particular story, she told me of being in an open park. Grassy knolls all over the place and tons of visibility. A person asked her for help. She obliged, giving up the coins in her purse with no hesitation. No sooner had she turned around, she felt the need to give a second look and found- to her surprise- that the person who had just been standing in front of her had literally disappeared. In a public park! With no trees around! Hundreds of feet from any sort of cover!  You can take it to mean what you will, but I think that we are all tested in certain ways that make no sense at all, but are all part of the bigger plan to teach and mold us.

So anyways…. I’m sure  now you are wondering what happened to the man in the dirty overcoat… I’m certain that I have drudged the story around enough, lol.  In the end, I waited for the elevator to hit the lobby, took a small bite of the sandwich I had waited so long to devour (to see if it was fit to eat…. and because I was starving, lol. I figure if I’m gonna do a good deed anyways, I at least have to sample the merchandise!!!), and went back to the street in search of the man.  As I went after him southbound on E. 4th, there were about 10 people that he had passed by that had not given him a second look, and he did not bother them in return. Upon hitting Prospect, I caught up with him and asked if he wanted my sandwich. “Steak and cheese,” I told him, and he thanked me. No patting myself on the back, or drawn out reason I was giving it up. I just gave him the sandwich and turned back to go home.

Writing this is no pat on the back for myself either. Yes, in the end I did the right thing by most accounts, but writing this is a public chastisement of myself and why I not only didn’t help him sooner, but why I neglected to act IMMEDIATELY when I recognized a person in real need. If you take nothing away from this, just remember that lesson. Don’t wait for a person to ask you to help them, look for the people to help and just do it, if you can.

It’s about bedtime now, so I’ll leave you to it, but thanks for listening…. I’m sure i’ll have more crazy shit to talk about soon, but I do wear my heart on my electronic sleeve, and would be remiss if I didn’t share this with you while it was terrorizing my brain…. Until next time….1

No Alcohol Allowed: Day 0

23 07 2010

No Alcohol

Hello my friends…. I figure it’s about time I got the fuck out of town. I have been meaning to do it for some time now, but contrary to what may seem like a fly by the seat of my pants kind of personality, I am actually quite the planner.  So many people have these plans to move and then figure it out when they get there.  These are usually the people who come back after 3 months and they have to move back in with their parents.  I would definitely consider myself a measure twice cut once kind of guy, so the time is now ripe for me to make my exit. I have a place to live, some work lined up, as well as a pretty large network of friends- developed from my multiple trips to the west coast.

So to further enhance my passion for the move, I have chosen to cut all alcohol out of my routine until I have a Los Angeles address. Yep, you heard right.  I WILL NOT DRINK ALCOHOL (IN CLEVELAND) UNTIL I HAVE A LOS ANGELES ADDRESS.  Now, when I say Cleveland, I mean Cleveland metro area, home, etc…. Not in Cleveland means I’m probably on vacation for a very finite period of time, so that’s ok. This means that every day that I am home, I working on my exit strategy.  Some people don’t believe in denying yourself anything. I am obviously not one of those people. I do believe in discipline, self restraint, and motivation.  But not to the degree that I would say i’m not having SEX until I move (I have principles, but I am a realist… geez).

So to keep me company, I’m going to do some video updates from time to time until things come to fruition. Here is my update from day zero (today, Friday July 23rd).  I look forward to cheers-ing you w/ a glass of water at the bar!

1890 At The Arcade’s Late Night Experiment

30 05 2010

A friend of mine told me that 1890 at the Arcade was going to be starting this new late night program where they would be offering diner style food at affordable prices, Thursday through Saturday. You know I love staying up late, so I couldn’t wait to try the place out and get some late night goodness. I live on E. 4th st, so being able to walk across the street is uber convenient for me.

My 1890 experience began this past Thursday, when I ran into some friends who were a little tipsy and seemed in need of some late night grub. I told them that I hadn’t been there yet, but they should go to 1890 because they are open till 4am. The report I got back was less than stellar. My friend told me, “it was ok from a late night eating perspective. Not much of an atmosphere.” The atmosphere part makes sense, because it recently opened, but even with no people a place should be offering up good times. I figured at some point this past weekend I would be able to try the place out. I’m not jazzed that I got my wish last night.

The place had one half of the restaurant closed, which is understandable, but a gated door that greets you almost gives the impression that the whole place isn’t open for business. I walk in the place, and immediately see what my friend was talking about i.e. lack of atmosphere. There was one table with four guys, then another table with two patrons- one of which was comedian DeRay Davis.

DeRay Davis

Funny thing about this dude. I didn’t know the guy from Nancy, until Chad Zumock told me that he was with him doing a comedy show here in Cleveland. Since then, I ran into him at the Skam Artist holiday party at Lucky Strike in LA, ran into him at a club in Cleveland, a nightclub in LA, then here he is now at 1890. They were on their way out as I was being seated, and I couldn’t help but notice that the fucking dude made the girl he was with PAY FOR HER FOOD! And she just thought that was normal. Who brings some chick out, tryin to get her to the house, then goes dutch!?! And worse yet, who goes along with that? Only Cleveland broads. But why the fuck am I talking about his cheap ass? Let’s get back to the review.

One look at the menu and I can see that this experiment is not gonna work out. Take a look at the pics below.

Now I know that you know what I’m thinking…. Who the fuck is gonna pay $9 for some fucking pancakes? I didn’t realize there was a chocolate chip shortage, lol. $10 for a burger?!? You can get a Kobe burger from Southside for the same amount. These prices are outrageous. Especially for some late night dining. I know 1890 isn’t exactly a cheap place, but you’ll definitely make it more appealing if you make cheap food at a cheap price.

Looking around, I’m noticing that all the condiment bottles are almost empty, and I’m out of water. The waitress is nowhere in sight and there’s only one other table in the place. DeRay and his lady had left, but all their dirty dishes are still there…. yuck.

I really hate it when all the condiment bottles are empty. Every one on every table was like this

I get my food, which is not bad actually. Breakfast burrito’s are pretty run of the mill, so I wasn’t expecting anything groundbreaking, but I will say that the new potatoes they served up were a totally refreshing take on breakfast. Usually its hash browns or homefries, but I love potatoes served like that. Oh, and btw that pico was pretty much the shit. Ate the whole thing.


So at this point my meal is finished, I still haven’t seen the waitress, I’ve been out of water, and I need my check cause it’s time to bounce. That table of guys is still there chillin, and DeRay’s table still isn’t bussed. What is going on here?

Everything empty... Just sittin here, twiddlin my thumbs

The waitress finally reappears and I need change for my $20. I watched the time and it took her almost 10 minutes to come back with it. Now keep in mind that there is only one table in the restaurant other than mine. What the hell could she possibly be doing? So I paid the tab, left a so so tip, and bounced…. Wishing I would have just went to casbah cafe over on w. 6th like I meant to.


Atmosphere: C (the ambient tunes they were jammin were keeping me company)

Service: D-

Food: A-

Cleanliness: B-

Price: D ($9 for some damn pancakes? Is there foie gras in it?)

Overall grade: C-

Spring Break or How To Make It On The West Coast Day 2 (West Coast Trip Recap)

7 04 2010

Sorry folks, I know I said this was coming out yesterday, but one thing led to another…. I picked up a new hard drive, paid off one of my creditors (thank goodness!), and even made a rare appearance at the grocery store, picking up my favorite hot salsa in the world, Xochitl.

But back to why you’re here. Day 2 started off extremely early in the morning as Kevin and i were making our 2 trip to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. THIS time, it goes off without a hitch, and we’re LA bound!  We get into LAX and I already feel more mellow, warmer, and smile uncontrollably. We head to the shuttle that’s going to take us to Thrifty car rental. It took us less time to take the shuttle to Thrifty in Los Angeles than it would in Cleveland… I’m appalled. Now rental car people are very shifty for the record, and this was further reinforced when the total became some outrageous number that wasn’t even CLOSE to the number that I was quoted when i booked it. Then I take a closer look at the bill and there are several “opt in” charges that the girl just threw in there… Asshole. The rental car corral was super packed, and we prob sat in line waiting to get out of there for about 20 minutes. I was ready to get this trip started NOW! The XM radio we had though would prove to be a serious ally later on in the trip.

We start driving around looking for something to eat and there are so many non-chain places to eat, stacked up on each other, that it’s really hard to decide. First it’s chain or non-chain, then it’s mexican vs asian vs burgers vs pasta vs the world, but Kevin had been making mention of In-N-Out burger for a bit, so I figured i’d use my trusty Google Maps app on my blackberry to navigate us to safety. Considering I don’t have a license and all, my job was pretty much to navigate and change the radio station if need be. Oh, and switch our phones on the car charger, lol. Here’s the video as we drive through Inglewood, CA and give Kevin his first experience of California (he even went “Animal Style” on his first time…. veteran move!).

Tell me you don't remember this

Well fed and ready to get a move on, I suggest that we roll to Marina Del Rey to hang w/ my man Cory… Cory is a co-founder of a clothing line called, Endemic. They are makin waves on the west coast, so be on the lookout for their stuff. The place dude lives in is simply incredible… We get to check out the Cavs game (great since we’re all from Cleveland), and I take a look around HQ to give you a sneak peek at what’s goin on in their minds (just a small sneak peek). The place was obviously built in the late 60’s, early 70’s w/ the shag carpet and mirrors galore, but that kinda gave it some character. Feel like you can get your Hugh Hefner on.

Marina view

Inland view

Our impromptu visit over, Kevin said his buddy Jacob and his girl were riding bikes down to the famed Venice Beach, so we were all about seein the freaks, nerds and wierdos that it had to offer. We head off, but being spring break and a very nice day (on the weekend), parking was a bitch and a half. But we finally reached our destination.

Venice was pretty interesting right off the bat (Check out me looking for Mitch Buchanan here).  Here’s a little survey of the Venice Beach recreation center?!? It was all outdoors which was pretty cool…. There’s handball courts, a pretty sizable free weight facility (muscle beach), as well as ample gymnastics equipment, and of course the courts where ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ was filmed. Take it all in.

There was this community wall that had so much dope graffiti on it… I didn’t get it all, but here’s a sweet piece.

Some other notables was the Venice Beach skate park, as well as this group of people that were dancing…. on ROLLER SKATES! Now, I have been known to strap on a pair of skates from time to time as a kid, but I couldn’t even imagine doing some of the things these guys were up to. They should have been in that ‘Roll Bounce’ movie, lol.

Unreal right? The backflip and all! We hear this beat coming from the area between the boardwalk and the beach and we come across…. the infamous Venice Beach drum circle! Now, I’m assuming that you have to be on drugs to get dressed up crazy, and beat on a drum for hours at a time, not saying a word… but that’s just my opinion. After watching these videos, you make up your own opinions…. Venice Beach drum circle pt. 1 and pt 2. Thoughts?

You see that right... They are telling you that you have to go INSIDE to see the freaks... I can only imagine

The sun set on a beautiful day in Venice, and what better way to top it off than pitchers of beer with your friends? The day was ending, but the night was just about to heat up.

My dude, DJ Spider told me to come through to Club Lingerie for the new Dip Dive Sunday party which is pretty much a replacement of Banana Split Sundae’s, after DJ AM passed and LAX closed down.  The lineup would feature Spider, Steve Aoki, and Apl. D. Ap from the Black Eyed Peas… Spider told me it was’s birthday, so boy did I feel like an idiot when I ran into Will and said “happy birthday man!” He was nice, but i’m sure he’s like wtf son!?!  Also on the horizon was meeting up with my friend, Kat. She’s a ball of energy, lemme tell you and she’s also from Cleveland, settling in West Hollywood.

We bid adieu to Kevin’s friends and head to WeHo to meet up w/ Kat, shower the day off and get ready to party at Lingerie. Now we all know how expensive it is to drink in LA, but lucky for us, Kat had a liquor store right across the street. A bottle of Smirnoff and a bag of Flamin Hot Limon Cheetos, and I was pretty much the happiest kid on the planet. Here’s Kat and her place, for your viewing enjoyment.

We have a few adult beverages and head off to Club Lingerie… It’s right around the corner, so Kevin and I drive, but Kat and her friend (can’t remember his name, we’ll call him Jose) decide to ride their bikes (Kat is extremely environmentally friendly). We show up, get right in and the place is kinda like a big warehouse w/ some vip sections, projector, and bar… It’s pretty nondescript, like a lot of spots in LA… Just bare concrete floors in a big space. I kinda like that though. Low maintenance is key at times. When we get there, DJ Spider is manning the tables, playin a great set of some dance remixes, electro, hip hop, mash ups, etc and he even threw in a speech from Rocky V, gotta love that… If you guys don’t know, this guy is one of the sickest dudes in the country… This is a super early set for him, so you don’t get to see him in his full glory, but here’s the first part:

and here’s part 2, where DJ Spider jumps out and Steve Aoki jumps in:

Aoki starts off pretty mellow, but then gets a little more hype for the electronica that Apl.D.Ap was gonna unleash on the crowd… The time here is about 12am.

Then Aoki gets even more uptempo:

I have video of Apl, but youtube wasn’t really cooperating with me, so I’ll have to try again at some other time, but party ended great… I even got to see this little guy, lol.


So we had had our fill of partying, now it’s almost 3am and it’s time to get our grub on, so we head to Swinger’s on Beverly… If i’m not mistaken, this is where they filmed the movie ‘Swingers,’ I have never seen it (don’t hate me), but now I kinda wanna check it out. Btw, if you can’t tell in this upcoming video, i’m totally shitfaced.

I get this fabulous jerk chicken omlette w/ homefries:


and I notice that not only did Kevin not eat, but he’s in the booth asleep! Pic is below, but the video I took of it is here.

So there I am with Kat and Jose, laughing at Kevin for being asleep (mind you, we just got to LA that day and had been up since 7am EST off of one and half hours of sleep, and it’s like 4:30am PST), and then BOOM! I get full and fall into a food coma. Then it’s Kat’s turn to point the camera at BOTH of us!

Kat wakes us up, we pay for the bill, and head back to spend the night at Kat’s place where she informs us that she just got a plane ticket to Austin and will be attending South By Southwest (SXSW), and will be leaving immediately (she’s a spontaneous kinda girl)! So she gave us her garage door opener, house keys, and wished us well on our stay in LA…. She was off for the plains of Texas… So day two found Kevin and I asleep in the same queen sized bed, dreaming of how our trip could get any better than it had started… We had no idea……