Fuck You!

20 08 2010

Funny, after the post the other day about “Rich Parents,” I get an e-mail about this song. Btw that, kanye west’s remix to ‘Power,’ then the parody video, ‘Power Hour’…. it’s been a great couple days on the video tip. How true is this though? Hot broads will always go after a guy with money, regardless of whether she’s broke or even has her own money. Not to mention the dude could be a tranny, or a serial killer, old, short, fat, bald, missing an eye, beats her up.  The actual man is irrelevant. It’s very rare that I’ve seen a hot girl even get with a hot guy who don’t have some ends.  It’s usually hot girl, absurdly not hot guy. Anyways, seems Cee-Lo Green agrees and he’s even made a song about it. I’m going to work this into EVERY dj set. I don’t give a fuck if it’s a sweet 16 party, or a church picnic. holler


How To Get Ahead….. Too Late For You Though!!

19 08 2010

Seriously….. This is the best thing I’ve seen all week!

Girl Throws A Chair @ DJ E-V

25 07 2010

Child throwing a chair

Never a dull moment over here at Relapse…. Chair throwing anyone?

Lebron’s Elbow Now Has A Twitter Page

28 04 2010

Hahahaha… So some enterprising fan decided to start a Twitter page for Lebron James‘ ailing right elbow. Ailing to the point where he had to shoot a free throw left handed against the Bulls last night. People are under the impression that James is indestructible- which could quite possibly be the case- but I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Another question to ask is: Is James just milking an injury for face time, or is there really a serious problem? I’d venture to say it’s a mix. Even in downplaying something, you have the opportunity to fuel the fire… we’ve all seen it before.

Either way, for your enjoyment…. may I present to you the Lebronselbow page on Twitter. In less than 24 hours, it already has over 1200 followers! Whoever started it, just know that ur makin me laugh w/ every tweet… It’s very much in the Chuck Norris tone.

Gettin My T-Bone On…..

27 01 2010

I was watching, ‘Colors’ on HBO tnite and had to laugh really hard when I saw a skinny ass Damon Wayans gettin freaky with a big, stuffed rabbit!  One of my favorite scenes in the whole movie.  This is kinda what I like to do when i’m not drunk sending unintelligible  messages to ppl, lol enjoy!

Best Fails of ’09

12 01 2010

Omg…. Just picked this up from Collegehumor.com…. The best spills, thrills, and fails from this past year.  Which one is your favorite?

Click HERE to see the funniest clip you’ll see all year long

Soda vs Pop…. You Decide

12 11 2009

Ran across this on that there interweb thingy…. A graphical display of how ludicrous any who does not use the word, “pop” is.  J/k, it’s a map of how scientific minds spend their free time… ugh…. it’s a map of what people call soft drinks around the country…. there!


Soda or Pop: Which Do You Prefer?