DJ Pauly D To Play @ Tequila Ranch Saturday, October 9th

26 09 2010

So if you haven’t been keeping up w/ the Jones’ and paying attention to the happenings in Cleveland, here’s your nugget for the day. DJ Pauly D– of MTV Jersey Shore fame- will be in Cleveland on Saturday, October 9th to spin at Tequila Ranch on W. 6th st. There will be opening sets from DJ Kosherkuts and myself, The Goldfather.  Love it or hate it, you know it’s going to be crazy packed and so I’m just gonna go ahead and say that you should just purchase your tickets online now. You’ll be on the list and get your physical ticket at the show. Hurry, because it’s probably going to sell out!  See you there, beating up the beat!


Happy B-day America!

5 07 2010

I hope everyone’s 4th of July celebrations went off without a hitch. I know I had a blast this whole weekend. I spent my Friday night djing at RJ Boland’s, then hit the late night food spot w/ DJ Kosherkuts, DJ E-V, and Jesse I think (all this shit tends to run together).  Saturday was a treat, I was on early, then ran over to Fortress to catch DJ Tilla do his thing, fresh in town from NYC.  Short turnaround, but I was up early on Sunday to head over to Relapse Sundays at Velvet Dog.  E-V had another brain fart, so I wound up spinning from 2-6pm. I was running outta shit to play, esp considering I still haven’t categorized all my music since I just got this macbook…. So I had no idea where everything was (bummer!).  It goes down though, every Sunday afternoon from 2-8pm. Come check us out!

Sunday night was gonna be a treat though because DJ Kosherkuts had the foresight to bring in DJ Real Juicy to spin our 4th of July celebration. Real Juicy is the creator of the extremely popular music blog, White Folks Get Crunk. Dude came on and killed it for about 450ppl through the night. Everyone was dancing, getting wayyyyy to drunk, and making out like somebody flipped the freak switch to  the “on” position. I got my hype man on as well. I wish someone would have filmed the switchover between Kosherkuts and Juicy (my flip cam has escaped me for the last time, that’s for sure). Check the flyer…

and just for you, here are some pics from last night…. Enjoy!

LMFAO’s Party Rock Tour with Far East Movement, Paradiso Girls, Million $ Mano, and Space Cowboy

21 09 2009
LMFAO's Party Rock tour

LMFAO's Party Rock tour

Finally! I’m in Cleveland Bitch!!!……. Los Angeles based electro hip-hop duo LMFAO have a mission, “to live tonight like there’s no tomorrow.” Redfoo and Sky Blu call it Party Rock, and it’s the name of their debut album, label, clothing line and now fall headlining tour! The party kicks off November 5th in Reno, Nevada at Pearl at Grand Sierra (see below for complete tour dates) and along for the ride will be Far East Movement, Paradiso Girls and Lady Gaga’s DJ Space Cowboy doing a live performance. Additional DJ sets by Million $ Mano.

The Party Rock Tour, produced by Live Nation and Moodswing360, is not just a show; it’s a completely new concert experience! For their first U.S. headlining tour LMFAO are creating a non-stop party of continuous music open to all ages. Million $ Mano will be spinning in between sets so the party never stops. Tickets for most shows go on sale this Saturday, September 19th, and you won’t find a face value ticket price higher than $20. For more information and to purchase tickets for LMFAO’s Party Rock Tour visit

LMFAO released their full length set “Party Rock” on July 7th where it debuted at # 33 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Party poppin’ tunes “I’m In Miami Bitch” and “La La La” are hit singles and songs the duo performed on MTV’s Real World Cancun, America’s Got Talent and more. Foo and Sky (as they refer to each other) are long time producers having done remixes for Kanye, Fergie, Katy Perry, Crystal Method, Black Eyed Peas and more.

The Party Rock Tour is presented by Live Nation, Interscope Records, Cherrytree Records, Party Rock, RPM Group and Moodswing360. LMFAO is managed by RPM Group and their agency is Moodswing360.

A complete list of Party Rock Tour dates is below:

Thursday, November 5 Reno, NV Pearl at Grand Sierra
Friday, November 6 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
Saturday, November 7 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern
Monday, November 9 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre
Tuesday, November 10 Vancouver BC Gossip
Thursday, November 12 Seattle, WA Showbox
Saturday, November 14 Boise, ID Knitting Factory
Tuesday, November 17 Englewood, CO Gothic Theatre
Wednesday, November 18 Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theatre
Thursday, November 19 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater
Friday, November 20 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
Saturday, November 21 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
Sunday, November 22 Chicago, IL Congress theatre
Tuesday, November 24 Des Moines, IA People’s Court
Friday, November 27 Pontiac, MI Clutch Cargos
Saturday, November 28 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
Sunday, November 29 Pittsburgh, PA Diesel
Monday, November 30 State College, PA The Cell Block
Tuesday, December 1 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of the Living Arts
Thursday, December 3 New Haven, CT Toad’s Place
Friday, December 4 New York, NY Irving Plaza
Sunday, December 6 Farmingdale, NY Crazy Donkey
Tuesday, December 8 Richmond, VA The National
Wednesday, December 9 Norfolk, VA The Norva
Thursday, December 10 Charlotte, NC The Fillmore
Friday, December 11 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
Monday, December 14 Orlando, FL Firestone
Thursday, December 17 Houston, TX House of Blues
Friday, December 18 Dallas, TX House of Blues
Saturday, December 19 San Antonio, TX The White Rabbit
Sunday, December 20 McAllen, TX Las Palmas Event Center

For more information on all artists on the party tour of the season click on the links below:

Source: Interscope Records

Check out all the details for the Cleveland show here.

You know who’s gonna do the afterparty, so I don’t even know why you’re asking…. Stay tuned for details

New Developments

29 07 2009

Hey all you out there in the blogosphere…. Here’s some new stuff to munch on.

First up…. Here’s a weekly party I just started. It’s like backyard bbq vs day at the beach vs vegas pool party. It’s called Relapse Sundays and it’s fantastic! Goes down every Sunday from 12-8 on the rooftop of Velvet Dog. Guest djs, chef grilling up breakfast/brunch/lunch specialties, kiddie pools, waterguns, cabanas, make your own bloody mary bar, mojitos, cornhole, resident dj Rob Ford, and more! I try to add something new to each week. So come and see for yourselves!

Relapse Sundays.... See you there!

Relapse Sundays.... See you there!

NEXT: Now we come to a more musically diverse event. You all have heard of Girl Talk aka Greg Gillis right? Now have you heard of Car Stereo (Wars) aka Chris Rose? If not, you most certainly will soon. Much like GT’s super frenetic, pop mash up style, CSW takes it to the next level by incorporating a broader range of music. It’s like more flavor, but only half the calories! He’s playing at Ultra this Friday, but the the next week he’s going to be playing at Lollapalooza! He just made the move from Austin to NYC, so you can say you saw him when… Check out the mash up he made for Lolla (w/video), here. Download it here.

Check him out @ Ultra this Friday

Check him out @ Ultra this Friday


What you know about Roxy Cottontail? If nothing, stop reading this post and go download some of her shit (legally of course), and get familiar. She came to Ultra last time she was in Cleveland and blew the roof off. Now that she’s already played here once and knows what the crowd likes, she’s going to really murder the scene. Straight outta NYC, heeeeerrrrrreeeeesssssss Roxy! At Suite Sixx on Thursday, August 20th.

Roxy Cottontail @ Suite Sixx.... Thursday, August 20th

Roxy Cottontail @ Suite Sixx.... Thursday, August 20th

Thursday, October 30th @ Barroom: DJ Fashen w/ DJ Steve1der

16 10 2008

That’s riiiiigggghhhhttt!!!!!! DJ Fashen is on his way back people!  So if you missed him last year @ Anatomy, and in Columbus, AND at Ultra, AND at my birthday party back in June, you can kill 2 birds w/ one stone.  1, see one of the best dj’s in the country and 2, check out Cleveland’s newest, baddest club…. Barroom!  DJ Fashen will be joined in the booth by Los Angeles’ DJ Steve1der.  This night is also the Cavs home opener vs the Charlotte Hornets.  So all you paparazzi, stalker types be on the lookout for a star studded Check them both out, as well as the club on Oct. 30th.

Btw, the grand opening of Barroom Cleveland will be on Oct. 24th.  If you wanna be on the VIP list, hit me up suckas!

Don't miss out

Don't miss out!

Myspace Goldrush Tour Recap……

27 09 2008

This tour stop featured Santogold, A-Trak, Trouble Andrew, and Low vs. Diamond.  All great acts, all great ppl, had a blast.  It’s crazy how my roommate and I create energy and fun.  We take something sweet and make it incredible.  Here’s how it went down….

So Trouble Andrew we knew from the show he did at Liquid while the Dew Tour was in town.  So when he got into town we ran back backstage to kick it and catch up.  We had a a pre/party at our apt, just gettin after it (typical), getting psyched up for the show.  So we head to HOB and of course I’m already breakin all the rules (i.e. camera, flask, etc).  Shots were flowin as Low vs. Diamond were finishing up their set.  LVD is a band on the come up just recently appearing on Leno and Letterman.  They also had a song on ‘One Tree Hill,’ and Myspace has taken to them fairly kindly.  The guys are a great bunch of dudes, they even brought one of the band members’ little brother on tour (him and my roomie were like 2 kids in a candy store).  Get a lot of references to the Killers.  Check them out on Myspace, you’ll like what you see.

So we went back into the crowd to see Trouble Andrew get down.  Set was dope, they sounded so much better than at liquid.  I think it was just more amps and a better sound board.  I tried to find a lighter for one of the band members and walked from backstage to ask a security guard.  This chick was so all about HOB it made me sick.  I ask for a light, she says, “Where’s your pass?” I’m thinkin I just came out from backstage lady, take a chill pill.  I said that I was hangin with one of the bands and they didn’t have passes to give me, they just walked in.  So she suggested I wait.  I wasn’t having it.  So I just turn around and walk back to backstage, and the lady runs back to yell at me.  She said “Don’t you walk away from me!”  My mom would be angry that someone would be yellin at her son like that.  I only need one mother.  So I say fine, at this point A-Trak is on the tables and i’m feelin his set, but now I have this security drama to deal with. 

I say fine, I’ll just walk back out into the main concert hall.  So I’m just wandering around and figure I might as well bring the band some drinks.  All HOB gave them was a case of beer.  So I run home and pick up a couple bottles of liquor, then proceed to get walked in the loading area into backstage.  Jesse and Kristin are tearin it up w/ the band.  At this point i’m pretty tanked, but the party has to keep rollin u know?  I go back to the main concert hall and I’m stopped by security.  “Sir, can you stand here for a second?  I can’t let you leave before I get my manager over here.”  I’m like wtf?  Is this about that crazy lady security guard?  She put an APB on me and described me, saying I was illegally backstage, etc.  So figure i’ll play along and waited for the mgr.  2 showed up actually and it couldn’t have worked out better.  The one guy said, “ya, he’s with the band, he’s ok” and the other mgr walked me to the box office to get me some backstage passes.  Kudos.  Then she’s like, “ur Marcus right?” I remembered her for solving some earlier HOB problems I had in the past.  Totally cool. 

So I go backstage again, and I think Santogold might be on at this point, I’m so drunk I have no idea what my name is.  So after a while, we all get kicked out of backstage by Santogold’s tour manager (and he was so nice to us earlier).  I’m sure I had something to do with his decision to kick us out.  So the show ends and I take a couple ppl back to my house and we’re just dancing in the living room.  Great success…

All of a sudden, I wake up sitting upright on my couch with the lights off, and it’s only 12:45am.  I get my drunken bearings and shoot a call to my dudes.  They are at Mercury and I managed to get back in the game and meet up with my roomie and the band and we start all over again.  I have no recollection of being at Mercury (also typical), we went back to the house, and kicked it till 4am.  So this story has lots of facets, lots of ins and outs. 

Check the photo recap on my myspace page…. here’s a taste of what’s to come….

Late Night Recap: Sinden is so so

18 09 2008

I’ve seen a LOT of dj’s…. and that was def. not the best show I’ve been to in my life.  He was great for a Cleveland show, but if he would have shown that set off in Vegas, or LA, he would have been booed off the stage.  Why is it that dj’s think that they can just blow through Cleveland?  Then the promoters have no expectation that they would make they’re $$$$ back.  That’s why……. Horrible way to get your reputation out there.


Sinden, misterbradleyp, and drunk Marcus

Sinden, misterbradleyp, and drunk Marcus

***Late addition*** It’s 12:50pm right now…. it was around 4am when I wrote the earlier post, though I still thought the song selection was so so.  I did have a good time, and he wasn’t THAT bad.  Everyone has a different experience at a dj show, so maybe i’m just spoiled, but I was more interested in getting drunk than listening to him.  It’s ok though, cause I took a TON of pics.  I’m sober now, and I totally missed Jury Duty today.  I was really pumped to do it, cause it was my first time, but i’ve already missed a day.  So I don’t know whether I should show up tomorrow, or just blow it off.  Today I had a half ass excuse (I was obliterated).  Better than the dog eating my homework I’d say.

Last night I went to this private Audi event where they were unveiling the new Audi A4.  I’m not gonna lie, I don’t even own a car, and have no intentions of buying one, but my friend was hired to put the thing on.  It was an incredible event.  If I wanted to buy a car, I would thought I had died and went to Heaven.  There was crabcakes and filet mignon (of which I had none, I was too busy drinking), and of course…… free booze!  Three Olives Cherry was the drink of the night.  Well played Mr. Sims…. I got all liquored up w/ my roommate and decided to roll out to the Sinden show.  Started off as a good idea.

So I’ve already talked about the show so I’ll just skip to the aftermath.  So me, my roomie, and this girl (I’ve been hangin out with her a lil bit lately and I think she likes me.  I like her too actually, so I feel really bad for what happened (you’ll find out in a sec)).  We’re rollin out of B-Side and I spot a girl I saw at the Audi show.  She was one of those stilt walkers (freaks me the fuck out!), but I recognized her outfit and was like, “hey, we saw you at the Audi show, right?”  She had an incredible ass and that was the real reason I stopped her, which my female companion picked up on right away.  She kept grabbing her ass while the 4 of us were talking, and kept grabbing my hand because I guess I had to check it out as well.  It was nice, though I felt just a tad uncomfortable.

So my uneasy feelings were warranted because some guy next to me told me to, “stop touching his girl’s ass.”  I told him this girl was grabbing my hand when I wasn’t paying attention.  He didn’t seem to care, and I don’t think anyone else heard him talking to me.  So I apologize, we leave, and I’m starting to think that’s not really his girl… So now I feel cheated, like I could still be there feeling this girl up, ha ha!  We roll over to Best Gyros on Euclid (if you haven’t been, you better go, cause the place is dope!  and it’s open like 24 hours) and grabbed some food.  That’s when the shit storm began.

I’m not sure how it started, but I think I said something about that guy who was posing as the stilt girl’s man.  My female companion said that that’s not what she heard, he didn’t say that to me.  This was the point when the true meaning of my name came out (Marcus means “warlike” in Hebrew (so I guess Latin as well).  Derivative of Mars, the Roman god of war).  I blow up and i’m going off about how I don’t like for people to call me a liar.  She said she wasn’t calling me a liar, she was just saying that I didn’t hear what I heard.  Bad idea.  We go on and on and on…. from the gyro place, all the way down Carnegie.  She stopped the car a few times, and I totally thought she was going to force us to get out of the car.  Meanwhile, my roomie is passed out drunk in the backseat, just along for the shitty ride with all this arguing going on. 

I think at a point I should have given it up.  But I got pissed at the principle of the idea that if i’m the only one who heard the guy, how the hell is she going to tell me different?  And if she’s tellin me I didn’t hear what I heard, then she’s calling me a liar, right?  Let me just put this out there if you don’t know me.  My reputation is my livelihood, and I go to great lengths to protect it.  There is not one misquote, or false story going on about me and there never has been (other than people thinking that just cause i’m a club guy, I get laid like 5 times a day…. That’s just a misconception).  I say what I mean, mean what I say, and if I did something wrong, I’m man enough to apologize and move on.  But you won’t find people talkin about false stuff, cause I nip that shit in the bud.  But being a man of principle is hard.  People pretty much think you’re crazy because you are going to lengths that they are not willing to go.  Plus I was drunk and beligerent.  Bad combination. 

So we get back to E. 4th and she makes one last plea for me to drop it.  Obviously I don’t.  I get out of the car, throw my food against the wall (which I’m totally regretting right now cause there’s no food in the fridge and i’m STARVING!), and go to my apt.  I’m assuming my roomie stayed behind to try and manage the situation because i came upstairs to download pics and write that drunk rant above.  He gets home, we break down the night, and he finds out the real reason we got into the argument in the first place (he had to suffer through all of that, and had no idea what happened.  Once he found out, he kinda sided with me.  What a guy!). We stayed up for a while just talking.  He woke up passed out, face down, on the floor.  I woke up on the couch laying on my phone, with flyers, batteries, a camera, my jury duty information and condoms laying next to me.  I’m assuming I just dumped my pockets out before my brain turned off.  Happy Wednesday!

p.s. I’m really sorry…. I hope you read this, though I’m calling today to apologize.  Oh, and you can check out the pic recap from Sinden here. Tons of randoms