So You Wanna Be A Vegetarian (with fish… Pescetarian, i know)!! – Day 2

11 02 2011

Feeling pretty good on Day 2. I’m thinking to myself that this is going to be a breeze. I can eat everything that I usually want, just sub the meat. Not sure if that’s the healthiest thing in the world, but I didn’t say I was going to try and do that… I was just gonna try and cut out the meat, lol. So the food day started off with me and my homie Joey heading over to Gate of India on Sunset Blvd. I have passed by the place a bunch of times, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. After going, if you live in the West Hollywood area, I’d highly suggest going there. Joey is the pickiest eater EVER, so he was just gonna hang while I smashed.

The thing I notice about Indian food is that it’s a lot like Mexican and Chinese food in the sense that if you add/subtract an ingredient or two, you have a meal with a whole new name. Not mad at that, cause it makes the menu look hella large, but it makes for really tough choices when trying to decide what to eat. I figure to go for the salad first as I’m going to make an effort to have some leafy greens with at LEAST one meal a day. Salad was huge… Def couldn’t eat the whole thing if I wanted to make some room for my Fish Vindaloo which was listed in the menu as: Broiled mahi-mahi cooked with bite sized potatoes and a touch of fresh lemon juice in a hot curry sauce. I’m soooo down for that. I ask for it extra spicy (of course), and proceeded to wait for what I was sure to be a flavor explosion.

The food came and I was amazed at the amount of stuff I had to eat! Bang for my buck was off the charts!  Take a look at this feast fit for a king!

Mmm.... Fish Vindaloo

I smashed what I could (ate most of it), and left super full, but yet not stuffed and bloated like I feel when I eat a huge burger, or steak. So if this is what it is like, I could definitely get used to this feeling. Since I grabbed such a late lunch, dinner was kind of late as well. I had to go catch a poker game and pick up my passport that I had left at my friend’s bar about a month and a half ago. I was looking for something quick (as I was late for the game), so I decided to head to Chipotle. I have been to Chipotle many, MANY times before of course, but I had always wondered why in the hell people would order vegetarian burritos from there because they had so much meat! I found out why last night. The green peppers are not even cooked all the way, so having that quasi-crunchy texture kind of makes me forget that it’s not chicken. I killed that whole thing and again, felt full, but not bloated. Skipped on the guacamole though. I know I know, it’s sooooo good for me and I live in California so I should be eating it with every meal, but I just can’t get over the texture/color situation. Kind of like that whole green ketchup thing. I will say though that I’m getting better. Give me a year and I’ll probably be carrying avocados around in my pockets!



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