So You Wanna Be A Vegetarian (with fish… Pescetarian, i know)!! – Day 1

9 02 2011

Hey y’all… My bad that I haven’t posted a new blog since like 1999, but whatev…. This is some cool shit that I think everybody can maybe, possibly learn something from, or just laugh at me cause i’m trying some weird shit. Now if you know me, you know that I like to smash a burger, some chicken, meat, meat, etc. So I figured, why not switch up the game and holler at the herbivore’s? My mom tells me this legendary story about how she was a vegetarian in 1976, and became a meat eater again the day she found out she was pregnant with me…. That’s some serious shit. If she had continued to do so, the lack of testosterone from no red meat in her diet would have surely produced a less manly man than you see before you today, hahahaha!

I already did the no drinking thing for a couple of months, I figured lemme try and REALLY give myself a challenge and not eat the things I eat at pretty much every single meal of every day. So here goes…. I’m going to be a vegetarian for 30 days! I had thought about for a couple of weeks, and I told my roommate before I left for the Super Bowl in Dallas (wait till u read THAT post), that when I came back I’d be a veggie. Not a vegan though, cause soy chicken, soyrizo, soy burgers, etc…. fuck that shit. That’s like saying F-that instead of the aforementioned FUCK that. Or lesbians that use strap ons. Or people that drink exclusively diet drinks. Why are you pretending to have the real thing with a substitute? You are living a lie folks.

So let’s talk about day 1 of Marcus’ Journey Through MeatLESS Land. I fly back home to LAX @ 6:30am on no sleep, ride a bus for what seemed like an eternity (hungover), drinking just water. Get home, sleep for a couple of hours, TRY to tell my roommate about my trip, but it seems like I can’t even talk, lol. I finally wind up grabbing a salad at home, then I have to go to work for my first day at Saddle Ranch (come visit if ur in the Sunset Strip area). At work I had some fish tacos (salmon/tuna), and that was about it. Trying to figure this ish out… Let’s see how it works. I do know one thing though… I’m gonna be watching the Epic Meal Time videos w/ much more fervor.



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