Get It Together Cleveland

5 10 2010

I just had a mini rant on twitter just now abt this whole paying to come into a parking lot thing for Browns games… Baffled by ppl who are outraged @ this $5 to tailgate thing. Its a private lot, they can do what they want. Now parking lots know how clubs feel!  Cleveland is so used to lowest common denominator entertainment that paying to see real talent is out of the question… Even if there’s free drinks inside that would negate the cover. Cleveland is so spoiled by everything bein free, or super cheap (lakewood), they scoff at ppl when they ask them to pay 4 stuff that ain’t theirs. Especially when stuff is posted saying that you have to pay! I don’t get it. I’m gonna walk into Lola and scoff when they tell me to pay those high ass prices. Just tell them that that is ridiculous.  See how well that works.

If it’s not cool there, why is it really cool anywhere else? On a side note, that’s why I hate Lakewood is so close to Downtown, because it lowers the value of stuff goin on here. Like I know cats that make almost 100k a year and choose to rent a room in Lakewood, rather than just live downtown. C’mon cheapskate. If ur young and single, there’s really no reason to not live dtown amongst other young people. It’s all a trickle down, but i digress…

Here’s the reality of the situation. If it’s not yours, pay. If you dont wanna pay, then start your own restaurant, parking lot, electronics store, car dealership, hotel, apartment complex, grocery store, etc. Simple as that. Until then… Don’t get mad when you see posted signs that say pay for that thing that it is that you want.

I have never complained I had to pay for some shit that wasn’t mine… It makes you look silly. Doorguys at clubs laugh at u and make fun of you after you walk away. #fact Don’t succumb to that crazy line of thinking.




2 responses

5 10 2010
alexa - cleveland's a plum

dude, marcus i pay for shit ALL THE TIME and don’t complain.

it’s not the $5, it’s the principle that the sign was inside the lot, that my friends inside paid for 1, 2, 3, 4 spots at $30 a pop for us to hangout in.

perhaps if there was a warning or something, or like the first home game they said, “hey, next home game there will be a $5 fee”, or if say they started charging from the beginning of the morning, not randomly starting at 10am where some people had to pay and some did not.

i see their right to charge, but the way they went about it was all wrong in my humble opinion.

5 10 2010
The Goldfather

There there now…. I wasn’t really talkin about you, other than one small point which i’ll get to in a sec. Obviously it was a big deal for everyone who was used to coming down there, or even for first timers that had been all amped up to go. Everybody knows parking right next to the event is super high priced… There’s 70k ppl that are trying to park there, if you wanted cheaper…. well u know where i’m going with that.

It’s a convenience charge. They could have run ads in the paper on the front page saying that they were going to charge, but when the drunk mofos show up completely shitfaced 4hours before gametime, we would be having the same discussion. You know no one reads, or pays attention to shit that’s important. It’s just like a club that charges after 11. If you get there at 11:01- whether they posted it or not, ur gonna be mad cause the person at 10:59 didn’t have to pay. It’s just natural.

They prob didn’t handle it the best way in hindsight, but in reality, what would have been the proper way? People are gonna be mad regardless, there’s 70k running around…. Maybe they should have talked to a promoter abt how to institute cover charges, lol. Would have been run smoother.

Now, the only part that i really included for you was that after watching your interview, you said “I kinda joked with him (parking attendant)… and was like are you kidding? I’m like i’m not paying $5, and I kept walking.” Boo. I know that you, just like me, travel a lot and u have a big network so ur used to gettin comped shit all the time. This is why ppl like us shouldn’t ever complain when we pay for anything… Because in reality it happens so rarely, lol

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