Breaking News: Kanye West Doesn’t Like Douchebags & Assholes

12 09 2010

Can’t really blame him…. Though if he was smart, he’d have distanced himself from Pusha T’s shirt/jacket combo. Kanye West would NEVER be caught wearing that. He pretty much destroys every stage he sets foot on when he’s not too busy putting that foot in his mouth. In the end, he’ll reach close to Michael/Prince status…. Mark my words. But while you’re busy arguing that, check his performance of “Runaway.” Pretty sure when his album drops, he’s gonna sell abt 900340d0fdg000 million copies. Yep, there’s letters in there. That’s when you know you are talking about huge numbers… There’s not even enough numbers to make it work, so u have to use letters, lol!!!!




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