Kanye West – Power Remix (feat Jay Z & Swizz Beatz)

20 08 2010

I just got hip to the ‘Power’ video, not gonna lie and it’s been out for 15 days… And after I saw it, i’m like why the hell did I wait so long?  Forget the words, just the imagery alone is enough to win an Oscar for best short, lol. If you also are not hip w/ the times, here is the original video for ‘Power.’

Ok…. That enough to rock your brain or what? So just like a buildup in a jam when you don’t think you have anything left….. the REMIX!! Now this, I have NOT slept on. Just uploaded a few hours ago, the internet is buzzing like CRAZY!  Kanye teams up w/ big brother Jay Z, and Swizz Beatz to make a dope song even doper. If you would also like a taste of the good life, please click below to download this gem.

Kanye West – Power remix (feat Jay Z & Swizz Beatz)

Ok…. and as fast as you can make a video, someone can parody the fuck out of it. This unbelievably mirrored parody video was directed by aspiring filmmaker Freddie Wong, and the song written by Destorm Power (the dude who makes those crazy Youtube videos)… Seriously, imitation is the best form of flattery. The dude who raps it is gonna get a deal from Kanye himself, and the director is on his way to makin movies, lol. Enjoy!



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20 08 2010
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[…] Parents,” I get an e-mail about this song. Btw that, kanye west’s remix to ‘Power,’ then the parody video, ‘Power Hour’…. it’s been a great couple days […]

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