Come To Relapse…. Be In A 96.5 KISS FM Commercial For

31 07 2010

Hey everybody… Just a heads up…. 96.5 KISS FM is filming a video commercial for tomorrow at Relapse… For those of you who don’t know, it’s an afternoon pool party on the rooftop of Velvet Dog. There’s pools (obviously), great drink specials, lots of lawn chairs for the ladies to lay out and get some sun, tableside Sushi Rock delivery, and hella djs. Our resident dj is DJ E-V from 96.5.  On you can listen to any Clear Channel station in the country… So here’s the scoop.

You know how when you go to watch a video online, you have to sit through a 15/30 second commercial? Well when you go to and want to listen to 96.5 KISS FM, you’ll have to watch our commercial first!  So if you come to the party on Sunday, you’re definitely going to be in it!  Filming is from 4-6pm, but the doors open at 2, so come early to get a good spot in the sun, and bring a water gun… you’ll be needing it for the squirt gun battles.  Dress code is bikinis for girls, boardshorts for guys… Come on out and get internet famous!  See you there!

P.s. if you haven’t yet seen the promo video for Relapse…. Here it is… Enjoy!




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