Kanye West Previews New Album

29 07 2010

Kanye West

Kanye West has been pretty mellow lately… No crazy headlines to report, so either he’s laid off the drinkin, back on his meds, found religion, or something else, lol.  Not at all bad, because he’s been in the lab, creating tracks to continue his takeover of pop/hip-hop music. Oh, and on the twittersphere… He’s been on for less than a day and he’s already an addict, lol. He spent some time in Palo Alto, CA the last couple days for who knows what, but during this trip he met with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook supposedly, and on the way out, decided to hop on a table and do an impromptu performance.  Good thing he’s a little guy…. If I tried that table stunt, it would look like some WWE shit, lol…. Broken tables everywhere!  Tell you what though… That suit is mean!  No more backpacks for this kid..

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Kanye face to face some years ago during his, “Touch The Sky” tour. There was this private afterparty at House of Blues in the Cambridge room. It was a great event and Kanye wasn’t on the same uber stratosphere celebrity that he is today… Famous, but not KANYE famous. He was very nice and looked me in the eye. That’s huge for me. When people look you in the eye, it’s sincere… I never trust a person who doesn’t. You shouldn’t either. Enjoy!




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