Kid Cudi Is Losing It….

23 07 2010

Ha ha ha ha ha…. In this day and age w/ camera phones and that, why on earth would you confront somebody at a show? Kid Cudi needs to learn to let his security do their job and worry abt singing, not fighting and then pulling a Milli Vanilli.




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23 07 2010

besides the milli vanilli of the video, i think he handled it quite well. i don’t think his intentions were to chase the kid, i think he just wanted off the stage.

unless i missed something in the video…

…wish i would’ve made it to the show.

23 07 2010
The Goldfather

no way…. How many performers do you think have had people hit the stage while they were performing? As a ‘professional’ you continue to do your thing. Let security handle it. The kid brushed him and was taken away… THEN he charged after him, said some stuff in his face, then was dragged away.

He’s punched fans in the face before i.e. a guy throws a wallet on stage (read no physical contact). Cudi jumps down in the pit, and punches the WRONG guy. W/ that kind of behavior, you’re getting into “we’re not paying you” status, lol. Got him kicked off the Lady Gaga world tour

23 07 2010
Cara -

LMAO — Jason and I were at this show but we were lounging in some chairs out in the front, so we totally missed this! We WERE wondering why the music stopped though.
I kinda felt like I was at a Jonas Brothers concert where we were…I’ve never seen so many high school kids in my life. SMH!

23 07 2010
The Goldfather

ha ha ha… welcome to pop-hop stars babe… I think I just made that up!

24 07 2010
Jason Murphy

Jeff Maynard of Tool blasts people all the time…

24 07 2010
The Goldfather

But he also plays out to people who destroy each other in the crowd, lol… That’s to be expected, hahaha

24 07 2010
Jason Murphy

errr, meant James…lol

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