The Great American Mixtape…. Side B Mick Boogie x Terry Urban x Anatomy Magazine

13 07 2010

The Great American Mixtape

Hot off the presses for you is…. the Great American Mixtape, Side B, by Anatomy Magazine and Mick Boogie and Terry Urban.  It’s a project 6 months in the making!  All that time and effort will surely translate into audioporn for the masses and audiophiles alike.

Says Anatomy Magazine: “This side, in contrast to The Hood Internet release, features America’s favorite rock hits translated into block rockin’ hip-hop tracks ready to kick a hole in your speakers and your perception of the genre. That is because Side B of the Great American Mixtape does something that no other mixtape has done before: It truly cross pollinates rock music artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Guns and Roses, The Doors and Led Zeppelin with hip hop into one comprehensive and radiant piece of work with thought provoking soundscapes that reveal everything that the hip-hop genre can be.”

“Anatomy Magazine came to Mick and I with the idea of turning the music market on its ear,” says Terry Urban, “Obviously we were totally down being huge fans of both genres of music.” Now, in case you forget, this production/dj duo was also behind the HUGELY successful “Viva La Hova” mixtape featuring seamless blends of Coldplay x Jay Z songs.  So popular in fact that Jay and CP had to give their blessings.  “So with this project we got to delve deeper into the roots of the two genres of music by incorporating more acts and more producers.”

On how they were inspired to choose these particular artists (on both sides), Urban says, “It was like a puzzle.  We all chose our faves and threw them out there, then we started to put the pieces in place, to see what artists would fit with what record, then what producer, and so on. Editor in Chief of Anatomy Magazine, Cliff Brett really held it down for us and kept us sharp so we could deliver a project worthy of our fans that have come to expect the best of the best from us.”

With that kind of attention to detail and the fact that it took 6 months to see the light of day, I’m sure this will be yet another instant classic like many that these two Brooklyn Bombers have put out before. Enjoy!


1. Freebass 808 Feat. Tabi Bonney- Good Times (Prod. Apple Juice Kid)

2. Curt@!n$- Teenage Wasteland (Prod. M. Stacks)

3. Christian Rich-Dust (Prod. Christian Rich)

4. Aleon Craft- Strange (Prod. SMKA)

5. Laws- Nobody Likes A Quitter (Prod. nVMe)

6. Donwill & Ilyas of Tanya Morgan- The Beginning Of The End (Prod. Legacey Villain)

7. Lex One & Mike Beatz- Tube To Camden (Prod. Alex Goose)

8. OnCue- Otherside (Prod. The Goonies)

9. Panama- It’s My World (Prod. King Midas)

10. Cidida- I Want You (Prod. Eibol)

11. The Canz- Root Of Evil (Prod. Apple Juice Kid)

12. The Higher Concept- Makes Me Wonder (Prod. Mike Cash)

The Great American Mixtape (.zip)

Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, cop Mick Boogie x Jazzy Jeff x UNDRCRWN “Summertime” mixtape.




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18 07 2010

Dope write up… How’d you like the last track?

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