Who’s Got Money To Blow?…. Obviously These Cats

7 07 2010

“I need a dollar, dollar, dollar is what I need. If I share with you my story, won’t you share your dollar with me” – Aloe Blacc

Times are tough nowadays, but you wouldn’t know it from watching some of the retarded things that people do with the money that they have- or borrow, or steal, or front like its theirs but it’s really someone else’s…. Here’s some of the most fucked up things I’ve seen out there, and I know there’s worse, but here’s some gems….

People needing dollars:

Boxers flashing dollars:

Rappers flashing dollars…. Shapow!:

And prob the ultimate SHAPOW! moment is some cats actually BURNING $100k!!! Somebody please take it from them, or introduce them to someone who can turn it into something other than roadkill, custom jewels, or ashes, lol.




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