Happy B-day America!

5 07 2010

I hope everyone’s 4th of July celebrations went off without a hitch. I know I had a blast this whole weekend. I spent my Friday night djing at RJ Boland’s, then hit the late night food spot w/ DJ Kosherkuts, DJ E-V, and Jesse I think (all this shit tends to run together).  Saturday was a treat, I was on early, then ran over to Fortress to catch DJ Tilla do his thing, fresh in town from NYC.  Short turnaround, but I was up early on Sunday to head over to Relapse Sundays at Velvet Dog.  E-V had another brain fart, so I wound up spinning from 2-6pm. I was running outta shit to play, esp considering I still haven’t categorized all my music since I just got this macbook…. So I had no idea where everything was (bummer!).  It goes down though, every Sunday afternoon from 2-8pm. Come check us out!

Sunday night was gonna be a treat though because DJ Kosherkuts had the foresight to bring in DJ Real Juicy to spin our 4th of July celebration. Real Juicy is the creator of the extremely popular music blog, White Folks Get Crunk. Dude came on and killed it for about 450ppl through the night. Everyone was dancing, getting wayyyyy to drunk, and making out like somebody flipped the freak switch to  the “on” position. I got my hype man on as well. I wish someone would have filmed the switchover between Kosherkuts and Juicy (my flip cam has escaped me for the last time, that’s for sure). Check the flyer…

and just for you, here are some pics from last night…. Enjoy!




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6 07 2010
Humpty PSA – Kosherkuts blend – White Folks Get Crunk

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