Come To Relapse…. Be In A 96.5 KISS FM Commercial For

31 07 2010

Hey everybody… Just a heads up…. 96.5 KISS FM is filming a video commercial for tomorrow at Relapse… For those of you who don’t know, it’s an afternoon pool party on the rooftop of Velvet Dog. There’s pools (obviously), great drink specials, lots of lawn chairs for the ladies to lay out and get some sun, tableside Sushi Rock delivery, and hella djs. Our resident dj is DJ E-V from 96.5.  On you can listen to any Clear Channel station in the country… So here’s the scoop.

You know how when you go to watch a video online, you have to sit through a 15/30 second commercial? Well when you go to and want to listen to 96.5 KISS FM, you’ll have to watch our commercial first!  So if you come to the party on Sunday, you’re definitely going to be in it!  Filming is from 4-6pm, but the doors open at 2, so come early to get a good spot in the sun, and bring a water gun… you’ll be needing it for the squirt gun battles.  Dress code is bikinis for girls, boardshorts for guys… Come on out and get internet famous!  See you there!

P.s. if you haven’t yet seen the promo video for Relapse…. Here it is… Enjoy!


Sneak Preview of PechaKucha 7.30.10

30 07 2010

CLEVELAND – On July 30th, 2010 at 8:20pm, art and culture enthusiasts will experience a dynamic event that has touched over 300 cities across the world: PechaKucha Night (PKN).

Japanese for “the sound of conversation,” this event features a succession of 14 speakers, each sharing new ideas about topics ranging from visual art, architecture, and technology to food, film, music, photography and furniture design through a vibrant 400 second long presentation (20 slides X 20 seconds each).

WHO: Open to Public
COST: Event is free
WHAT: PechaKucha Night – Volume 8
WHERE: The Courtyard of the Hoyt Block, 700 West St. Clair, Cleveland, Ohio

Enter through Hoyt Block Main Entrance on St. Clair
(In the event of rain, PechaKucha will take place in the Docks off of Johnson Court – the street that connects West 6th and West 9th, North of St. Clair. Entrance off Johnson Court. Please refer to PechaKucha webpage for Location Map/Entrance for Event)

WHEN: Friday, July 30, 2010
Doors Open @ 7:00pm
Presentations Begin: 8:20pm
Beverage Break: 9:10pm
Presentations Resume: 9:40pm
Presentations End: 10:30pm(ish)
After Party Immediately After PechaKucha – Velvet Dog, West 6th Street

For more information and the list of presenters, visit

Kanye West Previews New Album

29 07 2010

Kanye West

Kanye West has been pretty mellow lately… No crazy headlines to report, so either he’s laid off the drinkin, back on his meds, found religion, or something else, lol.  Not at all bad, because he’s been in the lab, creating tracks to continue his takeover of pop/hip-hop music. Oh, and on the twittersphere… He’s been on for less than a day and he’s already an addict, lol. He spent some time in Palo Alto, CA the last couple days for who knows what, but during this trip he met with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook supposedly, and on the way out, decided to hop on a table and do an impromptu performance.  Good thing he’s a little guy…. If I tried that table stunt, it would look like some WWE shit, lol…. Broken tables everywhere!  Tell you what though… That suit is mean!  No more backpacks for this kid..

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Kanye face to face some years ago during his, “Touch The Sky” tour. There was this private afterparty at House of Blues in the Cambridge room. It was a great event and Kanye wasn’t on the same uber stratosphere celebrity that he is today… Famous, but not KANYE famous. He was very nice and looked me in the eye. That’s huge for me. When people look you in the eye, it’s sincere… I never trust a person who doesn’t. You shouldn’t either. Enjoy!

Lelolai Bakery & Cafe

27 07 2010

Lelolai's Bakery & Cafe

So my buddy Scotty is always checking into this Lelolai place on Foursquare and i’m like what the hell is it? I see he’s also the mayor of the place, so I get that he’s a fan, lol. I had some free time on my hands, so I decided to take a trip to W. 25th and see what the fuss was about. The weather was a far cry from the 100+ days we were having, so I was actually happy to be walking around and not sweating about a liter a minute, haha.  I come upon Lelolai, which is a couple doors left of Phnom Penh, and a couple doors right of now defunct nightclub, Moda.

I usually try to go to spots for lunch around 2 or 3pm. One because I get up later than the 9 to 5’ers and I have to get SOME work done before I eat, and two, I have this love/hate relationship with people, so I hate to be crowded.  Walking in around 3, there was only one other customer there and no one eating in (SCORE!), so i’d have the whole place to myself. Right when you walk in, you are greeted with the bakery counter (maybe this is why they put the bakery part first in the name), so you want to just stand there and oogle at all of the confectionery offerings before you even remember why you came there in the first place!  Making your way down the counter, you see the menu for the cafe portion of the business.  It’s not very big, but sometimes being good at a couple things is better than being ok at a lot of things. I really like empanadas, so I immediately gravitated toward those for my appetizer, not even thinking about the size of the cuban sandwich.  I figured, if I was too full after the empanada, I could always just take the sandwich home and enjoy it all over again, right?

I go for the beef empanada and remembered my coaching from Scotty and got the cuban. He also told me that the Tropi-Cola is to die for, but more on that later.  The older guy at the counter (puerto rican I’m assuming), asked me if I wanted the empanada first, then he’d bring the sandwich…. I was taken aback.  Almost everywhere I go, I’m always getting the appetizer and the meal at the same time…. at RESTAURANTS!  So imagine my surprise going to a cafe/bakery and they are asking me if I want something first. I was a fan already!  The empanada was good and basically what you’ve come to expect from ground beef in a fried shell.  Meat could have been a bit more flavorful, and the shell itself had been sitting for a minute, so it wasn’t as crunchy/flaky as it could have been, but this is also the game you play when you come for lunch at 3pm, AFTER the rush.  Overall though, it was a good starter.

Sitting in the dining area, I noticed that the place was clean, there was lots of sunlight from the huge storefront window, multiple fans to keep the place cool, and all the furniture was sunbeam metal patio furniture. Maybe it was the flood of sunshine coming in, but I actually thought that was kind of cool because I HATE eating outside. Too many things to contend with (bugs, wind blowing ur stuff away, ants, etc), and I just like to eat my food and enjoy my conversation.  So eating on patio furniture w/ the fans providing a breeze, being close to the window bathed in the sun made me feel like I was on a patio. Best of both worlds…. POW!

An extremely polite young man brought me my cuban, and I couldn’t wait to dig in.  For those of you who don’t know, the cuban sandwich (also called a Cuban pressed sandwich, or a mixto), “is a variation of a ham and cheese originally created in cafes catering to Cuban workers either in Cuba or in the Cuban immigrant communities of Florida, most likely Ybor City in Tampa, Florida. Later on, Cuban immigrants and expatriates brought it to Miami where it is also still very popular. The sandwich is made with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread.” – From Wikipedia.  At Lelolai, this is called a “miami cuban.” I opted for the regular one which had ham, swiss cheese, pulled pork, lettuce, tomato and mayo (sorry to the fundamentalists!).

Cuban Sandwich

Digging in, I thought the sandwich had a good overall flavor profile… the bread had that good soft vs crunchy texture (hard bread and the roof of my mouth do not get along), the ham and cheese did its thing, and the pulled pork was nice and stringy.  I never trust a pulled pork sandwich that has big hunks of pork (attention to detail is a must!).  I killed it pretty quicky, and at the end it was just the right amount of food after my empanada.  Then it was all washed down with the Tropi-Cola, which bills itself as champagne cola or something… That was the most curious name i’ve ever seen for a can of pop and I even had to ask the guy at the counter if it had alcohol in it, since I recently stopped drinking (told you I was serious). It was a weird taste.  Imagine a coke/pepsi, but sweeter, fizzier, and this strange taste I can’t quite identify (vanilla + something….). I guess you’ll just have to try it for yourself. Overall a great experience.  I invite you to do the same… Look for the video after the grades…..


Atmosphere: B+

Patio furniture inside was cool (whether they meant it to be like that or  not). Puerto Rican music playing in the background and the photos of PR on the wall made it feel like you weren’t on w. 25th anymore

Service: A+

You can always get an A if you just give me what I paid for, but asking me if I wanted my empanada as an appetizer and how courteous the young man was that brought me the food gave it the +

Food: B+

Beef in the empanada and the pulled pork could have been flavored a little better, but this may be how it is served in their home country, i dunno.  Food menu could have been a bit broader, but again…. More isn’t always better.

Cleanliness: B

This would have been an A, but when I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, I gave a cpl squirts, washed, and realized (after a strange feeling) that it wasn’t soap I was scrubbing with, it was hand sanitizer!  No soap in the bathroom.  Good thing I didn’t shit in my hand then, hahahaha!

Price: B

Empanada was just over $2 and the cuban was like $7, so it’s not unreal, but would thought I’d have more meat on my sammy. But keeping in mind that this is not a chain/franchise, and the meat prob isn’t created in a labratory, i’m cool with that. Viva la Inependents!

Overall grade: B+/A-

Great environment, good food, nice people… what more do you need?

And now for the fun part:

The Kickdrums “Smash The System” at B-Side Liquor Lounge

27 07 2010


Last night, hometown heroes, Kickdrums came back to Cleveland to play a live set at B-Side Liquor Lounge in Cleveland Heights. Monday is a conglomerate of genres, encompassing DnB, dubstep, house, and all other things electronic,  and a pretty kick ass party to boot (no one is kicking anyone’s ass, lol).  They played about 9 songs or so, and even brought out MC Verbal to help out on a couple of tracks.  Great crowd support, and even greater considering it was a monday night. These guys are on to something… Check out a few of their songs from last night below, and say you say them when……

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Girl Throws A Chair @ DJ E-V

25 07 2010

Child throwing a chair

Never a dull moment over here at Relapse…. Chair throwing anyone?

No Alcohol Allowed: Day 0

23 07 2010

No Alcohol

Hello my friends…. I figure it’s about time I got the fuck out of town. I have been meaning to do it for some time now, but contrary to what may seem like a fly by the seat of my pants kind of personality, I am actually quite the planner.  So many people have these plans to move and then figure it out when they get there.  These are usually the people who come back after 3 months and they have to move back in with their parents.  I would definitely consider myself a measure twice cut once kind of guy, so the time is now ripe for me to make my exit. I have a place to live, some work lined up, as well as a pretty large network of friends- developed from my multiple trips to the west coast.

So to further enhance my passion for the move, I have chosen to cut all alcohol out of my routine until I have a Los Angeles address. Yep, you heard right.  I WILL NOT DRINK ALCOHOL (IN CLEVELAND) UNTIL I HAVE A LOS ANGELES ADDRESS.  Now, when I say Cleveland, I mean Cleveland metro area, home, etc…. Not in Cleveland means I’m probably on vacation for a very finite period of time, so that’s ok. This means that every day that I am home, I working on my exit strategy.  Some people don’t believe in denying yourself anything. I am obviously not one of those people. I do believe in discipline, self restraint, and motivation.  But not to the degree that I would say i’m not having SEX until I move (I have principles, but I am a realist… geez).

So to keep me company, I’m going to do some video updates from time to time until things come to fruition. Here is my update from day zero (today, Friday July 23rd).  I look forward to cheers-ing you w/ a glass of water at the bar!