1890 At The Arcade’s Late Night Experiment

30 05 2010

A friend of mine told me that 1890 at the Arcade was going to be starting this new late night program where they would be offering diner style food at affordable prices, Thursday through Saturday. You know I love staying up late, so I couldn’t wait to try the place out and get some late night goodness. I live on E. 4th st, so being able to walk across the street is uber convenient for me.

My 1890 experience began this past Thursday, when I ran into some friends who were a little tipsy and seemed in need of some late night grub. I told them that I hadn’t been there yet, but they should go to 1890 because they are open till 4am. The report I got back was less than stellar. My friend told me, “it was ok from a late night eating perspective. Not much of an atmosphere.” The atmosphere part makes sense, because it recently opened, but even with no people a place should be offering up good times. I figured at some point this past weekend I would be able to try the place out. I’m not jazzed that I got my wish last night.

The place had one half of the restaurant closed, which is understandable, but a gated door that greets you almost gives the impression that the whole place isn’t open for business. I walk in the place, and immediately see what my friend was talking about i.e. lack of atmosphere. There was one table with four guys, then another table with two patrons- one of which was comedian DeRay Davis.

DeRay Davis

Funny thing about this dude. I didn’t know the guy from Nancy, until Chad Zumock told me that he was with him doing a comedy show here in Cleveland. Since then, I ran into him at the Skam Artist holiday party at Lucky Strike in LA, ran into him at a club in Cleveland, a nightclub in LA, then here he is now at 1890. They were on their way out as I was being seated, and I couldn’t help but notice that the fucking dude made the girl he was with PAY FOR HER FOOD! And she just thought that was normal. Who brings some chick out, tryin to get her to the house, then goes dutch!?! And worse yet, who goes along with that? Only Cleveland broads. But why the fuck am I talking about his cheap ass? Let’s get back to the review.

One look at the menu and I can see that this experiment is not gonna work out. Take a look at the pics below.

Now I know that you know what I’m thinking…. Who the fuck is gonna pay $9 for some fucking pancakes? I didn’t realize there was a chocolate chip shortage, lol. $10 for a burger?!? You can get a Kobe burger from Southside for the same amount. These prices are outrageous. Especially for some late night dining. I know 1890 isn’t exactly a cheap place, but you’ll definitely make it more appealing if you make cheap food at a cheap price.

Looking around, I’m noticing that all the condiment bottles are almost empty, and I’m out of water. The waitress is nowhere in sight and there’s only one other table in the place. DeRay and his lady had left, but all their dirty dishes are still there…. yuck.

I really hate it when all the condiment bottles are empty. Every one on every table was like this

I get my food, which is not bad actually. Breakfast burrito’s are pretty run of the mill, so I wasn’t expecting anything groundbreaking, but I will say that the new potatoes they served up were a totally refreshing take on breakfast. Usually its hash browns or homefries, but I love potatoes served like that. Oh, and btw that pico was pretty much the shit. Ate the whole thing.


So at this point my meal is finished, I still haven’t seen the waitress, I’ve been out of water, and I need my check cause it’s time to bounce. That table of guys is still there chillin, and DeRay’s table still isn’t bussed. What is going on here?

Everything empty... Just sittin here, twiddlin my thumbs

The waitress finally reappears and I need change for my $20. I watched the time and it took her almost 10 minutes to come back with it. Now keep in mind that there is only one table in the restaurant other than mine. What the hell could she possibly be doing? So I paid the tab, left a so so tip, and bounced…. Wishing I would have just went to casbah cafe over on w. 6th like I meant to.


Atmosphere: C (the ambient tunes they were jammin were keeping me company)

Service: D-

Food: A-

Cleanliness: B-

Price: D ($9 for some damn pancakes? Is there foie gras in it?)

Overall grade: C-



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