Spring Break or How To Make It On The West Coast Day 1 (West Coast Trip Recap)

5 04 2010

So I decided that I was going to take a trip to the west coast.  I have a bunch of friends out there and I’m looking to move to Los Angeles ASAP. In the midst of my travel planning, I sent a shout out sayin that if anybody wanted to go, they were more than welcome to roll. It would be a great time and they would meet people and do things that they didn’t think possible!  Lol, j/k on that last part…. but pretty close!.  Kevin says that he’s up for the challenge. I’ve known Kevin since our days of working together at Verizon Wireless… He’s still there, but I had to dip out because as a salesperson, VZW was turning the screws in a direction that I felt I couldn’t turn. Oh well, the rest is history.

So checking the itinerary, I figure instead of just staying in LA, why don’t we go mobile and check out that the best coast really has to offer.  So I call my buddy Rick and ask if he minds if we come out there to see him in San Diego. He obliged. I call my dudes that play for the Cleveland Indians and ask if they could put us up for a night if we came to Goodyear, AZ to see them play…. they obliged (sorta, but that story is coming later).  In the midst of planning, I also find out that my dude Scott is gonna be in Vegas, as well as Aaron Goldhammer from ESPN 850, AND my dude John is out there w/ a cpl of his boys from Beantown.  I figure btw all those cats, there’s gotta be a rollaway with me and Kevin’s name on it.  So if you haven’t figured it out by now, in an effort to see the best coast on a dime, and use that money towards more frivolous things, I’m trying to work out our 7 day trip so that we don’t have to stay in a hotel.

Finally, after plotting a course, like any good navigator would do, I come up w/ the master itinerary.  We are leaving on a flight on Sat headed for Los Angeles.  We’ll stay in LA until Wed morning. Drive to San Diego for St Patty’s day and spend the night. Head to Goodyear early Thursday to see the Tribe play the Cincinnati Reds and spend the night. Head to Vegas on Friday morning, spend the night. Drive back to LA on Saturday in time to catch the red eye home. Sounds like a lot to do right? Well as we would find out, it was almost too much to handle…..

Friday night before the trip rolls around…. and I decide to take it easy that night. There would be plenty of times in the upcoming week for all nighters, so I figured I’d take er easy, and be rested up for the damage I was about to be doing to my body/mind. I tell Kevin to be at my place by 7:45am so we can catch our flight that leaves at 9. Saturday morning comes… I’m up at 7am cause I can never sleep well the night before I’m going on vacation (sometimes I’m like a little kid, I know). Then the waiting game starts… I send Kevin a txt around 7:30, then wait….. then I call a few times, txt him again, then wait…. Now if u have a blackberry and use bbm, you’ll know that when you send a message, there’s a little, “D” inside the check mark when the message is delivered. It changes to an, “R” once the message has actually been looked at…. I was starin at all D’s :/  Once 8am hit, I started to have bad feelings, and these feelings were confirmed once Kevin showed up at my place at 8:15, lugging two suitcases and a huge messenger bag. This trip got off to a really bad start.
All loaded up in the car, Caroline is nice enough to drive us to the airport, and I think the girl should sign up for NASCAR training. She’s flying down the highway, and by the time we get to the airport, it’s like 8:35 and we’re leaving at 9:05. Kevin checks his bag, we head to the counter and they confirm the bad feelings that had started at 7:45… We weren’t gonna make this flight. In a very calm manner, I inform the counter rep that my mom works for United, so i’ve missed a flight or two in my travels and understand that there’s nothing we can do. Recognizing my ability to NOT fly off the handle, she informs us that she has rebooked us on the flight leaving the next day at 9:05. Not only that, but she did it for free ($150 a piece saved). We thanked her and proceeded to head back home and regroup. So things got worse for a second, but that kind gesture started a wave of goodwill towards Kevin and I for the rest of the trip.

But this totally worked out, i got to hang out for Caroline’s bday celebration, and Kevin agreed that he was gonna stay at my house that night to make sure that we didn’t have any more problems w/ getting up, lol.  The night started off pretty benign… The pregame was at a friend’s place in Perry Payne, everyone was drinking, having fun, makin new friends…. Wait, I’ll show ya.

I’m really having a hard time remembering the rest of the night, but I do remember that it ended with everyone crashing at my place and I didn’t hit the bed until almost 6am, having to get up in less than 2 hrs. Kevin said it seemed like only two seconds had passed because I went in my room, he passed out on the couch and came right back out to tell him to get up, haha!  So ends day 1 of our “vacation.” Stay tuned for day 2 coming up shortly…




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