Joe Biden Knows A “Big Fucking Deal” When He Sees One

24 03 2010


Damn Joe Biden… You never cease to amaze me that you are actually almost as dope as the guy who you answer to.  If I put both of you together, you can almost be as cool as Bill Clinton… Though Clinton is such a wordsmith, he would have NEVER let this one slip out.  But you still get mad props in my book….. Dropping the F-bomb on national television when your boss is about to introduce arguably the most powerful legislation since the Patriot Act (and that one TOTALLY sucked ass, so here’s to hoping the White House gets this one right!).

I’m really surprised people haven’t been jumping on this like I thought that they would… But in case you missed it, Barack Obama and Biden were on CNN the other night talking about the newly passed healthcare reform legislation.  Biden introduces the President, and when he leans in to hug him, whispers “This is a big fucking deal,” as if the President has no idea of how he should approach his delivery, lol…. No Joe, that’s you bud, hahaha!  After the first time you hear it, the 2nd time sounds as clear as a bell. Take a listen/look for yourself.

Now…. there’s obviously no going back on what he said, and as of this posting, there has been no response from the White House… However, Fox News talked about it in a tweet, as well as White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, who said “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right,” via a tweet.  So obviously no one in the White House really gives a shit…. Which is also kinda baller.


OK GO – This To Shall Pass

2 03 2010

Man, you remember these guys with the treadmill video right? Well they have thrown down the gauntlet for video creativity yet again and seriously raised the ante. With help from Synn Labs, OK GO constructed this complex monstrosity inside of warehouse in Echo Park (Shouts to DJ Fashen!) that took over 3 months to get from start to this incredible video you’re about to see…. I can imagine it taking that long because everything would have to be tested and retested to get it just right. These guys should be putting their creativity towards saving the world, maybe one day they will!  Enjoy and support creativity wherever you find it!

De La Soul x Kidrobot

1 03 2010

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album 3 Feet High and Rising, hip-hop pioneers De La Soul teamed up with Kidrobot to create this limited edition set of 3-inch figures.

Each figure comes with individual accessories and the set comes in futuristic space travel boxes, symbolizing De La’s mission to take hip-hop to the stratosphere and beyond. Retailing for $50, the De La Soul 3-Pack arrives at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers on March 18.