Golden Child Productions Takes On Cleveland (A couple years ago)

8 02 2010

So I get home today and I’m uber excited to start weeding through my stuff to find clothes to send to goodwill. I’m moving soon and I like to pack light.  Esp when you’re moving cross-country.  My goal is just to fit everything into my Navy seabag, and put the rest in a trunk that i’m going to ship.  That’s just how I roll.  So during this cleansing process, I came across this thing that I wrote a few years ago between 2005 and 2008 I think. I can’t even remember why I wrote it, but it was sandwiched between an Ernst & Young business plan handout and a survivalist exercise that I saved from one of my business classes in college (thanks Prof. Wayne Yerxa (can’t remember if that’s his last name or not, oops!)), so I guess it had something to do with that.  This was based on the first incarnation of a promotional company I started, Golden Child Productions, which has since changed to Luxe Lifestyles, just in case you start to get lost.

So for your enjoyment, I am gonna copy it down and why don’t you guys tell me what you think… k?

Over the past decade, Downtown Cleveland has experienced a reinvention. It is still a long way from fruition, but the signs are evident.  Once known for its industrial output, Cleveland has highlighted its large professional class. Lawyers and doctors abound and thrive in such institutions as Jones Day, Squire Sanders & Dempsey, Cleveland Clinic, and University Hospitals. Some of these institutions are world renown. Cleveland is also investing in biotech, R&D, as well as moving steadily into the technology age with companies like Hyland Software, One Cleveland, and Thunder::tech leading the charge.

What these companies all have in common is the need for tech savvy, educated, young people to fuel growth, bring new perspectives to foster innovative breakthroughs, as well as replace a burgeoning baby boomer working class ready to retire.  Jobs are a key element in attracting and retaining talented young people. But factors such as housing, low cost of living, and entertainment are needed to round out an ideal young professional lifestyle.

People come to Cleveland for many reasons, and the number of people who do is steadily increasing.  Places like Tremont and Ohio City are experiencing rapid growth. Downtown Cleveland is also attracting more residents. Only only needs to point out the thriving Warehouse District, E. 4th Neighborhood, the up and coming Avenue District, the Pinnacle, and the Flats Redevelopment Project for proof. The creation of these trendy, urban chic developments means trendy, urban chic tenants are asking for them.  Economic development will surge downtown as various businesses, products, and services spring up to accomodate.

In markets such as downtown Cleveland, entertainment is always a high priority. Some people like sports, some the theater, some are into concerts, and some prefer the club/bar scene.  With the upcoming influx in population, Cleveland needs to find a way to bridge the entertainment gap and do its part to ensure that the elements of attraction and retention (see earlier definition) are put in place.

Golden Child Productions recognizes these elements and seeks to put a lifestyle concept into play that will meet these, and many secondary needs as well as increase the quality and breadth of entertainment offerings for young people.  The young professional market will always be a niche, but a very powerful one, and the company that can successfully corner that market will always be coveted because youth drives the marketplace.




2 responses

8 02 2010
alexa - cleveland's a plum

i think it sounds good. specifically the thunder::tech mention : )

10 02 2010
Jason Therrien

Thanks for the thunder::tech shoutout! Proud to be part of the innovation happening in Cleveland.

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