Michael Cera + Jersey Shore = Fugetaboutit

11 01 2010

I can’t even believe my eyes/ears right now.  Watching this clip pretty much just made my day, and I’m admittedly not really a big ‘Jersey Shore’ fan.  But I am definitely into Michael Cera (Pause).  If you don’t know who Michael Cera is, he got his big break as Jason Bateman’s son in ‘Arrested Development,’ then in ‘Superbad,’ ‘Juno,’ and now ‘Youth in Revolt.’  Super dry, awkward, slightly cynical sense of humor and I love it.  Of course you know what ‘Jersey Shore’ is… Pure crap, but laughable because you can’t believe people  really act like that.

But I digress…. In this clip, Micheal Cera gets a makeover and is taught how to be a Guido by Paulie D.  Hilarity ensues… Enjoy!



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