November Is Now “Movember.” My Quest For Prostate Awareness

2 11 2009



Hey all…. So I have been thinking about trying to work more charitable causes into my repertoire in the last year or so…. You get that?  I said I was “thinking about trying.”  I feel that that’s kinda a bullshit way to go about getting things done, in case you were wondering.  So a friend of mine says he’s got this thing he wants to talk to me about.  He sits me down and he’s all about this Movember movement.  Totally befuddled, I ask him to tell me more.  On a basic level, it’s men growing mustaches for the month of November to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer.  Now if you know about PC, you know it’s affecting larger and larger amounts of men, and over 40 your risk goes way up.  Guess what’s the largest sector of the population right now?  Baby Boomers.  Guess who’s gonna be over 40 one day (if i’m lucky)?  This guy.  So I’d kinda like to put that disease to rest, kinda like the Mumps in this country….

So while you’re growing your ‘stache, you solicit donations from people to be given to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (responsible for that Livestrong gear).  Kind of like the breast cancer stuff where everyone wears pink and gathers donations, goes on walks, etc.   Then, at the end of the month, you celebrate the mustache with your very own Movember party, giving out awards for the best ‘staches.  Oh, and they even have their own lingo.  A participating man is called, “Mo Bros” and women who are inclined to help raise money on their own are called, “Mo Sistas.”  Got it so far?

So we started a team here in Cleveland called, “Cleveland’s Mo Bros (you can join our team here),” but women are more than welcome to join.  We figure this year we’ll just be getting the word out locally, then build as we move forward year after year.  I’m already planning the party, I’m thinking about having the mustache king, Graham Funke come in and spin.  I’ve seen people advertising that Mustache May party… This takes the party concept to the next level by adding a charitable aspect to it.

To learn more about Movember, check out their page here

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