Droid Does

29 10 2009

Droid Does

Have you seen these totally vague and random commercials using some fairly obscure, peppy song and mocking the iPhone?  It’s for the Droid phone, which is the Android 2.0 operating system from (drumroll please), Google!  These guys continue to push the envelope and the Droid is no exception.  In case you are wondering, they are also buying up mass amounts of fiber optic bandwith, so be expecting Google to offer mass market, high speed internet service in the upcoming years as well.

Some interesting points from this article I found on Business Week:

– “Not since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 has the announcement of a new product had as dramatic effect on the competitive landscape of the smartphone business as did Verizon Wireless’ Oct. 28 release of the Motorola Droid. The day after Droid, the handset, wireless networks, mapping, and navigation markets all look very different.”

– “Droid is no iPhone killer—the idea is silly—but it is a viable competitor.”

– “Suddenly, Apple seems to need Verizon more than Verizon needs Apple.”

– “Of course, the folks really weeping into their beer in the wake of the Droid announcement are map producers, and the makers of mapping software and navigation devices.”

– “Google’s free service pretty much blows up this economic model, especially since Google says it plans to make the software available to other phones and other operating systems.”

Read the full article HERE




One response

3 01 2010
Michael F.

There’s no way that’s true, right!? Apple never used to be quite that. I’m seasoned enough to remember the very first one that even had input support AND 2 buttons, let alone all this stuff they have anymore.

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