Barack The Peacemaker And AM The Beatmaker

12 10 2009

djam hope


2 men VERY well respected for their body of work…. I felt like I had the DJ AM juices goin earlier, so I figured I’d make a nice tie in with the two…. Check it out…

DJ AM pushed the envelope to new heights back in 2008 at the HARDfest Halloween Mansion. He made electronic music relevant to the mainstream with an incredible homage to French born, Daft Punk. There were a lot of eyebrows raised when DP was announced to co-headline the show. A man came out dressed as DP w/ the robot helmet and everything, played a great DP infused set and everyone thought that it was DP…. Then all of a sudden, Aerodynamic hits the crowd’s ears. But this wasn’t just the original, it was a remix by Adam Freeland, made for then Senator Obama’s run for the White House. When the speak and spell O-B-A-M-A came on, it just kept repeating A-M, A-M, A-M.

Then DJ AM took the mask off and showed off his custom made ‘DJ AM Punk’ leather jacket and the bar was set yet again.

DJ am punk

So President Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize recently and that is some kind of accomplishment. Only the 2nd sitting president to win the award (kudos). This win put the world on notice that America is going to change the game (again). We’re putting the rails down to get back on track. From one game changer to another, to another…. stay tuned, because ch-ch-change is still comin. RIP DJ AM…. make sure to catch his new series tonight at 10 on MTV. Shouts to all the LA homies who knew him well….. @fashen, @steve1der, @deejayspider, @skeetonmytwitts, @djspryte, @djtinat, @paserock, @deckstar, @grahamfunke, @theemikeb, @thecobrasnake

Btw, here’s the Aerodynamic Remix in case you’ve never heard it (cool video too!)




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