FIFA World Cup To Be Held In…….. Cleveland?!?!?

6 10 2009

That’s what the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission would like to see as well as the many, many soccer fans in this great city. There’s some stiff competition though as 27 cities are in the mix with the United States’ bid to host the ’18 or ’22 FIFA World Cup. There’s a petition on the website that you can go to to show your support and put your city on the map in a BIG way.

Says the website:
No nation embodies the values and spirit of the FIFA World Cup™ quite like the United States.

Whether you choose to call it soccer, football, or futbol, it is a game that, in so many ways, tells our nation’s story.

It is a game where individuals shine through participation, talent and creativity—but team success results from hard work, sacrifice and dedication to a common cause.

It is a democratic game that requires nothing more than a ball, a patch of ground and the passion to play.

It is the world’s game, and America, with its rich diversity, is a uniquely globalized nation. We are the world’s melting pot, and we have brought the game with us from every corner of the earth.

This is why the game has captured the imaginations of so many Americans and continues to grow at an astonishing pace. It is in our schoolyards and stadiums, our church parking lots and cornfields, our back alleys and beachfronts, pulsing through our cities and suburbs and countryside alike.

The game has grown and never before has there been an opportunity to unify all the diverse passions that live within our borders.

The game is everywhere. The game is in US. We are Americans and we are ready to welcome a FIFA World Cup™ that makes the game part of the everyday social consciousness of our country.

Click through to the website and show your support…. As a Clevelander (or one of the other 26 cities), and more importantly, as an American!

Click through and sign the petition for your city!

Click through and sign the petition for your city!




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