Common Disses Brady Quinn @ – HOB 10.1.09

3 10 2009

So the other day, rapper Common graced House of Blues Cleveland with his presence. I didn’t make it to the show, but I heard it was phenomenal. In typical Common fashion, he started on roughly a 4 minute freestyle. He talked about hot girls (shocker), and threw out various simile’s, then chose to make a cpl remarks about recently down and out QB, Brady Quinn as he watched above with Shaun Rogers, Braylon Edwards, Josh Cribbs, and others from an opera box.

To fans of Quinn, relax…. You should be proud that a visiting artist actually took the time to educate himself on what was going on in the city. He could have done the typical, “Hello Cincinnatti,” and proved he didn’t know where the hell he was. Always known as the thinking man’s rapper, Common proved it once again by coming up big and talking about the city’s most hotly debated topic. Check out the video below (great quality, thanks Adam).

And in case you think Brady really wasn’t there, somebody caught that on camera as well, lol.

Ouch! From what I heard though, Quinn was a great sport. Good for him




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