Droid Does

29 10 2009

Droid Does

Have you seen these totally vague and random commercials using some fairly obscure, peppy song and mocking the iPhone?  It’s for the Droid phone, which is the Android 2.0 operating system from (drumroll please), Google!  These guys continue to push the envelope and the Droid is no exception.  In case you are wondering, they are also buying up mass amounts of fiber optic bandwith, so be expecting Google to offer mass market, high speed internet service in the upcoming years as well.

Some interesting points from this article I found on Business Week:

– “Not since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 has the announcement of a new product had as dramatic effect on the competitive landscape of the smartphone business as did Verizon Wireless’ Oct. 28 release of the Motorola Droid. The day after Droid, the handset, wireless networks, mapping, and navigation markets all look very different.”

– “Droid is no iPhone killer—the idea is silly—but it is a viable competitor.”

– “Suddenly, Apple seems to need Verizon more than Verizon needs Apple.”

– “Of course, the folks really weeping into their beer in the wake of the Droid announcement are map producers, and the makers of mapping software and navigation devices.”

– “Google’s free service pretty much blows up this economic model, especially since Google says it plans to make the software available to other phones and other operating systems.”

Read the full article HERE


Video Premiere of Ducksauce – Anyway

20 10 2009

Told you abt this a while ago…. Ducksauce (It’s Armand Van Helden & A-Trak for the uninitiated), – Anyway, to be released Oct 26th on Data Records has just released the video for the song and it is pretty much exacly like I thought it would look like.  .  I would have made it look a little more disco-y instead of Jackson 5 Ed Sullivan -ish, but hell…. I just dig the song.  You should too.  It’s pretty much the song of the year… get familiar

New Cuyahoga Now Event Monday

15 10 2009

Hey everybody…. For those of you who know me, you know I never bring stuff to you that’s b.s.  I’ve always been a straight shooter and been calling a spade a spade ’81.  So here’s an event that I’m proud to say that I’m co-hosting.  Go to the website and educate yourself about Issues 5 and 6.

To over simplify it…. Issue 5 will keep our existing 3 person commissioner system and some outside party will do a study to see how we can fix that.  But of course it’ll cost money and happen at some point down the line.  Worst case scenario nothing will change and we will have wasted that almighty dollar.

Issue 6 will scrap what we have now and institute a single executive who takes the fall when the shit hits the fan.  Advising him will be a council who represents the constituents of Cuyahoga County.  That’ll happen like yesterday (in political terms of course, lol).

Please RSVP to robyn.smyers@sbcglobal.net

So some say Issue 5 is bunk because it’s something done in the future and nothing will happen now, plus there’s the chance that nothing will get fixed and we’ll be doing this again next election.

Some say Issue 6 is bunk because it will prob not fix everything and we won’t be able to elect our own coroner for example.  It puts our fate in the hands of officials that the single executive will be appointing.

I say 6 because the blame is easier to pin.  As it stands now, Hagan and Dimora are both being accused of some serious quid pro quo and ethics charges, so the system is already flawed.  I’m not on the level that I need to pick a sheriff or a coroner or a auditor or whomever those random people on the ballot are.  I feel that the experts should stick to what they are good at.  If I elect someone to a high position, I base that off of character, time spent in office, intellectual capacity, and choice of boxers, briefs, or commando (j/k on that last part).  So if I elect them, I feel that they will take the necessary council to elect the right person for the job.  I am not capable of being that council, lol.  Plus that would be change RIGHT NOW.  It may not be the end all be all, but at least we tried, and can fix it from there.  But everyone knows it isn’t working now, so we have to try SOMETHING. 

Please RSVP to robyn.smyers@sbcglobal.net

Hence why I am- for the second time- co-chairing something political (cringe) because just like needing Josh Mandel in Columbus, Cuyahoga County needs change NOW! I hope you’ll agree with me and come out on Monday (see below). 

Please RSVP to robyn.smyers@sbcglobal.net.  Thanks!


Cuyahoga County Reform: Why You Should Care

Please join us to hear about Issue 6

Monday, October 19, 2009

5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.


1948 W. 25th Street


(Across from West Side Market; basement of McNulty’s Bier Market)

Issue 6 is important for the future of Cuyahoga County.

We must participate in shaping that future!

Host Committee

Ryan Anderson

Charmaine Brown

Jennifer Carroll

Conor M. Coakley

Andrew Coleman

Tony Constantine

Jeffrey Epstein

Jose Feliciano, Jr.

Michael Goldberg

Elizabeth Hijar

Stephanie Howse

Romana Kulchytsky

Patrick Manfroni

Kevin Murphy

Ruth Ramos

Keshia Johnson

Raseem Parker

Rachel Perry

Nick Russo

Richik Sarkar

Marcus Sims

Robyn Minter Smyers

Laura Steinbrink

Jason Therrien

Jeffrey Wild

Daniel Young

RSVP by October 16 to


Paid for by New Cuyahoga, Don Scipione, Treasure, 3821 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Barack The Peacemaker And AM The Beatmaker

12 10 2009

djam hope


2 men VERY well respected for their body of work…. I felt like I had the DJ AM juices goin earlier, so I figured I’d make a nice tie in with the two…. Check it out…

DJ AM pushed the envelope to new heights back in 2008 at the HARDfest Halloween Mansion. He made electronic music relevant to the mainstream with an incredible homage to French born, Daft Punk. There were a lot of eyebrows raised when DP was announced to co-headline the show. A man came out dressed as DP w/ the robot helmet and everything, played a great DP infused set and everyone thought that it was DP…. Then all of a sudden, Aerodynamic hits the crowd’s ears. But this wasn’t just the original, it was a remix by Adam Freeland, made for then Senator Obama’s run for the White House. When the speak and spell O-B-A-M-A came on, it just kept repeating A-M, A-M, A-M.

Then DJ AM took the mask off and showed off his custom made ‘DJ AM Punk’ leather jacket and the bar was set yet again.

DJ am punk

So President Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize recently and that is some kind of accomplishment. Only the 2nd sitting president to win the award (kudos). This win put the world on notice that America is going to change the game (again). We’re putting the rails down to get back on track. From one game changer to another, to another…. stay tuned, because ch-ch-change is still comin. RIP DJ AM…. make sure to catch his new series tonight at 10 on MTV. Shouts to all the LA homies who knew him well….. @fashen, @steve1der, @deejayspider, @skeetonmytwitts, @djspryte, @djtinat, @paserock, @deckstar, @grahamfunke, @theemikeb, @thecobrasnake

Btw, here’s the Aerodynamic Remix in case you’ve never heard it (cool video too!)

MTV Airing DJ AM’s, ‘Gone Too Far’ Series

12 10 2009

I had heard that AM’s family was going to allow the airing of the series he was filming with MTV before his passing. I came across this video preview.

The show will be airing on Monday’s at 10pm. Catch “Amy” tonight on the season premiere. It’ll prob be super eerie with him just passing and all. Kind of like that movie Heath Ledger was working on when he passed. I don’t think it has been released yet. Any word on that?

Kanye West’s ‘Glow In The Dark’

12 10 2009
Love him or hate him, the man does have style

Love him or hate him, the man does have style

I’m not sure where the world stands with Kanye West, but Kayne is teaming up with amazing collaborators for a book on all things art and design. The took is titled “Glow In The Dark” and it presents the insight with the production of his “Glow In The Dark” tour. The book is 288 pages long and shows on stage performances, behind-the-scenes shots, conceptual sketches by West, costume designs, and stage models. It also includes an audio CD featuring the previously unreleased live instrumentals for “Hey Mama”, “Touch the Sky”, “Jesus Walks”, and “I Wonder”, as well as an interview with video and film director Spike Jonze.

From BPM Magazine

FIFA World Cup To Be Held In…….. Cleveland?!?!?

6 10 2009

That’s what the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission would like to see as well as the many, many soccer fans in this great city. There’s some stiff competition though as 27 cities are in the mix with the United States’ bid to host the ’18 or ’22 FIFA World Cup. There’s a petition on the website that you can go to to show your support and put your city on the map in a BIG way.

Says the website:
No nation embodies the values and spirit of the FIFA World Cup™ quite like the United States.

Whether you choose to call it soccer, football, or futbol, it is a game that, in so many ways, tells our nation’s story.

It is a game where individuals shine through participation, talent and creativity—but team success results from hard work, sacrifice and dedication to a common cause.

It is a democratic game that requires nothing more than a ball, a patch of ground and the passion to play.

It is the world’s game, and America, with its rich diversity, is a uniquely globalized nation. We are the world’s melting pot, and we have brought the game with us from every corner of the earth.

This is why the game has captured the imaginations of so many Americans and continues to grow at an astonishing pace. It is in our schoolyards and stadiums, our church parking lots and cornfields, our back alleys and beachfronts, pulsing through our cities and suburbs and countryside alike.

The game has grown and never before has there been an opportunity to unify all the diverse passions that live within our borders.

The game is everywhere. The game is in US. We are Americans and we are ready to welcome a FIFA World Cup™ that makes the game part of the everyday social consciousness of our country.

Click through to the website and show your support…. As a Clevelander (or one of the other 26 cities), and more importantly, as an American!

Click through and sign the petition for your city!

Click through and sign the petition for your city!