Racism Just Can’t Be Beat In Cleveland

22 09 2009

This is a sad, sad story… Tripp used to work for us at Liquid. Him and his sister just out trying to have a good time on W. 6th…. The harassment starts from some drunk white dudes from mentor. A scuffle ensues. Barley House throws out both parties. Who the fuck puts the two groups fighting out into the street anyways? One stays, one goes… or one goes one way, other party goes the other. Barley managed to keep their name out of the fracas in the media. Black guy had a record so it was easy to pin the criminal tag on him… White dude was from Mentor with no record… so he was just the innocent person who was viciously attacked by the crazed criminal. The dude was hangin with his sister, up against a crew. C’mon folks. Then the judge disrespects Tripp’s mom? Fuck that dude…. and I wish I knew who it was, i’d tell him to his face… Piece of shit.

From Fox 8
18 Year Prison Sentence in Cleveland Bar Fight
Todd Meany Fox 8 Reporter
CLEVELAND – A Cleveland man is headed to prison for the punch that led to another man’s death.

Walter Triplett, Jr. was sentenced to 18 years in prison Tuesday. He is 28-years-old.

On April 30th of this year, Triplett punched 22-year-old Michael Corrado of Mentor in the head. Corrado fell to the ground, hit his head on the pavement, and later died.

A jury was hung on the charge of involuntary manslaughter, but found Triplett guilty of Felonious assault. During sentencing, Corrado’s mother cried as she pleaded for a heavy sentence.

“I was so proud to be his mother, and so judge I stand here before this court, on behalf of my loving Michael and our entire family and ask you to please hold this individual accountable for his violent senseless, and heartless actions that took my son away from all of us.”

Triplett’s mother, Mary was also given the chance to speak. She also buried a son named Michael, just last year. She talked about how family was so important to them, and Walter was just defending his twin sister, who got caught up in the fight.

“How was he supposed to do this when he’s got all these people coming down the street to jump on my family,” said Mary Triplett. She did not get the chance to finish her sentence, before the Judge quickly replied, “Call the police.”

Walter Triplett Jr., was sentenced to 18 years in prison, eight years on the Felonious assault charge, and ten years because of Triplett’s previous violent incidents. He is considered a repeat violent offender.

Michael’s family came to Cleveland from out of town for the sentencing. They say they don’t take comfort in Tuesday’s sentencing, because nothing can bring Michael back; they did mention that Michael, in death, has helped others.

Michael was an organ donor, and after he was taken out of surgery, his organs were donated to five other people, who lived thanks to Michael. It is a lasting memory, of a man who’s life was cut short.



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