Dan Gilbert Is Really, REALLY Into Casino$….

16 09 2009

Probably because he’ll make a bajillion dollars, as he will be the sole owner of the right to build casinos in Ohio with his partner, Penn National Gaming. I’m a fan of casino’s, but not so much a fan of only one entity having the monopoly. I think that the locations should be selected, then gaming companies have the opportunity to bid on each location, with the the best one winning. Ohio is so stupid. Casino’s are even better cash cows than strip clubs…. and everyone and their mama wants to put one somewhere.

Don't hog it all, dude

Don't hog it all, dude

So if you have such fertile ground for degenerate gamblers like you do here, why settle down and get married to one person? Just shows the conservative nature of the O-H. I’d be a whore and pimp urself out to the highest bidder. The state should be holding all the keys on this one, just like it strangles the liquor industry here. Anyone who wants to talk casino should be talking 50-50 split with the state. That seems logical…. unless you’re in Ohio politics. WTF…..

Anyways… Check the Cleveland.com post about Gilbert and his casino proposal here.




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