Welcome To The Fire Sale!

15 09 2009
Welcome to the fire sale!

Welcome to the fire sale!

Ok guys, my friend turned me onto this website like 2 days ago… It’s called Bidfire.com. It’s kinda like Ebay, but not really. You have to buy bids from bidfire for $1 a piece. Then you go to the auction page and bid on the products you want (bid increments are .05). Here’s the thing… It’s not like Ebay where you can just make some outrageous bid and Ebay automatically bids you. On bidfire, you have to watch and make your own bets, so keep the window open on ur desktop, lol. From when the auction opens, there is a timer winding down… Once the timer gets pretty close to ending, every bid adds time to the clock. Once the clock reads zeroes, the product is yours.

People are getting stupid crazy deals. Here’s a couple of recent auctions:
Entourage season 5 – $2.40
Ipod Touch (32gb) – $46.15
Playstation 3 slim (120gb) – $28.40

Are you kidding me? You better get on board with this… Seems like it’s not that huge. I have a feeling that word is spreading!!!



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