ESPN Turns 30

8 09 2009
Keith Olberman & Dan Patrick from the old days

Keith Olberman & Dan Patrick from the old days

Happy Birthday ESPN! To honor the network turning thirty yesterday, ESPN is airing a special 90 minute episode of it’s flagship show, “Sportscenter,” filled with interviews, anecdotes, and remembrances.

The show will have a special opening depicting each of the four different looks of SportsCenter over time. While presenting the sports news of the day, the program will include a look at 1979 sports and pop culture and also feature some of the most memorable moments the anchors, changes in their appearance and bloopers, according to information from ESPN.

An interview of Gayle Gardner, an early SportsCenter anchor, by former SportsCenter anchor Robin Roberts is part of the lineup as well as personal reflections by the three hosts about their favorite moments in sports since ESPN’s founding.

Longtime anchor Chris Berman said he and other anchors try to be honest with fans because without them, there isn’t an ESPN.

“I try to talk with the people who are watching,” said Berman. “Talk with, not at. It’s just a preposition, but it makes all the difference in the world in our business.”

Here are some funny Sportscenter videos, some old, some older… Enjoy!




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