Changing The Face Of Fashion? I Don’t Think So

8 09 2009

Ok… So I am trolling the net and see something about Glamour magazine publishing a picture of Lizzie Miller and it was subsequently inundated with positive calls/e-mails about how they deserved kudos for showing someone who was curvy and not rail thin like the typical norm. I say fuck that…. I agree with the well wishers on one hand- I would prefer not to see someone’s bones sticking out- but on the other hand, only in America would we applaud people for throwing caution to the wind, eating whatever we wanted, and living large….. literally. Now i’m not down on big girls, hey they need love to, but considering the USA is one of the fattest countries in the world (by choice, not by circumstance), I think someone just needs to tell these people to STFU. I’m sorry, but I have seen some pretty hot plus sized models. The hottest ones just have a big frame. You can tell cause you don’t see too many rolls or jiggles, they are just stout… no matter what size you are, toning isn’t a bad thing. It shows that you care about your health, but are not agonizing over missing meals. Pictures like the one below (this was the one used in the magazine) show just what I’m talking about.

Lizzie Miller for Glamour

Lizzie Miller for Glamour

This girl is soft in every sense of the word. She’s like a Kobe cow… just eating and munching, having her muscles massaged so that there is no tone whatsoever. That is just plain lazy. You can see how her skins falls off of her. Glamour should be appalled for condoning laziness.

Now if you’re a retard reading this, you are yelling at me for hating fat girls, and I will reiterate that this soooo far from the case. I hate lazy people. And I hate the people that condone it even more. I’m not in perfect shape, nor do I think that that should be the norm… We can have a little protection on- I mean, u gotta have a LITTLE something to grab on to- but saying that it’s normal to be a size 18 is ludacris. It totally makes sense that Glamour got all those well wishing phone calls. I just found out a statistic that something like 41% of all women in the US are over a size 12 or some shit. WOW! As stated before, if ur just a thick girl… that’s cool. You’re still workin out, tryin to eat right, but ur body is just built like that. You’re prob. kinda short, and that’s perfectly fine… But when you’re just flabby and have loose skin falling off of you, I don’t care how happy you are, you’re just being a hedonist. Doing whatever you want in the pursuit of feeling good (i.e. You won’t workout because it doesn’t give you pleasure, but eating and being a sloth make you feel good so you do that).

I like girls with a little meat on their bones, but why couldn’t we work on just getting girls that have a little more meat than the waifs, before we jumped 12 sizes? How do we go from, “Hey! A size zero is just ridiculous!!! They are too skinny. Why can’t they have a little more meat” to, “Hey! I have just the remedy….. Why don’t we just go into overkill mode and start showing size 18 models and telling people this is what we should strive for?” Doesn’t make sense. Showing a healthy 8 or a 10 would suffice… So now that Glamour is trying to let the public trick them into saying 12-to 18 is normal…… All of those size 24-30 women are going to start crying that the new “normal” women are too skinny.

I don’t even want to know if you want to see the rest of these pics (and article), but if you are so inclined, click here.




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8 09 2009

I’ve always been a fan of plus-size models! There’s a great site with many images of plus-size models here:

They’re all gorgeous.

The site’s forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

9 09 2009

I personally do not think this girl looks that bad. To me, it appears as though she gave birth to a baby not to long ago. Trust me, I have had two, and that very much resembles the loose stomach skin after gaining pregnancy weight and then giving birth. Unfortunately, I think the majority of woman face that.

In addition, in many surveys and reports I have read and heard over the years, I was always under the impression that size 12 is the average size of the American woman. Anything over that begins to tip the scale in a negative way. Both women AND men are responsible for their own weight gain, and obviously, it doesn’t happen over night. When I gain 3-5 pounds I FREAK out and work out extra hard. So It is laziness, in my opinion to be obese and extremely overweight.

However, give the chick in the picture a break……

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