WMF on Urban Dictionary.com

1 09 2009

Urban Dictionary

So I was in Columbus last friday w/ some friends and we stumbled on a new word… or should I say a new expression to be spread via txt, twitter, blogs, facebook, etc. It’s called, “Wagging My Finger,” or WMF. It is a close cousin to “Shaking My Head,” or SMH (which i hadn’t even heard of until about a week ago). See, sometimes you can shake your head, but that’s a very passive sort of scolding. Sometimes you have to break it down like mom did back in the day and make a very directed sort of scolding. Hence WMF’s birth.

I was so excited about Kevin and my discovery that I had to take it to the internet… Urbandictionary.com to be exact. I couldn’t believe no one had already posted this. Either way, I am pleased. Even my Sunday nights are productive!

Check out our contribution here. Be sure to throw us a thumbs up!

Great song:




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