The Grog Shop presents…… Iglu & Hartly

1 09 2009

So last night, me and some friends headed over to the Grog Shop at Coventry to check out my buddy’s friend’s band, Iglu & Hartly. Hailing from LA, these dudes are straight surfer/hipster look and rock some indie dance/pop ish that’s pretty good. I hadn’t heard of them until they played the song, “In This City.” Totally remember hearing it, but I just couldn’t remember where. At one point they wanted everyone to grab a girl and put them on your shoulders… I obliged. This girl had some really big feet, and prob the longest toes ever, but other than that she was pretty hot, lol. She was there with some girls that knew one of the guys I was with. Then he told them to leave… actually he drove them home to downtown in the limo and came back (overkill?)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. The guy whose friend was playin in the band? He got us a limo, lol. For like 6 ppl. When is the last time you saw somebody hop out of a limo to go to the Grog Shop. Felt dope, that’s for sure. I need to ride in limo’s more often. Back to I&H, I had no clue that they have no management in the US. Their one track has over a million hits on youtube. Why isn’t someone jumping on them? They have a record deal from Mercury Records UK, but nothing here? They had a #5 song in the UK and #35 song in the US, and that was releasing it there and it getting played here. What if it had been released here? Hmmm…. If only I had a band management company 😦

We went to Mcnulty’s after that and drank, and drank, and ate, then drank some more. The band met us over there and the lead singer’s mom was in the crew. That’s dope when you’re on tour and you bring moms for support, lol. Cool lady.

We gave half of the band a ride home in our limo, coincidentally they were staying right across the street from where I live (how convenient). I’ve been pretty addicted to this Farm Town game for Facebook so I had to tend to my crops as soon as I got home. Oh, you ever seen one of these?

like whoa

like whoa




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