30 08 2009

So the summertime is coming to a close soon… It’s already like 55 degrees outside right now. I like it though. Not sweatin my ass off everywhere I go. Did you hear abt all this DJ AM business? So crazy when I heard abt it. Cats in LA are trippin right now. Everybody is so sad, I wonder what it did for the weekend. Either ppl playin out to show love for the man, or just mopin through sets. Which one were you?

Hung tough w/ the Cool Kids last week Wed. In town for a show @ HOB. Shit was super dead. They went to the View for a while (yawn), and then I brought them over to Barley for a bit. Chuck jumped in right away. Mikey just worked on his txt game, lol. Can’t say I blame him, Cleveland on a Wednesday isn’t exactly a primetime event.

Went to Columbus this past Friday night. Some party @ Boma. Shit was mad wack so we dipped out and went to Mynt. Great choice. Ran into Ivan Harris from OSU fame. He’s playin for some NBDL team in Erie, PA now. I’d go back home and live like a king too if I were him, lol. Hung w/ a very nice girl and her sister ;). She has the mask/helmet like the one Russell Crowe wore in ‘Gladiator.’ On the base of the stand it said it was from the movie… crazy! Looks like the MF Doom mask to me.

Browns won last night, it’s about time they put something out there for the fans to get behind. 2-1 so far in the postseason, that’ll get the fans in a tizzy for sure. Tons of ppl out last night. Good to see W. 6th legitimately packed. Bars have been hurtin… cept for Barley House, lol. Start workin back at Liquid again in 2 days. It’s been a long time off, doin other work for Luxe Lifestyles. It’s been cool, but I like bein in the mix on a week to week sort of thing rather than an every once in a while thing.

Treat for the day… found this video online. Gotta love “The Little Mermaid” playin in the background.




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