Lollapalooza Recap: Day 2

19 08 2009

So after going to bed full of The Weiner’s Circle’s finest around 4am, I was up and at ’em about 8am. I have never been to a concert/festival of this magnitude before in a huge city, so I was a little excited. Excited like the night before you go to Disney World. Yeah, like that. I had a ticket to the show, but after confirming the artist creds I figured I’d sell mine and make back a little spending money. So I wind up selling it to this girl that lives in Chicago that I met while I was working at Harry Buffalo in Cleveland. She left her # on a napkin like “if ur evr in Chicago, hit me up.” To this day, I don’t know if that was an invite to get biz, or just call me…. confusing.

Anyways…. I had to meet up with the Juice man to get my credentials. Me and two of my travel buds rolled downtown to Grant Park. They went in, and I had to wait on this girl to get my ticket, and for Juice. My dude gave me some helpful words of wisdom. He’s like don’t sell the ticket first, get your pass first, just in case something fucked up happens. Then you don’t have a ticket. Good plan. Esp since Juice had been in and out of communication that morning, lol. So I make it to the gate and there’s TONS of people everywhere! Then the rains come. So here I am waiting on the street in the rain, walking aimlessly. Then a call from Juice, “meet me at balbo and michigan.” I’m not from Chicago. This means nothing to me. I knew I was on Columbus, and that was abt it. So I ask for directions from a “ask me for help” type. I end up walking all the way to Soldier Field almost…. Columbus and Roosevelt. Shit. Then I get a call from Molly “i’m at Balbo and Michigan.” Instantly elated to find that both of my parties were in the same place. Devastated to know that I wasn’t anywhere near them, lol.

I finally make my way to balbo and michigan… I had prob walked abt 2 1/2 miles at this point when I should have had to go abt a quarter mile, ha ha. Undaunted and soaked, I meet up with Molly and break her off. We both wait for Juice, he breaks me off and introduces me to the sound engineer for the Cool Kids. Cool dude. Molly goes her own way, I hit my boys and tell them i’m in, and it’s on with the show!First up on my musical menu for the day was The Knux. They performed at 1pm and I thought that was early. There were bands on as early as 11:15!! That’s just too much! I get backstage with the Juice man and the sound guy and we meet up with Knux. After some hello’s and howyado’s, it was time for the show to begin. I was kept company by Elizabeth and Molly (different one), two super cool girls from Austin.

Show goes off without a hitch, meet the ‘Ari’ of the Knux’s “Entourage,” lol. Shouts to @dartparker. I take a little video from backstage, people think im in the band, screaming and yelling, trying to pass me joints. This would prove to be the #1 extracurricular activity at an event like this. Everyone was getting high, buying and selling! JP and I walked over to The Gaslight Anthem and that was a little too rockabilly for me, so we went to the dj tent to check out Dark Wave Disco. I was feelin their set. 3 dudes from Chicago, so they were feelin the hometown love i’m sure. We’re completely soaked so JP suggests rollin over to Ch’rewed and grabbin some fresh promo tees, drinks, etc. Lifesaver!

Little did I know that this place was like a mile and half into downtown. By this point my feet are aching like no other, I haven’t walked so much in a long time, lol. We get to the office, grab some Sprite Green (not even on the market yet, but they get the heads up), new t’s, meet some homies (one was rockin a Tower City t-shirt. He’s from Shaker), and even this lady from Sprite. Everyone was talkin about Lebron James and the Nike tour that was comin through. So even though i’m far from home, home followed me to the Chi that day ha ha.

We break out and find ourselves at the Hard Rock hotel. This was some kind of HQ for all sorts of stuff going on related to Lolla. JP had us hooked up on the list, so we were gonna get after it. There was the music lounge where different acts were playing all day, there was a cafe that you could eat at for free at mealtimes, at night there were headliners… this night happened to be Sam Ronson djing (what?). There also was the swag room… I got my phone etched (turntable with DJ GOLDFATHER underneath), there was a Dickie’s store (walk in with a bag and grab whatever you want), you could get a real tatoo, and just vendors giving out all sorts of crap. Oh, and there was an open bar all day/all night long, so that’s a plus. There was some girl Mia something djing… I don’t know how she got that gig. A Cleveland dj could have torn the roof off. She was there all weekend and even had a horrible mixtape to give away (joy!) Check out the scene:

Met some cool peeps while I was there too. This hipster dude Victor, a fellow Clevelander Nelson, who’s workin for Bandit Productions, reppin Hey Champ (had the #1 song on Hype Machine), Vyle, and others. I met Vyle as well. Hip hop meets electronica… interesting shit. As a bunch of us walked back to the show, I got to see where they filmed scenes from “The Dark Knight.” The scene during the street chases where Batman’s tumbler is trying to get to the Joker who is trying to get to Harvey Dent in the armored car. Check it out!

JP and I wound up catching the tail end of A-Trak’s set (bummer). In my networking binge, I completely missed Bloody Beetroots, Asher Roth, and most of A-Trak (triple bummer!), but whatever… I came in with A-trak playing “Anyway” a Ducksauce collabo between him and Armand van Helden. Listen to the track here (download after the jump):

I actually have a video of him playing this song @ Lolla. Here it is:

After A-Trak, Simian Mobile Disco hopped on the tables and rocked for an hour, then Crookers came on as it got dark and ripped it up. Much more impressed by them than any other DJ I saw that day. I missed Nick Catchdubs early afternoon set so that was disappointing, as well as bloody beetroots and a-trak. But depending on where you played, your crowd would have been different. If A-trak had been on at night, when it was packed to capacity, or catchdubs, or beetroots for that instance…. it would have changed the perception of the show, though all were VERY well attended. One thing I started to notice though, was that artists weren’t playing mostly their stuff. It was a lot of other artists that were on the bill. That’s cool and all to pay tribute, but I came to see you!

After Crookers killed it, local boy Kid Cudi made his way to the stage. I met him backstage right before he got on. He had the smallest bodyguard/handler/manager/gatekeeper/whatever who was mean muggin me when I just asked to say hello. I didn’t want any autographs or anything, I just wanted to holler at a fellow Clevelander. Plus I would have wiped the floor with this guy, but I kept it under wraps. I also ran into Daniel from LA Riots, talked to the Dark Wave Disco guys, Chilly Willy, Hollywood Holt backstage and met the manager for Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, Crookers, etc… Dude had a sick Vestal watch on. Check for it!

Got a call from Katie, one from Columbus, that her and her friends wanted to hang out. I told them I was going to this Asics/Sprite Green party hosted by the Knux at En Vent. Totally chill, loft, warehouse kind of deal. Great spot for a party.

There was that party and there was a party @ Sonoteque with A-Trak, Nick Catchdubs, Treasure Fingers, and more (Sure it was Fool’s Gold party with that roster). Had fun at that spot for a bit. Go through the garage into some weird living room type of set up to get to the Knux, rest of the band, friends, dart, juice, etc. Girls were not good sports, and the liquor ran out, lol. Knux performed, I hijacked some Asics meant for the band Amazing Baby (I was the first, but not the last!), then rolled to Franks for some late night drinkin with Krispy Kream in tow. One of the guys we were with wasn’t 21, I was battling for the girl that I had asked to come, and the night got real wack, real quick. I’m facebooking abt it. Wasn’t pretty. Can I get a reset?

Check it out… Song is gonna be huge!
Ducksauce (A-Trak & Armand van Helden) – Anyway




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