Lollapalooza Recap: Day 1

19 08 2009

The Weiner's Circle: Don't go at night, lol

The Weiner's Circle: Don't go at night, lol

So myself and a few friends set sail for Chicago on Thursday, Aug 6th in hopes of catching the movement that is Lollapalooza. I was totally looking forward to the trip because A) The Knux came through for me in a major way w/ the artist credentials. and B) this girl I had met a cpl weeks before with Adio was going to be there. Drive wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I had some good cds to roll to. The “White Light” series of mixtapes. You know “white noise,” background noise, snow from the television, etc…. this is the music version. Super low key, downtempo rock/electro/et al. You can check out all 8 mixes here. Made good time on the drive, but left a little later than I would have liked to tho because we were gonna get into Chicago around 12 or so. Not that would be a problem for me typically, I like to hit the ground running, but my travel partners weren’t as enthusiastic.

We stayed with friends for the duration. Originally it was going to be 6 of us in a 1 bedroom condo, but that turned into 8 because my one buddy’s host wouldn’t call him back or something (emotional issues). I thought that was pretty wack to strand somebody in the Chi, but he reassured me. Oh well, lol. I slept on the kitchen floor. There were 3 ppl on the couch, 2 on the floor, and our hosts in their bedroom. It was pretty cool actually, I didn’t give a fuck, I’m in Chicago for Lollapalooza bitches! I ain’t sleepin!

So we go over to Old Town, as the place we were staying was in between that and the Gold Coast. I saw the Moody Bible Institute (that was for my Mom), and funny enough the first bar we went to was an OSU bar (go Buckeyes!). We caught it just as they were closing up shop so we rolled to the house of this guy our host went to college with, sat around with half of us twiddling our thumbs because there were no women, and the other half just rappin about whatever. Obviously I was in the former group. I was just workin the phones. Funny how many ppl you didn’t even know lived somewhere until you get there.

Super hungry late night, so we wind up cruising over to the Weiner’s Circle. Now if you haven’t been there, you prob. don’t want to go after dark I’ve been warned. Unless you want people to insult the shit out of you. They called me Lawrence Fishburne, called my dude Pussy hair (he’s got a REALLY hairy chest), called every woman in the joint a bitch, and dropped more F-Bombs than Andrew Dice Clay (hard to top). I enjoyed my first Chicago style, “Red Hot.” Not bad… I didn’t understand the toppings, but they worked. Night ended with soft whisper. I think it was from the fridge, lol.




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