People of Wal-Mart

30 08 2009


Oh gracious…. this might be the single funniest thing I have ever seen. I worked at Wal-Mart (Macedonia,OH-fairly normal, and Mt. Vernon,OH- atypical of this website. So I’ve seen it all…. trust me) all the way through college and for like 6 months afterwards. I have uber-fond memories of the place, and this website helps to express some of my more interesting memories. Be sure to send your pics in to add to the fun. This is super fresh too. Website got started at the beginning of August. I’m sure you’ll be hearing abt this from someone famous soon, but you can tell them that you saw it here first!

Check out: People of Wal-Mart



30 08 2009

So the summertime is coming to a close soon… It’s already like 55 degrees outside right now. I like it though. Not sweatin my ass off everywhere I go. Did you hear abt all this DJ AM business? So crazy when I heard abt it. Cats in LA are trippin right now. Everybody is so sad, I wonder what it did for the weekend. Either ppl playin out to show love for the man, or just mopin through sets. Which one were you?

Hung tough w/ the Cool Kids last week Wed. In town for a show @ HOB. Shit was super dead. They went to the View for a while (yawn), and then I brought them over to Barley for a bit. Chuck jumped in right away. Mikey just worked on his txt game, lol. Can’t say I blame him, Cleveland on a Wednesday isn’t exactly a primetime event.

Went to Columbus this past Friday night. Some party @ Boma. Shit was mad wack so we dipped out and went to Mynt. Great choice. Ran into Ivan Harris from OSU fame. He’s playin for some NBDL team in Erie, PA now. I’d go back home and live like a king too if I were him, lol. Hung w/ a very nice girl and her sister ;). She has the mask/helmet like the one Russell Crowe wore in ‘Gladiator.’ On the base of the stand it said it was from the movie… crazy! Looks like the MF Doom mask to me.

Browns won last night, it’s about time they put something out there for the fans to get behind. 2-1 so far in the postseason, that’ll get the fans in a tizzy for sure. Tons of ppl out last night. Good to see W. 6th legitimately packed. Bars have been hurtin… cept for Barley House, lol. Start workin back at Liquid again in 2 days. It’s been a long time off, doin other work for Luxe Lifestyles. It’s been cool, but I like bein in the mix on a week to week sort of thing rather than an every once in a while thing.

Treat for the day… found this video online. Gotta love “The Little Mermaid” playin in the background.

It’s a ‘Thriller’ in Mexico City

30 08 2009
'Thriller' Fans in Mexico

'Thriller' Fans in Mexico

Yesterday, 12,937 people danced Saturday in front of Mexico City’s Monument of the Revolution, led by a Michael Jackson impersonator who goes by Hector Jackson, wearing a red-and-gold sequined jacket. But did they break a world record? The Guinness Book of World Records will decide in a week.

The current record was set in May by a group of 242 College of William & Mary students who performed the routine in Williamsburg, Virginia, according to Guinness. Check the video below….

Lollapalooza Recap: Day 3

20 08 2009

Day 3 (Saturday) started out pretty early. I was first one out the door. Everyone was kinda wanted to do their own thing for a minute and I was no exception. I was going to catch lunch with my buddy Ben in Lincoln Park at this place called Duffy’s. It’s a Michigan bar, which would explain the super lame maize and blue color scheme!

Duffy's in Lincoln Park

Duffy's in Lincoln Park

After lunch with Ben and his friend Nick- which included checkin out crazy homeless dudes across the street, making friends with our waitress who wouldn’t get on camera because she was SAG (but we still made a date to be there for brunch on Sunday), and an awesome burger + beers- Nick and I cabbed it to Lolla to catch some more shows. I didn’t really have a whole lot in the morning I wanted to see, so I didn’t feel bad abt drinkin most of the afternoon away with those guys, lol. I wanted to check out Mike Snow, but blew that one. Same with Atmosphere. Funny story about why I wanted to see Atmosphere. 1st because my old roommate Jesse talked abt the guy nonstop for 2 years, so I wanted to see what the fuss was abt. 2nd because I had met this girl in Columbus a cpl weeks prior who got super excited when I said I’d be in the Chi for Lolla (so would she). So we exchange numbers and literally the next day she deleted me. I txt her friend as to why she did and she said, “she didn’t think she would hear from you, so she deleted you.” um… ok. So I txted her like wtf?! I told you we’d link up in Chicago. No response….super weird. But she also gushed abt Atmosphere so I was hoping I’d catch her eye and go feign to take her backstage to spite her. No dice 😦

My friend Molly txted me to meet her at the Chairlift performance. Right when I came in they were doing Snoop Dogg’s, ‘Sensual Seduction.’ I personally love that song, so I was into it, but the sound was horrible! That sound guy was havin a super off day.

There were some mad hippies dancing in front of us the whole time too, so that was pretty cool to see. Like LA hippies, not fake ass Midwest ones.

Back to the dj stage it was for me and I caught the last little bit of Perry Farrell performing with Porno for Pyros. They were his special guest. Along with Perry’s wife. She’s not bad lookin at all. She also had some super hot friends of hers onstage. She wore this super short mini and kept kicking her legs in the air! Caught panties like 15 times in 10 minutes!

Their kids were sitting on stage as well. All 3 of them had their protective headphones on and flip camera’s out, catching mommy and daddy’s performance.

Perry Farrell's kids (w/grandma)

Perry Farrell's kids (w/grandma)

It never ceases to amaze me how people can idolize someone and place them on this revered pedestal, but to their kids, they are just mom and dad. Funny how that works. Perry finished off his set with a new track that he worked on with Kaskade called, ‘Machine Girl.’ I don’t think it’s out yet. Danny Masterson was in the back, so I rapped with him and his boy for a little bit. Supposedly he’s comin to Cleveland in a cpl weeks (dj Mom Jeans in the house!). Jesse is in love with him btw. Wanted to push our departure to Chicago back a day because he thought he was gonna meet him, lol. He wound up meeting him on Friday night anyways. He prob drew wood, lol. Talked to Kaskade after the show, he said he hasn’t been here in a while, but he really likes Cleveland. Way to go my man!

There wasn’t really a whole lot of action after that. I watched a little bit of Hercules and Love Affair, but the set was a little too slow for me. I was in the mood for some bangers. LA Riots was on afterwards anyways. I walked around a little bit and caught the tail end of Santigold. That show was freakin packed! I don’t know how I found my friends in that crazy ass crowd. She even brought the GZA onstage with her, much props. I dipped out of there when the show was over and headed to LA Riots. Set was good but man, that dude is a piece of work. I walked over to him and introduced myself (we met earlier in Cleveland). He proceeded to talk abt how ppl at Ultra fucked up the monitors and he wasn’t treated right by the owner/manager, there was a descrepancy with the money, the list goes on and on. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy. He vowed Ultra would never get another AM Only dj and he was gonna come back to Cleveland somewhere and do a free show (I hope he follows through on that party). I would be seeing this guy around everywhere I went. And everywhere we were, he had smokin hot girls with him. I gotta move to LA and be a dj, hot damn!

Backstage waiting for Diplo to come on I noticed a rather peculiar thing…. The dude was wearin a damn 3 piece suit! Blue pinstriped suit and vest, with a white shirt and some brown boat shoes, no socks. Pimpin! It was so fucking hot too, I can’t believe he didn’t pass out wearin that. I almost did and I was rockin a t-shirt and shorts. He played during TV on the Radio AND Ben Harper, but oh well… And he trainwrecked a cpl times, oh well… and he played a lot of other people’s tracks, oh well…. I was waiting for major lazer stuff, grimy diplo stuff, and any other kind of DIPLO stuff, oh well…. Maybe next time.

So lookie loo… I got a text from Katie (girl from columbus, not the deleting girl), and I was super pumped. I had barely seen her since we had been there and I was not happy about that. I figure meeting someone is cool, finding out that you’ll both be going to the same event is even cooler. Meeting up out of town away from your friends and outside influences should be a perfect time to really develop a repor, which is great, but none of that really happened :(. It was like she left her phone at the hotel (she must not really be a txting kind of girl. Old school, I like that, lol). So I meet up with Katie backstage at Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There’s this little artists village, complete with food and free booze. Katie goes to get us drinks while I wait in line to get in the opera box to watch YYY’s. The crowd was freakin sick!!! There’s obviously no way we were gettin in there, the line was super packed, and there was only 50 ppl allowed in at a time, so whatever. As I’m waiting…. bam! Joy Bryant comes out of nowhere. Somebody w/ her was trying to talk the crew into letting her up there, but no dice. I introduced myself and asked when her next project was. We had a very short back and forth. Then I think I fainted (I really didn’t faint, but I wish I would have, lol).

When I came to, Ben Harper was standing in front of me! Now, all the time I get “Anybody ever tell you that you look like Ben Harper?” I hate when ppl come up to me and say stuff like that. 9 times out of 10, the person is the exact opposite of you, but they wore the same shirt or something, people are stupid like that. But I swear, I’ll never think bad of anyone who says that to me again cause I freakin do! I said hello and he must have realized it too because he gave me a funny look like, “damn, this dude looks like me!” We had a brief convo and he said he loved playing at the Cleveland House of Blues (shouts to Carrie, Elise, and Rickey!). I’m meeting people that are showing Cleveland love all OVER the place!

Katie comes back, we watch a brief bit of the show, then we must part. I have to get to my friends before we are lost in the crowd and we never make it home! I head over to catch the end of Bassnectar with my peeps. Watched that for a while, then thought we should head out a little early to beat the crowd. We spend an hour the night before looking for a taxi, lol. We passed by the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain on our way out (not right time of day, but I wanted to show you the dope-ness)

I guess somebody jumped in there at some point in the weekend. It’s really big when you see a person in it. Check it out here. I’m sure that guy spent the night in jail… bummer. We rolled out of the festival and made our way to the train station. I was going to take the subway in Chicago for the first time! I was pretty stoked. btw, the fare there is $2.50, so don’t complain Cleveland! We were on our way there, but Jimmy John’s was callin our name. So quick pit stop there, super packed train ride later (I felt like I was in Tokyo, getting crammed in by a wrangler), waste of time stop at the grocery store for headache medicine we already had, shower, and I was ready to hit the streets. Big night ahead of me…. I was gonna go to some hot parties, kick it with Lindsay Lohan (explained below), see Katie, and all of my dreams were gonna come true, right? Wrong.

Earlier that day I met this girl Evan. She’s a freelance photog from Miami. She said Samantha Ronson was spinning at hotspot Angels & Kings, Lohan was comin thru, and she was at that table. So I peaced out to my dudes and rolled over to A&K. Shit was packed!!!!! I hit Evan up and ask her to come get me. I approach the bouncer and tell him that my friend is on the list and has a table. If she came out to get me, would that be ok? He says, “yeah, get in line.” I’m thinking how is she gonna see me if i’m standing all the way in the back of this long ass line? So obviously I don’t. She comes out, I see her, she points to me, and then the bouncer shoves her back inside. I say “hey sir, that was the friend I was talking about. She has a table and knows the dj” His reply? “I don’t care, we are at capacity, get in line.” ANOTHER photog I met comes out to holler, asks the bouncer if I can roll in with him (he’s with Evan), and he flat out says no. Photog is like sorry dude, i’m in. Have a good one, lol! Guess I can’t blame him. Welcome to Chicago sucka! Guess my hot streak couldn’t last forever…

Not for the faint of  heart!

Not for the faint of heart!

I pick myself up, get that dirt off my shoulders and hop in a taxi. “Hard Rock Hotel please,” I say to the cabbie. We’re ripping through downtown at breakneck speed cause Santigold, Passion Pit, and GZA are performing live. Plus there’s an open bar. Plus I know ppl there. So i’m thinking to myself…. JP gave me this pass, so I know I’m allowed to get in, but i heard there’s a line, so maybe my artist credentials will work right? Dumbass…. maybe it was because I didn’t want to abuse my priviliges and soil my name, or maybe because I was scared I’d get checked, but I didn’t get in right away. I asked the bouncer at the door and showed him my artist creds, he’s like “ok… now get in line.” I see some guy who obviously is working the party, but I can’t get close enough to get his attention. I don’t want that bouncer bouncin my ass to the street. The guy comes back and lets a cpl people in. Then he yells, ‘we’re at capacity, these ppl have been waiting for an hour and they aren’t coming in. no one is coming in.” Fuck that I say, I’m not getting denied twice. So some lady walks out and she has a staff badge on. I’m like can i get in, i’m with the band. She sees my creds and tells me she’s going to inform someone that talent is outside and needs to get in. Good thing I didn’t hold my breath! So the guy comes out again and I get his attention and say hey, i’m not tryin to be pushy, but I’m here with the band and they are already here and I just wanna get in. The golden doors open and i’m on the scene! Worked like a charm!

So I make it in there and can’t find any of my new peeps. I’m walkin around and catch the last bit of Passion Pit perform.

I came too late for Santi and GZA. I start pounding doubles (hey they’re free!), and continue the search. There’s another side to the party and I try to walk in there, but they say it’s VIP only and that’s the exit. If I want to get in, I have to go to this other door. I walk up and flash my artist creds…. Good to go. I’ve gained access to the next level, lol. Once I get in there, I see all the ppl i’ve been hanging with… Vyle, Victor, JP, Nelson, and lo and behold…. Daniel from fuckin LA Riots. He’s rockin a trio of ladies, and he’s talkin to another one. Nelson hands me a corndog and i head straight to the bar. While I’m waiting, I strike up a convo with one of Daniel’s ladies. He’s close, but he’s tied up talking to someone else. She seemed super nice, then Daniel swoops in, grabs the girl by the arm, and dips. Uh oh, I think she’s in trouble with daddy I say to the guy next to me, lol. I ran into the Cool Kids, their dj MVPJ, and rich their manager. Funny cause I hit up PJ wayyyy earlier to say i was comin to the Chi and he said they would be in Japan. And I had talked to Rich on the phone, so it was funny running into all of them at this party. Cashed some more drinks and started contemplating what the hell Katie was doing. She hadn’t hit me up and I was drunk and getting perturbed. I was so set on kickin it with her. Party’s over.

I go outside to try and link up with Katie, and I run into my 2nd favorite Austin duo, Elizabeth and Molly. We’re watching this drunk dude lookin crazy. Check this out….

Now it’s time for handshakes…. then Rick Astley shows up, lol

Then they try to pull his pants down…. bad move

I’m tryin to talk to Katie’s girls and see what’s goin on, but i’m having a hard time understanding what’s being said and i finally just ask where they are staying, I’ll come in a taxi. There was talk of going to some spot open until 6am. After like 15 minutes of trying to call her back and figure shit out, I dip out and go back to old town to meet up with my peeps, grab a slice (and by slice I mean Chicago’s deep dish, not shitty cardboard Panini’s pizza), and head back home. Here’s the spot.

And here’s some nice ladies I met, lol

Cashed out…. time for bed. Big day tomorrow. It’s the last day of lollapalooza….. out!

Lollapalooza Recap: Day 2

19 08 2009

So after going to bed full of The Weiner’s Circle’s finest around 4am, I was up and at ’em about 8am. I have never been to a concert/festival of this magnitude before in a huge city, so I was a little excited. Excited like the night before you go to Disney World. Yeah, like that. I had a ticket to the show, but after confirming the artist creds I figured I’d sell mine and make back a little spending money. So I wind up selling it to this girl that lives in Chicago that I met while I was working at Harry Buffalo in Cleveland. She left her # on a napkin like “if ur evr in Chicago, hit me up.” To this day, I don’t know if that was an invite to get biz, or just call me…. confusing.

Anyways…. I had to meet up with the Juice man to get my credentials. Me and two of my travel buds rolled downtown to Grant Park. They went in, and I had to wait on this girl to get my ticket, and for Juice. My dude gave me some helpful words of wisdom. He’s like don’t sell the ticket first, get your pass first, just in case something fucked up happens. Then you don’t have a ticket. Good plan. Esp since Juice had been in and out of communication that morning, lol. So I make it to the gate and there’s TONS of people everywhere! Then the rains come. So here I am waiting on the street in the rain, walking aimlessly. Then a call from Juice, “meet me at balbo and michigan.” I’m not from Chicago. This means nothing to me. I knew I was on Columbus, and that was abt it. So I ask for directions from a “ask me for help” type. I end up walking all the way to Soldier Field almost…. Columbus and Roosevelt. Shit. Then I get a call from Molly “i’m at Balbo and Michigan.” Instantly elated to find that both of my parties were in the same place. Devastated to know that I wasn’t anywhere near them, lol.

I finally make my way to balbo and michigan… I had prob walked abt 2 1/2 miles at this point when I should have had to go abt a quarter mile, ha ha. Undaunted and soaked, I meet up with Molly and break her off. We both wait for Juice, he breaks me off and introduces me to the sound engineer for the Cool Kids. Cool dude. Molly goes her own way, I hit my boys and tell them i’m in, and it’s on with the show!First up on my musical menu for the day was The Knux. They performed at 1pm and I thought that was early. There were bands on as early as 11:15!! That’s just too much! I get backstage with the Juice man and the sound guy and we meet up with Knux. After some hello’s and howyado’s, it was time for the show to begin. I was kept company by Elizabeth and Molly (different one), two super cool girls from Austin.

Show goes off without a hitch, meet the ‘Ari’ of the Knux’s “Entourage,” lol. Shouts to @dartparker. I take a little video from backstage, people think im in the band, screaming and yelling, trying to pass me joints. This would prove to be the #1 extracurricular activity at an event like this. Everyone was getting high, buying and selling! JP and I walked over to The Gaslight Anthem and that was a little too rockabilly for me, so we went to the dj tent to check out Dark Wave Disco. I was feelin their set. 3 dudes from Chicago, so they were feelin the hometown love i’m sure. We’re completely soaked so JP suggests rollin over to Ch’rewed and grabbin some fresh promo tees, drinks, etc. Lifesaver!

Little did I know that this place was like a mile and half into downtown. By this point my feet are aching like no other, I haven’t walked so much in a long time, lol. We get to the office, grab some Sprite Green (not even on the market yet, but they get the heads up), new t’s, meet some homies (one was rockin a Tower City t-shirt. He’s from Shaker), and even this lady from Sprite. Everyone was talkin about Lebron James and the Nike tour that was comin through. So even though i’m far from home, home followed me to the Chi that day ha ha.

We break out and find ourselves at the Hard Rock hotel. This was some kind of HQ for all sorts of stuff going on related to Lolla. JP had us hooked up on the list, so we were gonna get after it. There was the music lounge where different acts were playing all day, there was a cafe that you could eat at for free at mealtimes, at night there were headliners… this night happened to be Sam Ronson djing (what?). There also was the swag room… I got my phone etched (turntable with DJ GOLDFATHER underneath), there was a Dickie’s store (walk in with a bag and grab whatever you want), you could get a real tatoo, and just vendors giving out all sorts of crap. Oh, and there was an open bar all day/all night long, so that’s a plus. There was some girl Mia something djing… I don’t know how she got that gig. A Cleveland dj could have torn the roof off. She was there all weekend and even had a horrible mixtape to give away (joy!) Check out the scene:

Met some cool peeps while I was there too. This hipster dude Victor, a fellow Clevelander Nelson, who’s workin for Bandit Productions, reppin Hey Champ (had the #1 song on Hype Machine), Vyle, and others. I met Vyle as well. Hip hop meets electronica… interesting shit. As a bunch of us walked back to the show, I got to see where they filmed scenes from “The Dark Knight.” The scene during the street chases where Batman’s tumbler is trying to get to the Joker who is trying to get to Harvey Dent in the armored car. Check it out!

JP and I wound up catching the tail end of A-Trak’s set (bummer). In my networking binge, I completely missed Bloody Beetroots, Asher Roth, and most of A-Trak (triple bummer!), but whatever… I came in with A-trak playing “Anyway” a Ducksauce collabo between him and Armand van Helden. Listen to the track here (download after the jump):

I actually have a video of him playing this song @ Lolla. Here it is:

After A-Trak, Simian Mobile Disco hopped on the tables and rocked for an hour, then Crookers came on as it got dark and ripped it up. Much more impressed by them than any other DJ I saw that day. I missed Nick Catchdubs early afternoon set so that was disappointing, as well as bloody beetroots and a-trak. But depending on where you played, your crowd would have been different. If A-trak had been on at night, when it was packed to capacity, or catchdubs, or beetroots for that instance…. it would have changed the perception of the show, though all were VERY well attended. One thing I started to notice though, was that artists weren’t playing mostly their stuff. It was a lot of other artists that were on the bill. That’s cool and all to pay tribute, but I came to see you!

After Crookers killed it, local boy Kid Cudi made his way to the stage. I met him backstage right before he got on. He had the smallest bodyguard/handler/manager/gatekeeper/whatever who was mean muggin me when I just asked to say hello. I didn’t want any autographs or anything, I just wanted to holler at a fellow Clevelander. Plus I would have wiped the floor with this guy, but I kept it under wraps. I also ran into Daniel from LA Riots, talked to the Dark Wave Disco guys, Chilly Willy, Hollywood Holt backstage and met the manager for Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, Crookers, etc… Dude had a sick Vestal watch on. Check for it!

Got a call from Katie, one from Columbus, that her and her friends wanted to hang out. I told them I was going to this Asics/Sprite Green party hosted by the Knux at En Vent. Totally chill, loft, warehouse kind of deal. Great spot for a party.

There was that party and there was a party @ Sonoteque with A-Trak, Nick Catchdubs, Treasure Fingers, and more (Sure it was Fool’s Gold party with that roster). Had fun at that spot for a bit. Go through the garage into some weird living room type of set up to get to the Knux, rest of the band, friends, dart, juice, etc. Girls were not good sports, and the liquor ran out, lol. Knux performed, I hijacked some Asics meant for the band Amazing Baby (I was the first, but not the last!), then rolled to Franks for some late night drinkin with Krispy Kream in tow. One of the guys we were with wasn’t 21, I was battling for the girl that I had asked to come, and the night got real wack, real quick. I’m facebooking abt it. Wasn’t pretty. Can I get a reset?

Check it out… Song is gonna be huge!
Ducksauce (A-Trak & Armand van Helden) – Anyway

Lollapalooza Recap: Day 1

19 08 2009

The Weiner's Circle: Don't go at night, lol

The Weiner's Circle: Don't go at night, lol

So myself and a few friends set sail for Chicago on Thursday, Aug 6th in hopes of catching the movement that is Lollapalooza. I was totally looking forward to the trip because A) The Knux came through for me in a major way w/ the artist credentials. and B) this girl I had met a cpl weeks before with Adio was going to be there. Drive wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I had some good cds to roll to. The “White Light” series of mixtapes. You know “white noise,” background noise, snow from the television, etc…. this is the music version. Super low key, downtempo rock/electro/et al. You can check out all 8 mixes here. Made good time on the drive, but left a little later than I would have liked to tho because we were gonna get into Chicago around 12 or so. Not that would be a problem for me typically, I like to hit the ground running, but my travel partners weren’t as enthusiastic.

We stayed with friends for the duration. Originally it was going to be 6 of us in a 1 bedroom condo, but that turned into 8 because my one buddy’s host wouldn’t call him back or something (emotional issues). I thought that was pretty wack to strand somebody in the Chi, but he reassured me. Oh well, lol. I slept on the kitchen floor. There were 3 ppl on the couch, 2 on the floor, and our hosts in their bedroom. It was pretty cool actually, I didn’t give a fuck, I’m in Chicago for Lollapalooza bitches! I ain’t sleepin!

So we go over to Old Town, as the place we were staying was in between that and the Gold Coast. I saw the Moody Bible Institute (that was for my Mom), and funny enough the first bar we went to was an OSU bar (go Buckeyes!). We caught it just as they were closing up shop so we rolled to the house of this guy our host went to college with, sat around with half of us twiddling our thumbs because there were no women, and the other half just rappin about whatever. Obviously I was in the former group. I was just workin the phones. Funny how many ppl you didn’t even know lived somewhere until you get there.

Super hungry late night, so we wind up cruising over to the Weiner’s Circle. Now if you haven’t been there, you prob. don’t want to go after dark I’ve been warned. Unless you want people to insult the shit out of you. They called me Lawrence Fishburne, called my dude Pussy hair (he’s got a REALLY hairy chest), called every woman in the joint a bitch, and dropped more F-Bombs than Andrew Dice Clay (hard to top). I enjoyed my first Chicago style, “Red Hot.” Not bad… I didn’t understand the toppings, but they worked. Night ended with soft whisper. I think it was from the fridge, lol.

Jet Blue to offer $599 All-You-Can-Fly

13 08 2009
Jet Blue Airlines

Jet Blue Airlines

Did you see this? Jet Blue to offer all you can fly passes for $599. Crazy or genius? You decide. Read about it here.