Two Funny Websites If You’re Bored

11 05 2009

So you’re sitting at work with nothing to do?  Check out and  

The first one, lets users who live “fuck my life,” and let’s the world share in their misfortune.  Some people upload as a tribute to their own lapses in judgement, or something messed up happened that they laughed about that they think you might find funny.  Some people upload because they really do hate their lives.  That’s kinda weird.  I love my life, so that stuff is funny as hell!  I’m sure you will agree.

The second one is also pretty self explanatory.  You are supposed to upload the crazy txts you sent/received from the night before.  This will also keep you in stitches.  If you have ever sent a random drunk txt late at night, you’ll love this website!




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