My First Video

13 04 2009


yo….. so I got a msg from a friend that I was in a video he saw on MTV a week or so ago…. I\’m like whatever man, i\’m not in any videos, i haven\’t been on any sets, it ain\’t me.  But he didn\’t know who\’s song it was, or the artist.  So i\’m thinkin he\’s crazy.  I just got a call from another one of my boys sayin I was just in a video he was watchin on MTV.  So i\’m askin who it was, he says the Knux.  So I go to youtube and look up new Knux videos.  Sure enough, as i\’m watchin F!ire (Put It In The Air), I recognize the show (Agora) and the afterparty (Liquid).  Click on the video and watch for me at 4:16 in the frame with Krispy from the Knux, and Cisco Adler (runs with Shwayze).  Yay, my first MTV video!



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