Cleveland Fashion Week

30 04 2009

Fashion Week Cleveland


So yes…. Cleveland does in fact have a fashion week.  And if you haven’t heard of it by now, you’re fairly out of touch in the city.  I just hate that it’s only a week long.  Who doesn’t love the chance to see groups of Clevelanders actually dressed for an occasion, instead of just looking like your average Clevelanders (i.e. myself, lol).  There’s already been an event @ XO Prime Steaks to meet the designers, so I guess if you want to see them now, you’ll have to check out the shows.  

Fashion Week Cleveland is also more than just a collection of fashion shows.  The educational aspect has been increased this year with events all over the city, exhibiting and educating.  Some notables: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes:  Footwear Fashions Past & Present @ the Cleveland Public Library downtown and AC Milan – Sport and Fashion @ Tower City .  Both events take place on Friday May 8th.  Then there is the children’s Manners & Etiquette event with Dick Blake taking place at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital.  You can check out more information on the Educational Programming page of FWC here 

Fashion week kicks off this Friday at the annual GLAM party- hosted by SCENE magazine- a crowd favorite and much looked forward to event which takes place at la Dolce Vita in the heart of Little Italy (Shouts to Terry).  

Says Fashion Week Cleveland, “The style of Little Italy, Fashion Week Cleveland, and the GLAM party come together in this Felini inspired ensemble that celebrates the good life!  Where else but at la Dolce Vita?”

This is also your last chance to win tickets to the showcase, black tie event, the Cleveland Fashion Show, featuring American clothing designers.  Party runs from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am and features: complimentary Italian appetizers :: one complimentary red or white wine :: cash bar :: djs GO and Impure :: dress is fashion-forward :: no charge.  Hear that?  NO CHARGE!  

La Dolce Vita is located at 12112 Mayfield Road in Little Italy. 

This party will DEF get you in the mood for passion, loving life, and of course….. fashion.  We’ll see you there.


It’s 4:20 Somewhere

21 04 2009
It's 4/20 somewhere

It's 4/20 somewhere

Look what the boys over at Frank 151 and Foreign Family have cooked up to honor a lot of my friends’ favorite pastime.  For you lonely stoners freeing your mind at night.  Or during the day, at work, at the movies, or anywhere else you enjoy the greenery.  You can pick it up here.

Young Jeezy House Party Challenge Is On!

20 04 2009
Help me to be tops in the nation! Look at what place i’m already in…. Let’s put Cleveland on the map, yet again! If I win I’ll be selecting my 10 friends at random.

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My First Video

13 04 2009


yo….. so I got a msg from a friend that I was in a video he saw on MTV a week or so ago…. I\’m like whatever man, i\’m not in any videos, i haven\’t been on any sets, it ain\’t me.  But he didn\’t know who\’s song it was, or the artist.  So i\’m thinkin he\’s crazy.  I just got a call from another one of my boys sayin I was just in a video he was watchin on MTV.  So i\’m askin who it was, he says the Knux.  So I go to youtube and look up new Knux videos.  Sure enough, as i\’m watchin F!ire (Put It In The Air), I recognize the show (Agora) and the afterparty (Liquid).  Click on the video and watch for me at 4:16 in the frame with Krispy from the Knux, and Cisco Adler (runs with Shwayze).  Yay, my first MTV video!

Day 2 LA Recap – March 29th 2009

11 04 2009
Doin my thing @ LAX

Doin my thing @ LAX

Oh man… I woke up on Sunday and looked out into smog heaven.  The sun was shining, the weather was superb, and I didn’t EVER want it to end.  We spent most of the day driving around, seeing the sights.  We checked out Grauman’s Chinese Theatre– the most famous theater in the world!  It’s on Hollywood Blvd.  Lots of things are located there, so going up and down was a trip.  You have stars everywhere on the ground, so that was cool trying to find where your favorite celebrity was.  Same for the theater…. there’s hand/footprints of all kinds of celebs across the entryway to the theater.

I was amazed at just how many people flock to Hollywood as tourists… There’s all kinds of places to shop along the strip (along with all those pesky billboards, lol), people handing out mixtapes, product samples, or just asking for change.  One thing about Hollywood Blvd is the street characters.  Spiderman, Chucky, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Michael Jackson, Wonder Woman, and of course, the original, Superman.  A couple of months ago, I got ‘Confessions of a Superhero‘ sent to me via netflix.  It profiles 4 street actors in and out of their costumes.  Tremendous look into the lives of people just trying to make it in Los Angeles.  One of the characters, Superman (Christopher Dennis) is probably the most famous of the characters.  So as we’re walking down Hollywood Blvd, I see him and have to gush about seeing the movie (which he promptly pulls out of his utility belt) and wishing him luck in the future.  I did not, however, pay him to take a picture with me, lol.

We stopped for lunch at Stefano’s 2 Guys from Italy pizza shop.  Had lots of options to choose from for toppings, NY style, thin crust pizza, super greasy.  The place was a fucking dump, but I guess that’s when you know the food tastes good.  Seeing as how many people move through there because of how busy the street is, you have to get a token to use the bathroom (Euro style).  So you would think that if you have to pay to use the bathroom, it would be pretty decent.  Before my friend went to potty, one of the bathrooms started to overflow and the toilet water was seeping out from under the door, yuck!  The lasting memory from Stefano’s though, was watching Capt. Jack Sparrow (the street performer) sitting at the table next to us, playing Megatouch.  Some things never change!

So after lunch, we did a little more driving around.  Saw the Beverly Hilton, saw the Beverly Hills police station (shouts to Axel Foley!), then headed south to Newport Beach to meet up with my friends Jeff, Vanessa, and Tony.  We rolled into the Newport Beach Brewing Company (Brewco) and slammed on some enchiladas while catching up.  Jeff came to Cleveland by way of Michigan, then wound up moving to Newport Beach.  Vanessa and Tony are from Cleveland and made the move west some time ago.  It was actually Vanessa’s second time moving out to Cali.  After rocking the OC, we headed back home because we had a date with Banana Split Sundae’s, co-hosted by Steve Aoki and DJ AM at AM’s club, LAX.  I had this idea that the place was gonna be decked out, Vegas style… I mean, AM is a HUGE name and I knew it was a scenester spot, but for what I saw in there, I’ll take Mercury Lounge any day!

Kat and I were enjoying the sounds of Tina T, then LAX’s resident dj, Mike B hit the decks.  The music was badass…. from the Black Eyed Peas was in the building as well as Redfoo from LMFAO.  He’s a very quiet guy surprisingly.  I heard from my dj friends that he’s Berry Gordy’s son or something and he’s been in the LA scene for years.  So everyone in LA has known LMFAO since way before they were ‘In Miami Bitch.’  I ran into my friend, and pro BMX rider, Austin Coleman randomly at the club.  Even in LA, I can’t not run into someone I know, lol.  Kat and I danced and danced, and ran into this guy David, who has a t-shirt company.  Check out his company, davidndavid industries here.

That’s about it for Sunday night.  The time change started to get to me a little bit so we decided to call it a night.  Until next time….  In the meantime, check out pics 1-18 in my LA photo album here

Day 1 LA Recap – March 28th 2009

9 04 2009
Los Angeles

Los Angeles

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here…. I recently took a trip to LA for vacation/job hunting and Dallas for my cousin’s wedding.  I figure I’ll recap my trip here and post a few pics.  You can also find pics on my myspace page or my facbook page.  Here we go.

So I’ve been thinking about moving to LA for a long time.  There were times when I thought it was right around the corner, but something in Cleveland would keep me here.  Then Scott Wolstein approached me about something in the Flats and I figured I would stick it out.  Then the credit crisis has taken over the world.  So now I’m back on the fence about that, and then Claddagh calls… So I don’t know what’s going on, but I figured I would go to LA to see some old friends, make some new ones, and try to find a place to live, should I go that route.

There’s a bunch of places I wanted to see when I went there.  Pinks Hot Dogs, El Tepeyac, Philippe’s, and Orochon Ramen.  All these places I saw on ‘Man v Food‘ on the Travel Channel, lol.  I also wanted to see the Hollywood sign, walk down Hollywood blvd, and get my picture taken by Mark the Cobrasnake.  Let’s see what all I got to see and do.

So let’s start with Saturday.  Woke up feeling pretty excited about my trip.  I have a bunch of friends in LA and I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna see everybody.  I stayed with my friend Kat in West Hollywood (or WeHo if you’re in the know, lol) and I think I fell in love with her neighborhood.  She lives between Sunset and Hollywood, and is pretty centrally located to party spots, places to eat, etc etc.  From the moment I touch down, I had to get used to the increased number of people, cars, bums, asians, and hispanics.  Obviously I have love for all peoples, but if you’re from Cleveland, you can be lulled into thinking that the only people that exist are blacks and whites (exaggeration).  It was good to see some color and fall into that whole ‘melting pot’ mentality.

The weather was cool and breezy, just like me.  One of my friends, DJ Quickie Mart (aside from being the dj for the Knux), has a weekly gig at AC Supper Club in Venice so Kat and I decided to check it out.  The place was nice… leather all over the walls (weird), and seemed like a club one might have in Cleveland.  Once again I have to reiterate the fact that in cities like LA, everyone parties with everyone.  It’s not like here where it’s black, white, hispanic, asian, euro, etc clubs or nights.  It’s everybody, everywhere which is the shit btw.

Oh yeah, let me take a time out and commentate on the whole medical marijuana thing.  Totally should be legal.  Everybody is smoking pot anyways.  Kat has one of those cards and you can roll into one of the ba-jillions of dispensaries, show your card, make your selections, and puff puff pass.

So after AC, and a couple bowls (not cereal), we were on our way back to Weho.  Stopped and ate at Del Taco.  It’s one of a couple Taco Bell Competitors.  Shells are pretty thin, but the food was really good.  A lot less greasy than TB.  Called it a night kinda early.  I was pretty beat and wanted to get a leg up on the week.  No pictures cause the memory stick was full, but tomorrow will have better updates.  It gets wayyyyy better.

Actually ran across another person’s take on LA…. pretty funny.  To sum it up… LA does not give a fuck about you.  It’s a city made entirely of concrete and nothing you do matters.  You are the least important person in the room.  That said, do whatever the hell you want, nobody gives a shit.  That’s my interpretation and I think it’s pretty much right on.  Check it out here.