NYE ’09

30 12 2008

Ah New Years Eve…. That wonderful time of the year when we lie to ourselves about what we’re going to change for the upcoming year and of course, make ridiculously high expectations for what we know is going to be the biggest disappointment ever (just like the Browns).  Going out for NYE is super overrated…. The best new years I have ever had were the 2 house parties I had on Maplegrove in South Euclid… 32 bottles of liquor, 3 kegs, dj, multiple cases of beer, pizza, and of course tons and tons of people… I think a part of me died those nights (sigh).

So with that in mind, where is everyone headed tomorrow?  You could take a sick day on Friday and have a very long weekend out of town (in town for that matter), or you could go to one of the many, many parties going on downtown, coventry, little italy, willoughby, west side, etc….  Like I said, you know it’s usually a disappointment so choose wisely Indiana Jones…. One false move could lead to disaster!

Here’s a handy poll… Don’t see your answer?  Just write it in under “other”




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