Thursday, October 30th @ Barroom: DJ Fashen w/ DJ Steve1der

16 10 2008

That’s riiiiigggghhhhttt!!!!!! DJ Fashen is on his way back people!  So if you missed him last year @ Anatomy, and in Columbus, AND at Ultra, AND at my birthday party back in June, you can kill 2 birds w/ one stone.  1, see one of the best dj’s in the country and 2, check out Cleveland’s newest, baddest club…. Barroom!  DJ Fashen will be joined in the booth by Los Angeles’ DJ Steve1der.  This night is also the Cavs home opener vs the Charlotte Hornets.  So all you paparazzi, stalker types be on the lookout for a star studded Check them both out, as well as the club on Oct. 30th.

Btw, the grand opening of Barroom Cleveland will be on Oct. 24th.  If you wanna be on the VIP list, hit me up suckas!

Don't miss out

Don't miss out!




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