Can I Kick It?

16 10 2008

Repost from Mick Boogie‘s newsletter…. Shirt is dope, get one if/while you can…..

Everyone knows I’m the biggest Tribe Called Quest fan, so when I came up with this idea to market some quality hip-hop standards with the best politician America has ever seen… it was a no-brainer.  We present the “Can I Kick It / Yes We Can” limited edition tee.

Thanks to my partners at Dope Couture and Motivation for helping make the idea a reality.

Everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Hypebeast, from Good Music to David Banner (pictured below!) has been requesting the shirt, and now you can be cool and political as well.  🙂

Also… just so you can enjoy some music, Terry Urban and myself took our favorite Obama songs from people like Kanye  and commissioned our good friends like Daytona, 6th Sense, Mekka Don and more to create original music based off of classic tunes and also some of Obama’s favorite songs.”





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