Jay Z concert hosted by Lebron James: Wed. Oct 29th

23 10 2008



Jay-Z in Concert, hosted by LeBron James

Quicken Loans Arena

Doors open: 6:30pm EDT

Tickets will be available at campaign offices starting tomorrow at 12pm.  The Cavs home opener is the next day, and that’s also when DJ Fashen and Steve 1der are comin to town.  Maybe we’ll have 2 special guests!  Keep ur fingers crossed

Tables are available, hit me up

Tables are available, hit me up


Is it really Wednesday already?

22 10 2008

Whew!  What an awesome time I’ve been having the past 5 days since my last post.  Starting last Thursday, it has pretty much been one continuous rage after another.  I slept so soundly last night, I feel like I’m a new man.  Humbly submitted for your approval, here is my offering for best week ever:


Started off fairly innocuously.  Worked at Bob Golic’s and got ready for my roommates girlfriend’s birthday party.  Started off the night at Anatomy for SCENE Magazine’s, “Best of Cleveland” party.  Comp drinks from 6-9, great convo w/ some friends and I got to rock my Martini Skate and Snow, Run DMC inspired shirt.  Got mad compliments on it; shouts to the guys out there @ Martini.  You’re obviously doin your thing.  So while I’m there, I get approached by this girl who asks what I do.  I tell her and she asks me if I’m hiring (for the event planning side of things).  I’m blown away by how ppl just don’t get it.  You have to build a repor before you just start asking for things.  She’s young though (and hot), so I entertained her mindless conversation.  Her friend was worse.  I asked her what she wanted to do now that she’s graduated from college.  She had no idea, but wanted to be in non-profit.  I told her, I have a great girl you can talk to.  My friend Hannah is killing it in the non-profit sector (pretty much a superstar), and they went to the same college, so I told her I’d hit Hannah up.  Then the convo got weird and she’s like “why don’t you have a business card?” I told her I have them, but why would I give one to her, we’re not doing business together and I’m just putting her in touch with someone who might be able to help her out.  So she’s going on about how I’m not legit because I’m not throwing business cards out all the time.  The ppl throwing their card everywhere there’s a flat surface or an extended palm are not kosher for me.  I give my cards to ppl I actually want to talk to.  So i rescinded my offer, obviously. Young people have so much to learn : (

After the drinks weren’t free, we rolled to Liquid to blow the $100 worth of gift certs I had.  I also invited whoever wanted to come and help us polish it off.  Time spent to blow $100: 1 order.  So much for makin it last.  After Liquid, my partner in crime and I went on a city tour.  Liquid to Mercury.  Mercury to Cadillac Ranch. Caddy Ranch, back to Mercury.  Mercury to Anatomy.  Drinking heavily at each place.  Animals.  Tried to make food when I got home.  Just turned on a skillet to make hash browns and fell asleep.  Woke up splayed out on my bed like a skinned rabbit.  Glad I can do something my roommates can laugh at when they get up, and try to burn the place down at the same time.


Lunch w/ a friend turned into an all day adventure to Coventry.  Big Fun, Heart and Sole, American Apparel, and of course, Brigade.  Those guys are killin it!  Shouts to Dan and Brian.  Keep reppin.  Picked up these glasses at Big Fun while I was reliving my childhood.  They are the ones that look like my eyes are huge and wide open.  And no matter where I look, I’m still looking at you.  I think i’m going to be a pedophile/creep for Halloween.  Wear those glasses w/ some short shorts and a trenchcoat.  Classic!  Met up w/ a buddy who needed a little support w/ these 2 girls @ his house.  Reppin for Mayfield.  We bounced to Map Room, Caddy Ranch where we picked up some strangers lookin to party.   Caddy Ranch 80’s just wasn’t doin it on a Friday night.  So we roll to Ultra and close it down.  Had an afterhours party where I proceeded to fall asleep upright on the couch, which is where I found myself @ 9am.  Also classic Marcus routine.


Started off normal enough…. layin around on the couch all day, watchin football.  Started my night off at Hayacinth Lofts @ my buddy’s place to watch the Pavlik/Hopkins fight.  Wow!  Kelly Pavlik got the shit beat out of him for 12 rounds by a 43 year old man.  That takes the term, “Old man strength” to a whole new level.  My phone is blowin up about all these requests for Ultra.  Including one from Lebron James’ camp.  Now I have been the dir. of vip svcs for Ultra since April and since then i’ve been trying to get LJ23 to come through.  So after I’m not working there anymore, THAT’S when I get him to come.  Crazy.  We walked in the door to Ultra and it was straight pandemonium.  Unbelievable.  That dude literally makes people go crazy.  Ppl wanted to buy him a bunch of bottles, yadda yadda.  I’m running around with a champagne bottle in my hand, like it’s my b-day or something.  Awesome night.  So now it’s time for afterhours and I round up a crew, get a couple bottles, and proceed to drop one of them on the floor inside Bridgeview. Whoops!  Another night on the couch, this time slumped over tho.


Went to this Camel party @ Velvet Dog.  It was some clambake thing during the day, and they brought in DJ Terry Urban to rock the party for the late night crowd.  Dinner @ Nauti Mermaid, playin Keno like a degenerate.  My roommate won $55 bucks though.  This girl starts up a convo w/ us, talkin about how she’s stranded on a layover, tryin to get home to L.A.  She was at the Marriot hotel by the airport, took a taxi downtown, and just walked around trying to find a party.  Obviously she was not from Cleveland.  Girls in Cleveland are afraid to move their ass from one bar stool to another by themselves.  Being the party guys we are, we instantly proceeded to show her that even at a party w/ not that many ppl, we would make it into something awesome!  We met up w/ AJ doin a Jack D promo and we all danced our asses off all night.  Felt like a basement party.


Had to go to work, feelin all kinds of beat up from the weekend, but no rest was in sight because Junior Sanchez was djing at B-side.  All sorts of anticipation before the show.  Had some pregame cocktails @ my place, then we made the trek, 5 deep, to Coventry hts to get down.  It was another Camel party.  Someone told me they spent somewhere in the neighboorhood of 38k on that party.  That’s a lot of cash.  There were girls passing cheeseburger sliders, pulled pork sliders and sesame chicken skewers.  A huge camel ice sculpture holding up the shrimp cocktail spread.  There was a chocolate fountain out on the patio.  I’ve never seen one of those live, i have to have one for the house, ha ha!  Brad showed up w/ the dj and we got to rap w/ him a little before the show.  Shots, shots, shots…. mad drinks, and I had a shirt tied around my head to prevent the sweat monsters from destroying my shirt.  The music was sick…. M.Tilla was in the house, AJ, DJ Adio, misterbradleyp.  We were jammin!  Junior’s set was awesome!  Check the picture recap here.  Proceeded to buy more alcohol to go go, and with Junior Sanchez in tow, our crew, plus a few more fans took to the streets to look for a spot to get hammered!  Stopped by some random spot, then we all decided to head to my place downtown because it was closer to Junior’s hotel.  Night ended late, couched it again, didn’t even remember my roommate wakin me up and ordering me to go to bed around 7am.  Forgot to set alarm, that’ll come back.


And come back it did.  Woke up at 11:30am, supposed to be at work at 10.  They didn’t even call, ha ha…. i guess I got sway like that.  Felt like shit all day, but it was my buddy’s b-day so I told him I’d take him to the Coldplay concert because A: he wanted to go and happened to be with me when my friend asked me if I wanted the tix.  B: i’m a good friend and don’t think that he’s gay cause he listens to Coldplay, ha ha.  I get out of work and call him.  He’s already drunk and it’s 4pm.  Been at it since 1pm.  I try unsuccessfully to take a nap and wind up havin to meet up with my buddy.  wow!  Super tall and gangly, he makes being drunk everyone’s experience.  I love it!  He was huggin ppl, jumpin around, just gettin after it.  Usually i’m right there with him, but he had just been drinkin way too long.  We got to our seats, prob. midway through Coldplay’s set and I try to seat myself in the wrong section, ha ha..  the seats were in the middle of the row too, so imagine walking to the middle seat of the row, with everyone in the row having a seat.  ha ha… i felt like such a dick.  It was very disrupting to the hardcore fans I was pushing past.  Matt didn’t even get to his seat before he was issued an official warning card from the Q staff. I didn’t even know they had those.  All of a sudden i see all these security guards talkin to him.

After the show, we head to Harry Buffalo, my official HQ, and it’s pretty much just as bad.  Runnin around, punchin walls in the bathroom, getting hemmed up by the barback/security guy, getting thrown out, yadda yadda, par for the course.  I called it a night early and here I am…. 1 day of rest before my friend’s parents b-day party, then the grand opening of Barroom on Friday, again on Saturday, then rest for another day.  Speaking of which, if you would like to be on the list @ Barroom, just give me a buzz via txt or e-mail: jsgcle@gmail.com.  I don’t care how many ppl you have, just tell me, and don’t tell me at 11pm either… Get to me early.  Peace.

Can I Kick It?

16 10 2008

Repost from Mick Boogie‘s newsletter…. Shirt is dope, get one if/while you can…..

Everyone knows I’m the biggest Tribe Called Quest fan, so when I came up with this idea to market some quality hip-hop standards with the best politician America has ever seen… it was a no-brainer.  We present the “Can I Kick It / Yes We Can” limited edition tee.

Thanks to my partners at Dope Couture and Motivation for helping make the idea a reality.

Everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Hypebeast, from Good Music to David Banner (pictured below!) has been requesting the shirt, and now you can be cool and political as well.  🙂

Also… just so you can enjoy some music, Terry Urban and myself took our favorite Obama songs from people like Kanye  and commissioned our good friends like Daytona, 6th Sense, Mekka Don and more to create original music based off of classic tunes and also some of Obama’s favorite songs.”



Thursday, October 30th @ Barroom: DJ Fashen w/ DJ Steve1der

16 10 2008

That’s riiiiigggghhhhttt!!!!!! DJ Fashen is on his way back people!  So if you missed him last year @ Anatomy, and in Columbus, AND at Ultra, AND at my birthday party back in June, you can kill 2 birds w/ one stone.  1, see one of the best dj’s in the country and 2, check out Cleveland’s newest, baddest club…. Barroom!  DJ Fashen will be joined in the booth by Los Angeles’ DJ Steve1der.  This night is also the Cavs home opener vs the Charlotte Hornets.  So all you paparazzi, stalker types be on the lookout for a star studded Check them both out, as well as the club on Oct. 30th.

Btw, the grand opening of Barroom Cleveland will be on Oct. 24th.  If you wanna be on the VIP list, hit me up suckas!

Don't miss out

Don't miss out!

Check out Ebony & Ivory…..

2 10 2008

We’re in SCENE magazine this week.  The thing to do in the ‘Get Out’ section.  Shouts to Cris Glaser.  You can read the article here.