Late Night Recap: Sinden is so so

18 09 2008

I’ve seen a LOT of dj’s…. and that was def. not the best show I’ve been to in my life.  He was great for a Cleveland show, but if he would have shown that set off in Vegas, or LA, he would have been booed off the stage.  Why is it that dj’s think that they can just blow through Cleveland?  Then the promoters have no expectation that they would make they’re $$$$ back.  That’s why……. Horrible way to get your reputation out there.


Sinden, misterbradleyp, and drunk Marcus

Sinden, misterbradleyp, and drunk Marcus

***Late addition*** It’s 12:50pm right now…. it was around 4am when I wrote the earlier post, though I still thought the song selection was so so.  I did have a good time, and he wasn’t THAT bad.  Everyone has a different experience at a dj show, so maybe i’m just spoiled, but I was more interested in getting drunk than listening to him.  It’s ok though, cause I took a TON of pics.  I’m sober now, and I totally missed Jury Duty today.  I was really pumped to do it, cause it was my first time, but i’ve already missed a day.  So I don’t know whether I should show up tomorrow, or just blow it off.  Today I had a half ass excuse (I was obliterated).  Better than the dog eating my homework I’d say.

Last night I went to this private Audi event where they were unveiling the new Audi A4.  I’m not gonna lie, I don’t even own a car, and have no intentions of buying one, but my friend was hired to put the thing on.  It was an incredible event.  If I wanted to buy a car, I would thought I had died and went to Heaven.  There was crabcakes and filet mignon (of which I had none, I was too busy drinking), and of course…… free booze!  Three Olives Cherry was the drink of the night.  Well played Mr. Sims…. I got all liquored up w/ my roommate and decided to roll out to the Sinden show.  Started off as a good idea.

So I’ve already talked about the show so I’ll just skip to the aftermath.  So me, my roomie, and this girl (I’ve been hangin out with her a lil bit lately and I think she likes me.  I like her too actually, so I feel really bad for what happened (you’ll find out in a sec)).  We’re rollin out of B-Side and I spot a girl I saw at the Audi show.  She was one of those stilt walkers (freaks me the fuck out!), but I recognized her outfit and was like, “hey, we saw you at the Audi show, right?”  She had an incredible ass and that was the real reason I stopped her, which my female companion picked up on right away.  She kept grabbing her ass while the 4 of us were talking, and kept grabbing my hand because I guess I had to check it out as well.  It was nice, though I felt just a tad uncomfortable.

So my uneasy feelings were warranted because some guy next to me told me to, “stop touching his girl’s ass.”  I told him this girl was grabbing my hand when I wasn’t paying attention.  He didn’t seem to care, and I don’t think anyone else heard him talking to me.  So I apologize, we leave, and I’m starting to think that’s not really his girl… So now I feel cheated, like I could still be there feeling this girl up, ha ha!  We roll over to Best Gyros on Euclid (if you haven’t been, you better go, cause the place is dope!  and it’s open like 24 hours) and grabbed some food.  That’s when the shit storm began.

I’m not sure how it started, but I think I said something about that guy who was posing as the stilt girl’s man.  My female companion said that that’s not what she heard, he didn’t say that to me.  This was the point when the true meaning of my name came out (Marcus means “warlike” in Hebrew (so I guess Latin as well).  Derivative of Mars, the Roman god of war).  I blow up and i’m going off about how I don’t like for people to call me a liar.  She said she wasn’t calling me a liar, she was just saying that I didn’t hear what I heard.  Bad idea.  We go on and on and on…. from the gyro place, all the way down Carnegie.  She stopped the car a few times, and I totally thought she was going to force us to get out of the car.  Meanwhile, my roomie is passed out drunk in the backseat, just along for the shitty ride with all this arguing going on. 

I think at a point I should have given it up.  But I got pissed at the principle of the idea that if i’m the only one who heard the guy, how the hell is she going to tell me different?  And if she’s tellin me I didn’t hear what I heard, then she’s calling me a liar, right?  Let me just put this out there if you don’t know me.  My reputation is my livelihood, and I go to great lengths to protect it.  There is not one misquote, or false story going on about me and there never has been (other than people thinking that just cause i’m a club guy, I get laid like 5 times a day…. That’s just a misconception).  I say what I mean, mean what I say, and if I did something wrong, I’m man enough to apologize and move on.  But you won’t find people talkin about false stuff, cause I nip that shit in the bud.  But being a man of principle is hard.  People pretty much think you’re crazy because you are going to lengths that they are not willing to go.  Plus I was drunk and beligerent.  Bad combination. 

So we get back to E. 4th and she makes one last plea for me to drop it.  Obviously I don’t.  I get out of the car, throw my food against the wall (which I’m totally regretting right now cause there’s no food in the fridge and i’m STARVING!), and go to my apt.  I’m assuming my roomie stayed behind to try and manage the situation because i came upstairs to download pics and write that drunk rant above.  He gets home, we break down the night, and he finds out the real reason we got into the argument in the first place (he had to suffer through all of that, and had no idea what happened.  Once he found out, he kinda sided with me.  What a guy!). We stayed up for a while just talking.  He woke up passed out, face down, on the floor.  I woke up on the couch laying on my phone, with flyers, batteries, a camera, my jury duty information and condoms laying next to me.  I’m assuming I just dumped my pockets out before my brain turned off.  Happy Wednesday!

p.s. I’m really sorry…. I hope you read this, though I’m calling today to apologize.  Oh, and you can check out the pic recap from Sinden here. Tons of randoms




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