Yesterday Recap: Daedelus

17 09 2008

Couple funny things happened yesterday, but nothing will top the catfight (literal) that I saw whilst walking across the turnaround bridge on my way to Stonebridge…… So there I am, pondering the meaning of life, when I hear what sounds like people screaming to my right in the grass.  I look over, expecting to find an abandoned child or something, and I see these two cats slugging it out… Awesome!  they were on hind legs, just duking it out, a la Ali vs. Foreman, Rumble In the Jungle style.  So I watched for a little bit, then they stopped suddenly and just stared each other down.  I found myself yelling at them from the bridge to continue for my obvious amusement, but to no avail.  Now two cats just fighting on a grassy knoll is funny, but to see two cats fighting on a grassy knoll AND see a man yelling at them to continue from a bridge is just downright hilarious!

So after my voyuerism was satisfied, I took to the streets and made my way to the Grog Shop to see a man named Daedelus perform. 




Show was dope…. though I thought he used some kind of dj elements… He’s a non-traditional dj, kind of like Girl Talk.  He’s more of a dj/composer/artist…  He was even wearing a jacket with tails- kind of like a conductor.  Get this, instead of just using his computer (Girl Talk), or using Technics, he uses a thing called a Monome

In various forms (there are more)

Monome: In various forms (there are more)

Straight outta philly, a monome is a device that lets you break up a song into sections to manipulate as you will… The guys are super green, and use all local products to create these custom, hand-made genius devices.  So you attach it to a computer and pull up the songs you want and place effects into different zones on the interface.  Watching Daedelus work this thing I figure that the first button from left to right is the song… then the rows below are different parts of songs you can add to the original.  And the thing tracks (via l.e.d.) from left to right, so you know where you are at every part of the song… So if you press one of the buttons in the middle- thusyou’re in the middle of ur 16 bars or whatever (not a music major)- and it’ll start over from that point…. So if you wanted to do an echo kind of thing, or just repeat a section, you’d just keep hitting the button.  It’s a really interesting way to play.  You have supreme control over the music in a way that you couldn’t do as a dj (unless you went home and engineered a track on the comp, which takes forever, ugh). 

He played more than just tracks from his new LP, “Love To Make Music To,” he was throwin down some NIN, Nirvana, and many more tracks that I can’t remember (pretty tired).  So check out some new shit and see if you can figure out what that monome thing is.  If you do, lemme know!  Forgot to bring my camera, so no pic recap…. but I’m going to Sinden tonight @ B Side, and i’ll be damned if I don’t bring it this time!




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